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Purpose of the study


Discuss about the Process To Improve And Test The Usability Of Goodreads, Linkedin And Bandcamp.

The purpose of the study is to gather user information and experience regarding three websites, Goodreads, Linkedin and Bandcamp and in the process to improve and test the usability of these three websites. After a brief interview process, answers will be thoroughly assessed as to infer how the overall performance of the website can be enhanced. With the tool called usability engineering. Following the interviewing session a designer can evaluated and improve the website in an efficient manner by comprehending the user. The project will be responsible for focusing on how well the websites have their influences on the user and how it can be made more popular amongst the users.

1) How does the user normally discover and listen to music?

2) Under which circumstances do they choose to purchase music?

3) Does the user engage with the musicians they listen to in any way?

  • How many books does the user typically read?
  • What formats do they use for reading?
  • How do they discover or choose new books to read?
  • How do they engage with other people regarding books?

  • Has the user looked for jobs before? If so, how? If not, how would they look for a job?
  • What information does the user want to know to decide on the relevance of a job?
  • What support does the user want in applying for a job?

Usability testing emphasizes on the flaws and drawbacks of websites in order to improve its functioning and operations. There were a number of tasks stated previously in order to attain information from the users regarding the stated websites. Bandcamp is a website about singers and artists, striving to integrate music into everyday life and culture. The tasks associated with Bandcamp are searching for the track LOL in order to find out in-depth information about the task, for instance the copyright information. The above stated task will be significant to analyse users’ interaction with the website, the scenario will help the users to engage themselves with the website in a flawless manner. The task for Goodreads and Linkedin will assess the same from the users. The most effective and information seeking tasks are those assigned to Goodreads as it requires the user to write a review on  one of the books they have read from Goodreads and suggest how helpful the site will be to the authors. The task gives the user a context or scenario for understanding and consequently improves the interaction level of the user with the website. The task poses an open-ended situation for the user to explore and write about the website. The next most information-seeking task is of Linkedin as the amount of time needed to asses and proceed with the task is significantly minimum. The task will able to find out a number of issues like whether the cost of online job posting is posing as a major hindrance  to the users of Linkedin. It also includes a group interaction process whereby the test will bring to the forefront the users’ experience, issues since online job posting has become the backbone of attaining talented employees for the recruiters and vice-versa. The task will ensure to what degree the website is pleasant and advantageous to use. It will focus on each and every user and their unique preferences and expectations regarding Linkedin.

Usability Engineering


User A on B

User B on C

User C on User A


Q1. User A has reported to read 5 books each month.

Q1. In case of, we got to know that in today’s generation, users or music lovers generally access to their favorite music from online portals because of the versatility of music available there

Q1. Yes, they have looked for jobs before. With Linkedin we came to know that users have used online interface to look for jobs befitting their education and experience. They find online job portal very informative in a well- listed manner.


Q2. In case of Goodreads, we came to know the advantage of online book reading and its popularity amongst readers of wide age range and occupation.

Q2. Purchase of music usually is very rare, especially when it came to gifting near ones

Q2. From online portals they can access a number of information like details of company, employee ratings, remuneration, and availability of similar jobs in different cities and the pre-requisites of the job position before proceeding with applications. The user want the support of a filtered job search from online portals so that they can look through and apply to jobs from their domain of expertise


Q3. Users discovers new books in Goodreads based on readers’ rating and reviews, suggestions from Goodreads based on user’s most read authors and genres and obtaining suggestions from friends who are similar users of Goodreads. The recommendation engine generates a list of books that are hardly heard of with fascinating descriptions to intrigue the readers

Q3. The users engage with the musicians with the help of tags and this further creates an opportunity for the fans to discover new artists and music belonging from that genre.

Q3. The availability of relevant jobs in their own city or other cities where they would prefer to move into could also be useful to the users.


Q4. The readers engage amongst themselves with Goodreads community interaction and book recommendation options.



User B on C


User C on User A


Where does the user look for the commands or information?


What errors does the user make, if any, when attempting to complete the tasks?

The user committed wrong rhetorical analysis of the book. Confusing the book with another book was also frequent.

The uploaded image file was corrupted.

Repeated errors were made in comprehending certain technical aspects of UX designer job. Mistakes in calculating and analyzing job costs.

How long does the user take to complete the tasks, and any subtasks?

1 hour

25 minutes

30 minutes

What positive or negative emotions does the user express while completing the tasks?

Negative-Biased opinions.

Positive- amazement to come across a number of books.

Negative- Nothing notable

Positive- Excitement to explore more artists and genres.

Negative- Lack of participation while working as a team.

Positive-  Eager to

What notable comments are made by the user while thinking aloud?

The easy navigation and availability of books sped up the process of completing the task.

In-depth artist information prompted a quick emotional attachment with the songs.

There is a stark variety of people with vast number of job preferences accessing Linkedin.

Additional Task





Create a community and discuss book genre, interesting points and social contexts approached, to be viewed by public.

Identify your favorite genre and collect more information on the singers of that genre.

Mass messaging to survey individual user’s experience and expectations after using Linkedin.

Effective: the websites are useful to the users because of the convenient and easy user-friendly interface. With Bandcamp, users effectively came across music and songs from the favorite genres or genres closed to being their favorite. Goodreads and Linkedin were also effective in showcasing or making the users aware of products of their liking. The books and types of jobs that Linkedin produced in front of the users were both relatable and useful for them.

Efficient: Efficiency depends on the amount of time the websites are taking along with the accuracy of results that they are being able to produce. The users found it easy to navigate through the websites and the results were structured in an organized manner with relevant information grouped together for users. The same is especially true with Goodreads where the users came across interesting books from different genres without hassles.

Engaging: some users found Linkedin and its contents structured in a haphazard manner. Many users found it rather creative and presented in a curiously professional way. The number of parameters for job search also perplexed some of its users. With Bandcamp and Goodreads were vary systematic with easy book recommendation options and genre enumerated in alphabetical manner. The same is applicable for Bandcamp with a clear view of interviews in a neat e professional manner.

Error Tolerant: the three websites are well-reputed amongst users for providing error free content and important details to be accessed by users.

Easy to Learn: users have been using these three websites because of their informative manner. Linkedin especially provides with an easy apply feature explaining in lucid language the operations and features. Goodreads and Bandcamp provides with colorful illustrations to make the products more appealing and relatable to the audience.


Linkedin is accessed by millions of people unrestricted by geographical boundaries with lesser number of problems like ‘repeat your password’ and the like. However, many users have complained about the lack of relevancy in job searches and different pages use different button styles which tend to become a bit deviating and problematic. Gopdreads on the other hand is very illustrative following a simple page format. With Bandcamp, it uses bright color combination, creation of multiple number of lucidly written blogs and coverage to influence album sales accelerating its growth and profit level. According to data, users had greater accessibility to music and artists owing to Bandcamp’s strategic usage of tags and visual aid to work on the music track’s popularity.

  • Communicational problems amongst the different users completing the tasks therefore delaying the process.
  • Is not adequate enough for a thorough market research and opinions depend from person to person thereby making the process of preparing a statistical graph erroneous for websites like Bandcamp.
  • Is not dependable for carrying out long-term plans or deducting definite conclusions like which one is the best-selling album as in the case of Bandcamp and therefore developing strategic marketing plans. The above method is only useful for designing short-term innovative ideas.
  • Making it less scenario-based and more data-oriented. Vague recommendations should be avoided by providing screenshots and thereby working on the illustration section to generate more audiences for this kind of study. Bandcamp can make use of ‘image map’ to improve accessibility of users.
  • Justification of recommendations and synchronize it with the business goals and technical constraints. For instance, in case of Bandcamp a community based research should be conducted in order to come up with more varieties of music. This would be an effective way for Bandcamp for promoting music and consequently website.

The process helps a business to identify and know in-depth about the choices and psychological pattern of different customers and align the services and products accordingly. The cost-effectiveness of the test further makes it wildly desirable and a comprehensive way to assess the importance and significance of e-commerce and design ways to improve the same. The results will encourage the designers of websites to come up with better options to improve their service and can keep the usability report away from public gaze. The concept is to create a realistic scenario to assess the usability of a product, in this case, the three different websites goodreads, Bancamp and Linkedin. It would be of considerable help to Bandcamp for branding and improving the quality of content, music, that the website has. It ensures that quality and versatility is consistently met.

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