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Information Entry Automation and Quality Control


Manage Business Document Design And Development?

Creation as well as utilization of well-designed documents is one of the cornerstones of modern office along with business environment. It is considered necessary for people to get entry in the world of business in order to have some level of competence in terms of generating documents and forms utilizing common software packages. At present day’s business, most of the business documents are created as well as maintained electronically utilizing a range of organizational and commercial software packages. Hence, it is important to be familiar with the procedures such as databases, desktop publishing, word processing as well as spreadsheets that are discussed in the present paper. In addition, essential skills for good administrator and the methods used by the organization for printing as well as presenting the documents of business are discussed in the study.

Procedures for automating the information entry, quality of document design, storage, output and production

 In order to ensure documents like business letters, reports, newsletter, memos and forms, it is required to maintain consistent style and layout (Wasson, 2015). The following design as well as production criteria is generally utilized and to be adhered by the professionals to produce documents.


Design and production criteria

Maintain proper format in line with brand name of the organization.

Set quality standard dictating everything from the language utilized to print size of text

Maintain effective content protection by specification of formatting as well as inclusion of legal notices and statements

Comply with ethical principles, anti-discrimination legislation and privacy laws

Creation of achieve protocol and consisting of version control for document retrieval

On the other hand, specification of designing the format can be explained as followed.

  • Size and location of logo of the organization. Example: top right of document and 4*3 cm.
  • A proper subject line
  • The type and size of the font
  • Justification of the text
  • Size of heading and subheadings
  • The utilization of white space

Laguna and Marklund (2013) stated that there are several aspects for considering at the time of storing documents. Documents need to be stored as template on central server of the organization. In addition, it is important to ensure the file paths structured logically as well as encounter requirements of the organization.

Output is the format, which is needed by the organization. Some of the organizations need that clients retrieve information and notification in a particular format. For an instance, clients need to be informed by letter as email in order to encounter legal needs.

Conducting detailed investigation of the company’s present as well as future technology needs impact on the production of documents procedure. There are two separate cafes in the organization. Main site of the production is generated and delivered to smaller site. Majority of the email has capabilities from PC (Cassidy, 2016). Information technology requirements have major changes that need to enhance the communication between sites as well as running the sites.

Pollock, Wick and Jefferson (2015) mentioned that mail merger letter has several requirements like several addresses, fill-in the area for free-flow of the texts, formatted text, embedded graphics and linking the texts from different documents. On the other hand, business email requirements are formatted text, embedded graphics or text, link-in text from different documents. The prescribed font styles along with formatting and address book is included in this. Spreadsheets have replaced by paper based calculations of accounting in the organization. The powerful software program can be utilized through providing address of the customers.

The documentations are generally varied in every organization. Software functions can be highly useful. Letter templates are required by most of the organizations. On contrary, managers of the organization seek to get information regarding function. The developer tools allow developing sophisticated programs within the application of software. Signature protection detects if the users have reviewed as well as approved the document. The form fields have limits of requirements for data entry and verify the data entry. However, merge criteria defines the criteria for merging the documents and avoids duplication of documentation.

Document Design and Storage

Style guides processes as well as templates that are complement to each other in production of document. A style can guide and manually describes the proper utilization of style as well as paragraph settings and terminology to be used and has desired for spelling, grammar along with punctuation and the process of covering presentation of the document. It is important to check whether there is information on copyright (Löhe & Legner, 2014). In addition, anti-virus, may be an issue during running of the macros.

 It is important to meet the standards as well as designs tasks for the audience and information needs of each document. The documents need to be protected from the unauthorized access and need to be utilized for protecting the sections of document from altering through general users. It also allows the data entry in the unprotected cells within the spreadsheet. The sections breaks allow distinctive styles to be utilized with various sections.

Chang (2016) asserted that there are scopes for providing extra information regarding elements of the document and additional information to the users of templates. However, it is required to conceal during printing of the letters. The reference file names require changing with the file names. On the other hand, there may be version conflict with older ones. Feedback of the users is helpful to understand the change and make amendments essential for having maximum efficiency as well as quality of presentation.

It is important to evaluate complicated technical functions of software in order automate the aspects of standard document production. The needs of particular documents have changed in broader external changes that can affect validity as well as currency of macro. The changes in the organization like change of name, address as well as trading names need to be included in this process. However, changes in the billing and invoices methods along with other difficulties may arise from the anti-virus software at the time of running macros.

 In document presentation of an organization, it is required to match the requirements with the software functions. The company requires detecting the documents and it development process along with functions of software (Vincent, Li & Blandford, 2014). For an example, it is required to check whether the printer has adequate capability for printing quality images. In addition, checking of accessing digital camera inside the organization and copying the documents to DVD for storage purposes need to be checked by the company.

Laguna and Marklund (2013) stated that the running of anti-virus application need not to generate issues as there is several clicks performing to accept the macros. These are duplicated on the workstation running the macro. Use of different software is utilizing no applications of anti-virus.  Therefore, it is required to define the macros on the computers that are running no antivirus. In addition, it is important to test the macros in order to encounter the needs of every document according to the standard of document.

Davenport (2013) commented that essential skills for good office administrator in terms of business documentation are required to identify in the case scenario. Administrative skills are associated with running business as well as keeping the office in the organized way. The skills are required for variety of tasks that has ranges from office assistants to the secretary office managers. On the other hand, being an administrator, it is important to make proper documentation of business. In this skill, it is required to have effective communication skill that helps coordinate with the members of the organization. However, it is required to have computing skill, use of several documentation software, planning, and problem solving skill as well as accuracy are required for developing business

Output Formats and Requirements

Effective use of methods for printing and presenting business documents give competitive advantage. Printings as well as presenting documents of business are vital aspects of a business organization (Caetano et al. 2016). It generally comes with effective delivery of business messages. Hence, using correct methods can enhance understanding as well as assist to get motivation. In present business organization, printer is used for printing brochures, fliers, catalogs, reports as well as letters. On the other hand, in order to present the documentation, the company follows power point presentation software. In addition, charts and graphs provide visual pop to the numbers of presenting.

Methods used by others would be helpful to adopt better method in future.  After talking to friend, relative and teacher, it is known that they use printer for the purposes of printing their documents. Trkman (2013) commented that there are several types of printers available such as dot-matrix printers, daisy-wheel printers, line printers, ink-jet printer and laser printer. Out of these, ink-jet printers are used by them. Standing in front of group as well as speaking is a difficult task to achieve (Lehoux et al. 2014). Hence, it is important to use effective methods for presenting the documents. Charts and graphs are presented by them using Microsoft excel. However, presentation is achieved by them using projector. It helps to get in touch of various people and present ideas and documentation to them. 

It is important to identify the mistakes done by Monica. In order to modify the documents in a variety of software applications, Monica opened them at a time. She started to working on them. However, she left the applications. Hence, running all applications at a time may slow the processing speed of the organization. In addition, as the three applications were running at a time, the RAM of the system became block and display banks screen and went blank. Hence, it was required to back up the data after a short interval of time or enabling automatic back up feature of Microsoft word in order to avoid such unwanted situations. On contrary, CD writes drive, zip drive is useful for backing up data from computer.

It is vital to identify the work practices that generate errors and damage in works as well. In the present case scenario Monica needs to more aware in terms of making documentation. On the other hand, it is required to take essential steps such as formation of effective planning and achieve work according to that. Monica needs to back up data in regular interval. USB drive is one of the useful mediums for taking back up of data. In addition, using software applications effectively according to the guidelines can be helpful to Monica to modify the applications properly. Anti-virus can be useful for Monica to prevent unwanted break down of the system.

In the present case scenario, Monica faced unwanted breakdown of the system. As she opens three applications at a while, the system became slower than usually it runs. Hence, it is required to take actions that would prevent the situation. As consequences of this situation, the applications were suddenly closed along with breakdown of the system. In addition, Monica was unable to modify the documents and recover the data as well.  In order to solve the issue, she needs to make proper planning and use the application one by one. Along with these, it is required to take back up of data while modifying the tasks in different software applications.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that producing business document is one of the important aspects for an organization in order to develop effective result. In this aspect, use of proper technology and software application acts an important role for the particular organization. In addition, selection of layout as well as style of publication ensure consistency in effective development of the design and make documentation. Clarification of format as well as style would be enhanced with the help of this process.


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