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The Consort Statement For Clinical Trials Add in library

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Evaluate the reporting quality of the article against numbered CONSORT items, and suggest implications of the reporting quality for evidence-based practice.



CONSORT statement is said to be evidence based, least set of suggestion for detailing randomized trials. CONSORT statement gives a standardized way for the authors to organize reports of experiment findings, assist transparent and complete reporting, lessening influence of biasness of the result and helping them in critically appraise and interpretation (, 2015). This CONSORT report will mention how the authors have pursued the research article named “Lycra arm splints in conjunction with goal-directed training can improve movement in children with cerebral palsy” (Elliott, Reid, Hamer, Alderson & Elliott, 2011). The authors have systematically structured objectives of the research goal, research design, participants, intervention, outcomes, results and conclusions. In a research paper a title should be crisp and concise and the author has significantly set the title, which make this article easier to understand by the reader. The researchers have specifically mentioned the terms on which he wants to focus and also he is going to discuss for the rest of the research study.



In the introductory part the authors have started explaining with the illness, which is cerebral palsy. This is a good approach because all the readers might not exactly understand the core medical terminologies.  The authors have also informed the relationships and significance associated with cerebral palsy and related aspects. Their purpose was to identify the efficiency of upper limb lycra arm splinter. They have also hypothesized their researchable question in four ways. Hypotheses are considered as the proposed explanations for incidents.  Hypotheses are generally set by the researchers whose aim is to compare certain targeted research topics. In this context, it can be said that the researchers wanted to find out whether lycra arm splinters along with goal directed training can develop the movement of the cerebral palsy affected children. Therefore, setting up hypotheses for this target research question is very much justified. With the help of these hypotheses the researchers can come to a conclusion whether the splinting alone or splinting along with goal directed training can improve movement among the cerebral palsy affected children. The researchers have also briefly mentioned the qualitative and quantitative studies they have opted for their research. This helps the reader to understand whether the researchers have restricted only to a certain research data analysis or have opted for both, like: qualitative and quantitative research. In a paragraph the researchers have stated cerebral palsy in capitalize form and also did not use the abbreviation. If they have already mentioned the abbreviation prior then for the entire paper they should use the abbreviated form of that particular term. 



Instead of writing in a paragraph as a whole, the researchers have structurally divided the part into design, participations, intervention, procedures and data analysis. The researchers have applied randomized trial with control research design. The control group includes patients who will be administered with the treatment only after treatment group has been administered. This is often performed for ethical causes. The waiting list control is considered as the way of making sure that all the subjects may get benefit from the treatment as even control group obtains treatment at the end. The researchers have also applied statistical terms. Statistical phrases for assumptions regarding the data from individual subject group are advantageous for validity of statistical significance tests. By mentioning these terms the researchers have efficiently stated that the data had the comparable statistical properties for two individual groups, hence these can be significantly compared. The researchers have also mentioned about Bonferroni correction for the comparison. Bonferroni correction balances for the application of different statistical tests when comparison is taking place between groups. During the test there may be too many unintentionally significant results may present, hence application of Bonferroni correction is of utmost importance. The effect size they are searching for is described by applying a standardized statistical measure of difference more willingly than a precise change in real measurements. The benefit of standardized effect size is that this can be used across several numbers of diverse measures immediately.



In results, they were looking for alterations in the actual measurement, and not standardized measurement. After waiting, when control group lastly got their treatment, their outcomes were merged with initial treatment group. Analysis compared entire children eventually, as if these children were one group. But no treatment versus control measurement is presented by the researchers. The researchers have structurally presented the statistical data associated with the joint kinematics. The researchers have demonstrated a carryover effects. This means an outcome after the completion of the treatment. This phrase is often used when different treatments are applied over time and the consequences of single treatment postpone to the other treatment. Therefore, it can be said that use of particularly this term is slightly unusual here (Coghill & Simkiss, 2010). The quantitative analyses in terms of statistical calculation were nicely represented along with al type of joint movements for the children affected with cerebral palsy. The results part has included the calculations and the discussion is carry forwarded to the next section of the research study.



In the very initial stage the researchers have further mentioned the purpose of the research study in order to significantly correlate the hypotheses with the results to reach to a conclusion. It was clearly stated by the researcher that splinting is a long-term therapeutic tool. In paragraph wise the researchers have discussed the result and correlated with different positions of the subjects who are affected with cerebral palsy, in order to check their improvement of movement when using lycra arm splints for upper limbs. The researchers have not clearly mentioned any goal directed training in this research; rather they have pretty much focused on the movement of the upper limbs and the use of lycra arm splints. In the discussion part it has also viewed that the researchers have mentioned about adult hemiplegia, but it would be good if they mentioned little about the condition and why they have linked this association with cerebral palsy in children.  In discussion they have also mentioned a scope of further study regarding the same factor, but in a different way. They have concluded that splinting along with goal directed training can give rise to the accomplishment of movement targets and can have positive effect on upper limb kinematics in cerebral palsy affected children during selected functional tasks and those tasks were also mentioned within the research study. Therefore, it can be said that they have also left an opportunity for future researchers to extend the study on further impairment with different other functional tasks associated movements. Apart from few errors as a whole this research article is structured systematically and significantly by the researchers.



Coghill, J., & Simkiss, D. (2010). Question 1 Do lycra garments improve function and movement in children with cerebral palsy?. Archives Of Disease In Childhood95(5), 393-395. doi:10.1136/adc.2009.178624,. (2015). Consort - Welcome to the CONSORT Website.

Elliott, C., Reid, S., Hamer, P., Alderson, J., & Elliott, B. (2011). Lycra® arm splints improve movement fluency in children with cerebral palsy. Gait & Posture33(2), 214-219. doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2010.11.008.


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