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The price of oil is determined by supply and demand. The price of oil has fallen from $115 per barrel in mid July 2014 to about $85 per barrel by mid October 2014 (a fall of almost 25%).

a) Based on your understanding of the economic theory of supply and demand, describe why the price of oil has continued to fall so much even though the consumption of oil has not decreased substantially

b) With oil price falling, there will be some countries that will benefit and some countries who will lose out. How would the fall in price of oil affect the economies of:

i) huge oil importing countries such as China or India (have very little oil of their own)?

ii) huge oil exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran ( have a lot of oil to export)?

iii) exporting a lot of oil as well as consumes a lot of oil as well internally ( USA or Indonesia)?





The oil price is somewhat controlled by real supply and demand, and somewhat by hope. Demand for vitality is nearly identified with financial movement (Mitchell, 2006). It likewise spears in the frost in the northern side of the equator, and amid summers in nations which utilize ventilating. Supply is capable of being influenced by climate (which averts oil-tanks stacking) and by geopolitical troubles. In case the creators for oil think the price is remaining soaring, they contribute, which follows a slack helps supply. Correspondingly, low prices cause a venture dry season. OPEC's choices form desires: in the event that it checks supply pointedly, it can dispatch prices rising. Saudi Arabia delivers about 10m barrels everyday—1/3rd of the OPEC’s entire.


The price of oil has kept on falling a lot despite the fact that the utilization of oil has not diminished significantly that is on account of, at literally the identical moment in time, geopolitical clashes were erupting in major oil locales. There was a common warfare within Libya. Iraq was confronting dangers as of ISIS. The US and EU slapped oil endorses on Iran and squeezed its oil selling overseas.

On the supply side, the proof focuses to various variables, together with astonishment increments in oil generation (lbrahim, 2008). This is to some extent because of quicker than anticipated recuperation of Libyan oil creation in September and uninfluenced Iraq generation, in spite of turmoil.

A main consideration, nonetheless, is clearly the in public proclaimed proposition of Saudi Arabia—the greatest oil maker inside OPEC—not to contradict the relentlessly expanding supply of oil as of together other OPEC and non-OPEC makers, and the ensuing November choice through OPEC to keep up their aggregate generation roof of 30 million barrels everyday notwithstanding an apparent overabundance.

The enduring increment in worldwide oil creation possibly will be observed as "the puppy that didn't woof." as such, oil prices had continued generally soaring regardless of the growing course in worldwide oil generation because of the recognition at the time of OPEC's affected bottom price. The ensuing move by the sway maker however assisted elicit a central transform in desires regarding the potential way of worldwide oil supply, thusly clarifying both the timing and greatness of the drop in oil prices, getting the last nearer to the intensity of competitive market equilibrium.




i) Huge oil importing countries such as China or India (have very little oil of their own)?

Nations similar to India and China, which disburses immense oil import statement, have possessed the capacity to diminishing their income deficiency adequately (Alboudwarej et. al. 2006). As of late India deregulated gas prices which saw diminish in its market costs subsequent to the deregulation, which had been chiefly because of drop in worldwide gas prices which are connected to dropping oil prices as well

China advantages short of what may be normal from dropping oil prices notwithstanding being the world's biggest oil merchant. That is incompletely on the grounds that the substantial dependence on coal resources a large portion of the economy is presented to oil prices via the vehicle segment. Diesel and petroleum costs, laid via the state, discontinue nearly following oil prices at approximately $80 a barrel. That is uplifting reports for state-possessed oil refiners CNPC and Sinopec, however not as much of so for organizations and drivers. China's strategy banks are additionally vigorously presented to significant oil exporters together with Venezuela, keeping aside Beijing defenceless at the time of dropping prices strike those nations' capacity to reimburse credits (Hull, 2013).


Vigorously reliant on foreign oil and plague for a considerable length of time by monetary shortfalls and soaring expansion, India is an unmistakable recipient of inferior oil prices (Oil megaprojects, 2009). By October, the expense of oil imports had officially tumbled to $164bn in the past 12-month phase, as of a crest of $169bn in July, and that bill will reduce in size supplementary

ii) Huge oil exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran (have a lot of oil to export)?

There has been an immense loss of income for these nations. Co-appointment between OPEC nations is dimnishining with nobody consenting to lessening its generation, particularly Saudi Arabia, dreading reduction in their piece of the overall industry. Russia which wins 70% of its revenue from exports as of oil and gas sent overseas has been smacked tough with its cash (rouble) dropping quickly. Venezuela, a kind of the biggest oil makers, has been stumbling beneath elevated inflation (60%), by means of its economy on the verge of retreat. Saudi, other Gulf makers similar to UAE, Kuwait have profound compartments of overseas currency and are capable to scuttle on shortfall for quite a long while. Yet nations like Iran, Iraq in addition to Nigeria by means of more prominent local financial planned demands in light of their extensive populace dimensions in connection to their oil incomes have not as much of space for move.


Financial cradles are set up to counterbalance the effect of any impending local shortage yet Saudi Arabia — the globe's biggest exporter — will in any case be amongst the Gulf countries mainly influenced on decrease in oil prices. On $60 per barrel the kingdom, whose oil receptions represented 85 % of fares and 90 % of monetary income in 2013, would encounter a financial shortfall identical to 14 % of GDP in 2015. Its immense oversease trade stores, assessed at near to $740bn, will counterbalance a percentage of the negative impacts of a good deal inferior oil prices, however this kind of a focused on situation is still prone to mean a force back in spending on social projects which had expanded generously emulating turmoil identified with the Arab revolution (Arezki et al. 2014).

By means of no panorama of oil prices rising sooner rather than later there is additional weight to beat an atomic arrangement before the June’2015 due date. US saving money approvals have fetched Iran a large portion of its oil incomes. Anyway an assention could possibly permit Iran, which clasps the world's fourth biggest stores, to offer more oil and have entry to almost $100bn of overseas trade supplies which it has been banned from getting to. Disappointment could prompt a contracting of the financial system and social distress.


iii) Exporting a lot of oil as well as consumes a lot of oil as well internally (USA or Indonesia)?

Dropping oil prices may ease off the shale upheaval however are yet uplifting news for the US financial system, since the money saved spends on topping off an auto swells the wallets of countless purchasers. The drop in oil prices up to now will give the US people approx $75bn per annum to expend on different products — around 0.7 %of aggregate US utilization. Examiners anticipate a drop in oil speculation. inferior oil prices have turned economists further certain regarding the standpoint for 2015 with HSBC lifting one year from now's development gauge from 2.6 % to 2.8 %. Less expensive oil will mull over effectively low expansion yet the Federal Reserve is taking that impact as once in a lifetime

Future perspective

There possibly will be decrease in oil supply in case additional conflict breaks in the Middle East (ISIS). Europe along with China could bounce back in near upcoming times and increase demand on behalf of the oil. Saudi Arabia may decrease its oil production. whichever of these, in case occurs, would certainly force oil prices growing. In case we observe the history, oil prices have always bounced back to normal intensity, however it is up till now to be seen how much time it will take.



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