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The Functions That Have Been Raised In Reviewing The Financial

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Discuss About The Functions That Have Been Raised In Reviewing The Financial?




The Presidential Elections of United States has been one of the phenomenal and controversial events of the year 2016. The aspirations, political involvement, propagandas and the elected candidates created a significant hullabaloo, which invariably had great impacts all over the economy.  The candidate preferred by the Republican deemed on the nature of the business acumen and compatibility, which he can effectively utilize in his political career, which have been meet with several criticism. In fact, following the historical line of the Presidents who have been in power involves the likes of businesspersons like Mitt Romney, CEO of Bain Capital, Jimmy Carter etc. According to Fuchs (2017 pp.1-72), two of of the most successful and significant names entails the father and the son duo who have been a remarkable part in the history of American politics. George H. W. Bush, the founder of Bush Overbey Oil Development Company followed by the predecessor, George W. Bush who was co-founder of an oil enterprise Arbusto and the owner of Texas Rangers. As opined by Wittcover (2014), considering the reason of the argument, which has been raised in this essay as the relevancy of the business, a number of studies have supported executives in the role of the politician. Therefore, in regards to the current elected president, Donald Trump there has been several judgments and analysis, which shall be discussed in the essay. On a contemporary note, Meg Whitman, the CEO of E-bay, Carly Fiorina, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, have proposed for this turn of their roles with a holistic approach for the welfare of the society and empowerment.


 The facts in the studies have stated that there have been very few business executives who have successfully being able to pull of the huge responsibility of managing and administering an economy. According to a poll conducted by the American Political Science Association, an institution which studies the discipline of political science have revealed the result that only one candidate appropriately carried out his function as the head of the state in spite of being a successful  businessman (Shearer 2014 p.53).  A survey was conducted including 162 members of the Presidency, which has revealed the witness of entrepreneurial accomplishment in politics (Servan-Schreiber 2014).  In order to contribute to this analysis the research conducted by the Sienna College Research Institute also reviews and analyzes the views on several statistics, which have been involved with the establishment of the business executives into politics on 20 different areas. In fact the University for Virginia Centre for Politics which have been involved with the studies on this subject matter which  has aided in declaring the result which states that only 27 successful businessman have been able to accomplish their goal while being vested with the power for the greater good and administration of a federal.

 In the words of Hoff and Park (2017), the involvement of business executives at power with the politic and the economic agendas of the country have not gone down well within the perspectives of the authority. Donald Trump has relatively been a strategic businessperson who has been involved with comprehending and analyzing the market situation and statistics but providing for the welfare of one of the largest economy is not limited to market predictions.  From the perspective of a business executive, it does not cover all the aspects of the administrations and management of a nation apart from meeting the requirements of the financial and operational outlook in case of an organization (TheHill 2017). The perception of the entrepreneurs in administering a nation is limited to profit oriented approach rather than the overlooking the long-term scenario. In spite of the fact that business involves the integration of the human as well as infrastructural resource, the aesthetics and orientation is starkly different for the two processes. In fact, the proper utilization of resources in any business organization differs from that of supervising the economic and social regulations of a country, which depends on several factors. Moreover, in the words of Drucker (2014), there have been several instances, which provide the state of emergency that determines the emotional quotient and managing capability of an individual regardless of their profession. There have been several debates about the successful act of the executive in the role of a politician or for that mater the president of the country. It has essentially been proved from the former President, Barrack Obama of USA under whose presidential-ship there has been significant and remarkable progress in all the respective fields.


According to the views of Hoff and Park (2014), the congruency of power and responsibility is one of the premium constituent of a great leader. A great leader exhibits the specific qualities of not limiting their outlook and objective rather the ability should be accessible across the entire important and necessary field during the period of governance. As stated by Prashad (2016), in the words of Donald Trump “One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace” which is incongruent with his current position as the pioneer of the federation and political association in USA. He further added that, “good people do not venture into politics” ascertaining the fact that his entry into the governance of USA is more a business driven attitude rather than any political and social considerations. The multidisciplinary approach in governance and federal politics is an immense arena that looks into the bigger picture.  Assuring the development of the economy along with the persuasion and winning power of the candidate involves a huge responsibility, which entails both radical and physiological capacities. As stated by Breen (2016), in a globalized scenario though business men are influential people who contribute to the capital incurring and expenses of the organization which is comparatively a huge benefactor in their case, the role of administering a nation becomes difficult. Often in the power of being, a head of state involves several decisions, which has greater impact on the social, culture, ethnic, and several other integral factors, therefore it must be in coordination with the holistic practices of good governance.


According to Rollert (2017), the nature of pragmatism is central to the functions and behavior of an executive, which is not always applicable in the case of administering a nation. This can be cited as a valid reason for the arguments set by his supporters or the fact that  Trump has assured  the acknowledgement that has been set by the his expertise on business analysis. Often while running of the electoral candidate there are motivations of influence and impressions rather than any capacities of resourcing funds for any specific reason therefore, the arguments can also be set forth and analyzed by juxtaposing with the views and the concerns of the essay (Philips 2014). The policy of diversity, cultural and social integration and developmental factors are crucial parts of an economy, which cannot be predicted or quantified unlike financial statement, therefore, the person responsible as the head of the state should be able to comprehend and allocate the best of the decisions in a sustainable manner. The political campaigns are measures to reach out to the citizens of the economy while taking care of all the aspects of the social system, which is adversely contrasting to the functions that are allotted to a businessperson or an executive of a management. Moreover the criticism according to Manhiem (2014), have been enhanced due to the witness of several failures of businessmen like Jimmy Carter, Hoover, Paul O’Neil etc.


In fact the perspective of handling and managing a private profit oriented concern cannot establish the similar approaches and models for a public welfare structure which involves international and greater risk and loss rather than just loss of economy. This is essentially one of the primary arguments, which can be posed for the statement of Trump, which asserts his remarkable ability of judgment, and supervision that will allow him to efficiently lead on a country (Hutchins 2017). According to White (2017), the monolithic nature of job in the Oval Office is the primary realization and challenge for the individual, therefore the approaches of competition and market qualification must be dogged for acquiring the best skills suitable for the environment. Considering the instance of the political aspect, which has been drawn in regards to the election of Trump, as businessperson settled in USA there, are several criticism and controversies, which have emerged from it. There are a number of involvements while governing a nation which involves creating employment, providing relief fund, allotting resource to the ergonomic development and formulating policies and managerial decisions on which runs a nation apparently, appropriating resourcing etc have  can be associated with a person  having a balancing competence and power of responsibility (Davenport 2017). The comfortable scenario, which is applicable in case of a professional politician, may not seem to be feasible for any renowned business executive. In order to understand the dynamics and constituents of administration it is necessary experience and analyze all the majorly factors.

 The   functions that have been raised in reviewing the financial, economic and business prospects have been associated as a part of the whole structure rather than the central force, which determines the following process. (Thomson, Royed and Naurin 2014).The interdependence and correlation of the business success does not hold true in all cases of the respective cases of governance of one of the established economy of the world.  The view can be concluded on the note, which states against the view of businesspersons as the unsuitable choice for holding powers at the Oval Office contrary to the present scenario of USA.



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