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Write a Biblical Exegesis on The Garden of Eden?




According to the outlook of Schachter (2013), the Genesis (3:1-13) “The Garden of Eden” deals with The Fall and Banishment from the Garden of Eden of both Adam and Eve. Initially, when Lord created Garden of Eden’s, then everything was good and perfect. At that time there were no troubles, religion and politics and Lord used to take care of everything. So, Lord thought of creating man and woman and therefore Adam and Eve were the first man and woman created on the Earth. As per mentioned in Genesis 2:18, 23-25, after creation of man and woman God thought of ushering marriage between man and woman (Sweeney, 2012). But God emphasized basically on the 3 kinds of relationship that deals with Unique Personal Relationship between God and Man. In addition to this Lord has also emphasized on the relationship between a man and his wife that will be preceded by other human relationships between them. And lastly God all emphasized on relationship between man and other creations of God that are created under his Sovereignty (Morrow, 2012).


Brief Synopsis of the text

This assignment will be dealing with the Sin that has been done by the man and woman in the Garden of Even along with the consequences. Moreover the “Trust of Man in Lord” as well as “God’s Deep Love for Mankind” and lastly “The Fall” of the Garden of Eden along with “Expulsion from Garden of Eden” will also be discussed vividly Bradshaw (2013). The main characters are Lord, Adam, Eve and the Serpent. After creation of man and woman along with the Knowledge Tree which was forbidden by Lord himself to Adam and Eve.


Lord’s love for Mankind

From the opinion of Swidler (2011) the Lord created human beings and also gifted Garden of Eden for living along with various kinds of creatures. As the garden was created, it was expected to protect the Garden to the maximum extent. God gave forces to mankind that monitors and ensures the protection of the garden to the maximum extent. Moreover as per commented by Hooker (2014) Lord also created many trees and has given freedom to man in order to have access to all the trees except one. This tree was known as Knowledge Tree that was therefore a serpent deceived the woman to have apple from that tree and feed the man. This led to the devastation and also led to the bonding between God and human beings.


Genesis 3:1- 13 The Fall

Since Lord has forbidden man and woman to have access to the Knowledge Tree, so the man and woman never eaten fruits of that tree. At that time, from the opinion of Sweeney (2012), the world was a better place to stay and it was free from all kind of politics. Even the Lord has said that the man and woman will be eating the fruits from the Knowledge Tree, they will die. As a result both man and woman never went towards the tree nor had fruits from there for which everything was going accordingly and well controlled. As mentioned by Morrow (2012), the Serpent which was craftier than any other animals that Lord has given deceived Eve. He asked Eve whether Lord has forbidden them to eat fruits from the Garden. Eve replied that Lord has given permission to have fruits from every other tree in the garden except the one that is situated in the middle of the garden. This is because, as per the Lord’s comment if they are going to eat the fruits of that tree or even touch it that will lead to their death (Hooker, 2014).

But the serpent told the woman that they will not die as per the Lord’s comment, but they themselves will become God and will also know the good and the bad and the difference between them. As per mentioned by Schachter (2013) falling on the trap of the serpent, Eve was totally deceived and ignored the words of Lord. Eve looked at the fruit of the tree and therefore it looked good and pleasing to eye and in order to gain wisdom, she took some of that fruit and the rest part she gave to her husband. The man along with his wife ate it and this resulted in opening of their eyes. Bradshaw (2013) commented on the essential fact that, this resulted in realization that both were naked in front of each other and hence sewed some of the fig leaves in order to cover them up. Soon after that, both the husband and wife listened to the sound of Lord taking a walk in the garden. As per mentioned in the Genesis, both the husband and wife hid behind the tree for not confronting Lord.

According to the viewpoint of Swidler (2011), Lord called them up but the man replied that they heard him in the garden and as because they became frightened as because they were naked, so they hid behind the trees. Lord asked him how come he knows that he is naked and then suddenly asked whether he has eaten the fruits from the tree which was specially forbidden by him. In the reply, the man said that the woman with whom the Lord has put him with has given him some fruits from that tree which they both ate (Hooker, 2014). After that the Lord asked the woman regarding what she has done. At this, the woman replied that it was the serpent that deceived her and asked her to eat the apple.

After this, from the viewpoint of Bradshaw, (2013), the Lord has cursed the snake and told that among all the animals, the snakes will be crawling on the belly and will be feeding from the dust for the rest of their life. Moreover, Lord also cursed the snake that he will be putting an enmity between snakes and woman and also between their off springs’. The snake’s head will be crashed and strike at the head and at their heels. According to the viewpoint of Sweeney (2012), the Lord also cursed the man and said that since the listened to his wife and ate the fruit that was forbidden, he will be toiling hard for the rest of his life and will be feeding from the yield of it. After that the Lord supplied to them with the skin garments with which they covered themselves up.

After that as per mentioned by Schachter (2013), the Lord even mentioned that the man has also become like Lord and thereby knows the good and the evil. This resulted in the banishing them from the Garden of Eden and therefore as a result the expelled them from re-entering into the garden. As a result, Adam and Eve left the garden with the burden of sin and remorse of their commitment.



This assignment dealt with the creation of human beings and the other animals by Lord along with the creation of Garden of Eden. The Lord asked them to have fruits from all the trees except one that will be providing knowledge to them. But the woman came into the words of a serpent and had made the mistake of having that fruit by both the husband and wife. This resulted in the opening of their eyes and they realized that they are naked. Even they feared as well as felt shy away from the Lord that resulted in the banishment from The Garden of Eden.



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