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The Global Retail Solutions Group

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Describe about the global retail solutions group?


Project Summary

The Global Retail Solutions Group (GRS) requires the software which will help for point of the sale and also for control system of stock for DSE for the outlets which are in form of retail across the areas of Australia (as we are analyzing GRS impact in the area of Australia). This system of transaction processing will be used for applying the modern code of RFID which is scanning at some point of sale and it will give control over automatic inventory. The system which we are using should also be competent enough in relieving the store personnel from their task which are monotonous for generating the performance and sales reports as it needed by the head office of the Australia. We did the investigation based on the requirements and we can state that based on this analysis we are giving this plan of the project which contains all milestones, sheet of the resource and project cost and schedule of the project which is required to execute it.

1.1 Objective of the project

Below are the objectives which are used for creating the transaction processing system:

  • System which we are using should be competent enough so that it can handle the scanning code of RFID at some point of sale.

  • With the help of this software we can give the control of Automatic Inventory as it is that much capable to do the task.

  • With the help of this we can create invoices which are required.

  • With the help of this we can create reports of Performance and Sales without any human intervention.

1.2 Milestone List of the Project

Below we have listed all the major milestones which are needed for the system project of transaction processing. In the below list may we have not included the milestones which are smaller and didn’t have much impact but we have considered them in Work Breakdown Structure and Schedule of the project so that those can be tracked and be noticed.  The dates which we have used is total based on assumption on the time which we think the project milestone should get to perform better.



Transaction Processor of project


File for Inventory and Price and inventory


Inventory management of the project


Communications done in the project


Documentation done for the project


Alpha test which was done on the project


Beta Test which was done on project


1.3 Work Breakdown Structure of the project

The system project of transaction processing will contain work sets under work breakdown structure which will not exceed 4 hours of work in the project. The work sets which are used will be developed by the close collaboration among the project team members and the stakeholders. Without their support and input we cant do it, it also need input from the functional managers and all researches happened in the past projects. With all these data we can get better idea and help in executing and planning the current project.


In the Dictionary of the Work Breakdown Structure it will describe all the work sets which are required in the system projects of transaction processing. These all definitions which are there in WBs will include all resources details, task details and its timeline and all the project deliverables. All of the work set which is used in the project and in Work Breakdown Structure is defined in the dictionary of WBS. This will help in planning of the resource in project, completion of task and also making sure that all the deliverables which are handing to the customer should meet project requirements and standards.


 Task of the project


Transaction processor of the project


User Interface of the project


 Peripheral Interface of project


 Price Look-up


 Order Control of project


Resolution of the Payment


 Resolution of the Transaction


Printing the Receipt which are used in project


 Files for inventory and Price and inventory


 Design of the Database


 Access library of the Database


 Maintenance library of the Database


 Report Generation of the Database


 Inventory management of the project


 Report of the Daily Status


 Report of the Item History


 Generation of the Order


 Communication of the Order


 Processor of the Receipt


 Update the project Inventory


 Communications of the project


 Banking Network Interface


 State Network Interface


 Communications Command Interpreter


 Report Generator




 Help for Transaction Processor of the project


 Help for Inventory and Price Modules of the project


 Help for Management of the Inventory of project


 Help for Communications of the project


 Alpha test of the project


 Test based on the project


Support of the project Developer


Beta Test of the project


 Start roll-out of the project

1.4 Management Plan of Communications for the project


Management Plan of Communications  will be established the project framework for the communications to the project which we have used. It will serve as the Key point for the communications of the project during the life cycle of the project and it will be reorganized as the project communication has some changes of the requirements. This plan of the project will recognizes and it will be describes the major roles of the members of the project team as it will relate to the communications of the project. The requirements of the projects will be documented in below Matrix of Communications. The Matrix of the Communications will be observed as guide for what the information to be communicate for the project, who is to do communicating of the project, when to be communicate about the project, and to whom to be communicate at the time of issues and problems.

Type of Communication

Description about the communication



Participants/ Distribution


Report which contains the Weekly Status

Summary on the Email about the status of the project

Weekly basis

Email format

Stakeholders, Project team and Project Sponsor

Report of the Status

Project Team Meeting on Weekly basis

Review Meeting which contains the status of the project

Weekly basis

In Person format

Team of the Project

Action Register will be Updated

Review of the Monthly project Report (PMR)

Provide current status of the project and metrics to sponsors and team of the project

Monthly basis

In Person format

Stakeholders, team and Sponsors of the Project

Presentation based on Metric and Status

Review of Technical Design Document of the Project

Review the technical designs of the project or work which are  associated with the project

As Needed

In Person format

Team of the Project

Package of the Technical Design Document

Team directory of the Project which contains for all communications of the project is:


Title of the project

Email of the project

Office Phone number

Cell Phone number

Joni Parker

Sponsor  of the Project




Mark Brown

Manager of the Project





Programmer of the project





Programmer of the project





Programmer of the project





Programmer of the project





Programmer of the project





Programmer of the project





Test Engineer of the project




1.5 Management of the Project Resource

There are various resources of the project needed to develop the whole application of the project except Manager of the Project. Below we have provided list of the key resources which are needed to develop the project software with the project Cost per hour.

Resource Name


Max. Units

Std. Rate





























Other Internal resource




1.6 Plan of Cost Management of the project

The Project Cost is considered as the major aspects for project. Below we are providing the development cost of the project for each of the milestone of the project; these are the approximate values which we think it should include in the project:

Task Name


Transaction processor of the project


File for inventory and Price of the project


Management of the Inventory of the project


Communications of the project


Documentation involved in the project


Alpha test based on the project


Beta Test based on the project


Total Cost involved in the project


1.7 Plan of Risk Management of the project

As per the current scenario of the company which we selected we have analyze thoroughly and we can find below the risk which can be proceed during the development of the software of the project:

  • Requirements of the Incomplete: The risk which was involved in the project will occur because of the project requirements which will be defining and we will miss something or we can overlook the functionality of the project requirements. With the help of this we can mitigate certain type of risk which are involved in the project and here we will spend some of the sufficient time and provide commitment of the project which will be detailing the requirements of the project and it take an provide project approval on the final requirement of the project before development of the project.

  • Changing requirements of the project: This requirements will hit the schedule of the project and the cost of the project will occur in between the development of the project so that it can handle this we will use the contingency with proper in our estimate time of the project and then we will perform analysis on impact on each of the change request we get from the project. Result of the analysis of the impact which will help us to find the implementation of change request which are identified in the project.

  • Technology incompetence of the project: If we don’t have all the resources of the project which are skilled will be available with us which can hit the schedule of project so that we can took few of the members from the internal teams so that it can complete the software of the project who have clear idea of the technology of the project which need to build this software which is needed in the project.

1.8 Network diagram

Building the diagram of the network also termed as the logic diagram, is the great way for initializing to visualize and to understand how the project has to be preceded. These will use in the telecommunication of the computers which will used to draw the graphical chart of the network. Here we are attaching the Network Diagram and Gantt chart which is required in this project which contains all relevant data. If you need any other content in this document then feel to add and comment so that we can incorporate the changes which are need in this project.

Please find attached the Diagram of Network.

1.9 Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is mainly used for the project management; this is considered as most of the useful and popular ways which will show the activities which are displayed against the time. In chart it will display on the left side where there are list of activities and on top of the chart there is a time scale which is suitable for all of the activities. Each of these activities will be represented as a bar. Please find attached Gantt chart.


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