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The Globalisation And Its Impact On Quality Management Function

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How Does Globalisation Influence The Changes To The Function Of Quality Management In A Workplace Today?




This report is within a business context and particularly quality management.  It touches on entities that have their operations run internationally, that is, their operational scales is international and as such have branches in other nations or even continents.  It is specifically within the function of quality management in an entity.  This report`s aim is to evaluate the issue of globalization and its perceived impact on the function of quality management within a contemporary workplace and the role of various aspects of coping with it.  The specific questions this report seeks to provide answers for include; how does the issue of globalization impact on the changes to the function of quality management within today`s workplace? What role do employees play in coping with such an influence? What role do managers play? What role do customers play? What role do business partners play? What role does organizational culture play?  The scope of this report includes focusing only on the quality management demystification, globalization and its impact on the change of the function of quality management and the modern workplace.  It also looks at the managers, employees, customers, business partners and organizational culture as key factors in coping with the resultant impact of globalization on the function of quality management.


Information gathering/findings

Demystification of quality management

Running a business in them modern market may be greatly competitive (Richards, 2012).  He adds that as such, the most used model is the total quality management, commonly abbreviated as TQM and it involves a holistic approach to management, which supports the achievement of customer fulfillment via a wide range of techniques and tools which result in improved quality of goods and services.  This implies that quality management is a wholesome approach that involves mutual satisfaction and development of the workforce, business partners, customers and other stakeholders to an organization.  All these parties are accorded the urgency and treatment they deserve.

It is featured by four elements namely quality assurance, quality planning, quality improvement and quality control and they all complement each other.  Quality control commonly applies to the oversight of business outcomes and normally follows a production procedure by determining the disparity between the planned and attained quality product (Lackovic, et al., 2009).  This means that it seeks to harmonize the planned and the achieved quality product and hence ensure that the developed product is of the planned, intended and anticipated quality.  This will, in turn, prevent customer churn, increase customer base and keep the loyal ones.  This is characterized by quality control elements namely properties, effect, durability, price, appearance and benefit (Lackovic, et al., 2009).  This translates into product competitiveness.  A majority of economists suppose that product competitiveness may be accomplished in a variety of ways like by originality, innovativeness, variety and complementarity, and quantitative and financial markets (Lackovic, et al., 2009).

The execution of quality systems contained therein is remarkably essential for companies which seek their status on the world market (Lackovic, et al., 2009).  This means that entities that aspire to establish and maintain a legendary track record need to implement all the elements of quality management.  It is evident that the present business environment stiffly competes and as such, there arises the need for the market players to embrace quality management to reap its immense benefits like improved product and service quality, customer satisfaction, employee and business allies' fulfillment among others.

The several objectives of total quality management include establishing a never ending push to develop the product or service, to need the entire personnel`s participation and lastly and most importantly is to ensure customer satisfaction (Richards, 2012).  Here, these three key functions of quality management are designed to ensure a holistic approach to management.  The most important aspect is the perpetual efforts employed in the advancement of the consumer product or services in a tailor-made way to ensure that they meet the clients` dynamic needs, tastes expectations.  Employee participation is also paramount since they are the face of the organization and they interact with the customers and business partners on a daily basis.  The workforce takes a paramount part in creating and maintaining a favorable reputation of the entity.  Customer satisfaction is also a pivotal component in quality management.  They are the reason why most, if not all, businesses exist and operate globally.  As such, it is crucial and indispensable to consider them when creating and developing products and services.

Modern workplace

The make-up of a modern workplace is featured by the employment of a huge variety of today`s working practices and technologies (David, et al., 2005).  They go on to say that total quality management, lean manufacturing, improved manufacturing tech, teamwork, call centers and knowledge management among others are some of the practices which entities are putting in place in their quest for efficacy.  This means that such aspects characterizing today`s work environment have a vital role in shaping it in various dimensions.  For instance, call centers are meant to ensure that customers and business partners' queries are addressed efficiently and with reasonable immediacy.  Some firms have their call centers operating 24 hours a day to maximize efficiency.  Improved tech aims at producing high quality and satisfactory products.

The contemporary workplace is featured by the concurrence of four aspects namely flexible new working practices, increased participative human resource practices, a management direction which perceives these two practice sets as unified and integral and finally a worker orientation which is adjustable and pro-active (David, et al., 2005).  These days there are policies which promote the involvement of employees in the daily activities of the organization especially in contributing ideas which are geared towards increased productivity, for example, regular workshops, training, benchmarking and others. Through this, the subordinate personnel can reach the top management.


Globalization and its impact on the changes to the function of quality management

Globalization depicts the process by which entities or other organizations establish international impact and are featured by the interchange of goods, services, ideas, perceptions and others.  Essentially, it is whereby firms take their operations to an international level.  For instance, Barclays Bank operates globally in several countries.

The globalization process if featured by robust competition and ever-stringent marketing conditions (Lackovic, et al., 2009).  This implies that every organization is bound to face stiff competition besides continually strict pithing regulations.  Such regulations include tax compliancy policies and product and service control among others.  Consequently, globalization has led to increased market and customer oriented approach to the function of quality management.  It has now caused a shift in the way products and services are designed.  Because of this, firms are more focused on developing goods and services that are customer-tailored to create and uphold a competitive advantage in the highly saturated and competitive market.  The majority of products are similar but are normally differentiated by minute aspects like branding, packaging, pricing, size and color among others.

Quality management and quality assurance have emerged as indispensable aspects in strive for a market and customers (Lackovic, et al., 2009).  Every entity which is operating globally and even locally in the modern market has quality management measures to propel them in the evidently competitive market.

The role of employees in coping with it

Employees in the modern workplace tend to perceive product or service quality as their collaborative efforts in continuous improvement of their daily output.  They normally attribute it to their creativity and inventiveness in undertaking their tasks.  As such, today workers are awarded more mandate and importance regarding quality management.  This is because they are perceived to be the image of the firms, participate in productivity and interact with clients for the case of the service industry.  As such, they have to be more participative to maintain the performance based culture within the organization (Brice, 2012).

There is an increasing realization that an inventive workforce provides a competitive merit in the global economy (Ruppel, et al., 2016).  A creative pool of employees gives an entity an upper hand in the market worldwide since they tend to develop goods and services which cannot be matched by their market competitors.

However, innovativeness is soaring when an inherently motivated individual with great domain expertise plus immense skill in creative thinking operates in a setting which supports creativity (Ruppel, et al., 2016).  This implies that inventiveness relies on the employees` competence coupled with a favorable working environment.  The majority of the entities these days have unconducive work settings even though they have a highly creative workforce.  As such, performance is hindered and hence low-quality output.

Customer role in coping with it

Customers usually view service or product quality as the aspect of satisfactory goods and services availed to them in the market besides being tailor made to meet their immediate and long-term needs.  As such, they are involved in each entity`s market survey to provide feedback about the products and services already in existence and also on potential products and services.  The objective of many entities is to offer products which meet the customers’ requirements (Havlicek, et al., 2013).  This means that most firms view customers as a critical component of their existence.

Without a doubt, loyal customers may propel a business to success (He, et al., 2012).  This means that most entities bank on loyal customers for their revenues and sustenance in the increasingly competitive market.  However, entities have to recognize that they cannot create a sound loyal customer base devoid of the loyal workforce (He, et al., 2012).  Sadly, that is not the case since many firms have a disloyal workforce.


Managers’ role in coping with it

Managers within an entity see service or product quality as their facilitation of the progressive development of the services or goods produced by the firm to compete in the competitively saturated market.  They link it to their abilities to support and encourage innovativeness among the employees and also assisting in proactive problem-solving.  In the contemporary workplace, managers are becoming a central part in the actualization of quality management.  They ensure that the employees are adequately committed to the overall organizational role and particularly facilitating innovativeness among the workers to enhance quality output.  However, most of them lack this facilitation ability.

To promote quality performance from a quality management system, managers need to establish and uphold their entities` quality management practices linked to quality delivery (Styron, et al., 2017).  As such, managers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the implementation of the organization`s quality management.

Organizational culture role in coping with it

Organizational culture may either promote or hinder the success of quality management.  A favorable one promotes commitment, teamwork, and participation (Juan, et al., 2013).   They add that organizational culture assists in successful execution of quality management policies, in that it establishes teamwork, workforce participation, transparent communication, human resource development, establishment of modern standards, improving products, perpetual improvement, establishing innovative solutions, client orientation, detection of error, solving problems systematically, assessing customer preferences, involving clients and suppliers, improving competitiveness and establishing collaboration in the market.  As such, a favorable culture helps in fostering the articulation of quality management for the benefit of the entity and its stakeholders.

For instance, Toyota automobile company is a global giant in this industry.  This is chiefly because of its well-articulated organizational culture which impacts positively on its quality management.  Toyota employs its organizational culture to optimize human resource capacities in innovation and support problem solving (Pauline, 2017).  Since quality is of the essence, this creativity and proactive challenge resolution greatly help in ensuring satisfactory and quality output.  According to her, its organizational culture efficaciously supports the firm`s prospects in innovation and perpetual improvement.  The features of its organizational culture include teamwork, secrecy, quality and continuous improvement via learning (Pauline, 2017).  As such, quality is the core of Toyota`s organizational culture, and hence its success is linked to the firm`s ability to offer high-quality automobiles worldwide.  

Business partners role in coping with it

Business partners perceive service or good quality to be their capacity to provide or supply improved products or services to the contracting firm and promptly.  This implies that the final quality of output of the contracting company is partly attributed to the level of quality of the products or services offered to by the partners or suppliers.  They mainly include suppliers.  Product quality is one of the key objectives when establishing a business partnership (Jack, 2002).  This means that quality is a priority when creating partnerships with suppliers and other partners.  This raises the need for the business partners to be allowed and encouraged to take part in service or product quality planning (Jack, 2002).  When partners are involved, the output is more impressive and satisfactory.

However, some firms fall for the notion that the imposition of a given technique on their supplier or partners as a purchase condition is similar to supplier development (Matt, 2003).  This means that most of the times entities assume that forcing a given tool on their partner are for their mutual benefit which is completely wrong.



Globalisation has been having beneficial consequences regarding the issue of quality management function in the recent past and especially in the modern workplace.  The effect has been transformative particularly to the various stakeholders like customers, managers, employees, business partners and the aspect of organizational culture.  However, there need to be measured to mitigate some of the challenges experienced by the above stakeholders in coping with such an impact.


   The recommendations that I propose to resolve best the setbacks include;

  1. Organizations should create a conducive working environment for its workers to complement their high-level skills and creativity for optimum productivity.
  2. There should be favorable policies that match loyal employees with the loyal customers since they complement each other.
  3. Organizations should establish supply or partnership policies which are mutually agreed upon and not imposing them on one another.
  4. Organizations should train managers on how to facilitate innovation and creativity among the employees.


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