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The Gracious Game Of Globalization Add in library

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The flat world

With upcoming of the phase of Globalization 3.0 the world is losing its disparity and differences and becoming merged into a flat land. With people and individuals opening their brains and seeking for chances to enter into the aura of the gracious and magnificent world, this opportunity is really exciting and interesting. The iron rule highlighted by Friedman that whatever is going to happen, will happen, is a new truth of this era and evidently if a person is not the initiator to put forward his ideas then another person who might be sitting thousand miles away may implement it and the same idea comes back to you. So this era calls for individuals to put forward their innovations before any other person does the same. This Iron Rule is actually a golden key to open up the remaining doors of the world. But seeing the whole world under one lens is not a matter of intellect. With the world still divided into the ‘classes ‘ of countries, these so called third world countries are not seamlessly integrated into the aura of globalization and to a surprise some areas of Africa, Asia and some other parts have their lands untouched by Globalization. So, it is not justifiable to coin the term flat for all but instead settling down onto ‘towards flat’ for all. With cultural differences, uniqueness also ends up and people with diversity and dignity are clubbed under just a single umbrella term.

Neither too flat, nor untouched

Professor Ghemawat, in his applause winning presentation, criticized the idea of the flat world by presented some of the surprising data which made people aligned towards the his concept of thinking. Althought, the world is not purely a single flat entity but a conglomerate of various modular markets. The world is heading towards squeezing but is not so close to be termed as tiny globe. With various means of communication available, there is still not much use of it. With various opportunities to collaborate, there is not much trade out of it. The fears and inherent doubts in the mind of people are not making them to open up themselves to the world and to the shrunken world. A radical globalization would be adorned if taken up in increments and going phase by phase to actually come really close and combined.

 The Waves of Culture

Culture spread across the globe is the symbol of global existence and worldwide uniqueness. Inspite of cultural differences across the world the waves of numerous cultures have woven the world into a single uniform thread of harmony. The top managers and entrepreneurs should be skilled and sensitive in order to sustain managerial effectiveness which crosses the borders of the countries, companies or individuals and hence the cultural borders. People crossing the border and going global face various cultural shocks or discrimination. Inspite of the globalization 3.0 ruling the world, there are differences inherent into the cross-cultural experiences. And when two cultures collaborate, there is a risk of clash and ripples rising out of the waves. Riding the waves of culture by Fons Trompenaars, deeply describes the cultural sensitivity and dimensions across the globe. Considering America as a peach culture and Germany as a coconut culture, there is huge difficulty in intersection of both, one sensibly everything can be conquered. Some of the recent cultural clashes in Australia which did spread like a viral was violence against Indians in Australia which was an outcome of racially motivated crime. Looking at such aspects of globalized culture, there is still an open question for debate. Are we actually and sensitively going global and seamlessly merging into a tiny world or its just a beginning of some terrifying?

The coherent National culture

The ideology of a single uniform national culture being applied to the whole world is actually a myth as each nation is an epitome of unity in diversity. If Australia can be grouped and classified under certain dimensions of culture namely individualism, power distance, pragmatism etc., then it is not justifiable to view every nation under the same lens defined and to classify the individual cultural backgrounds under the tag of National culture. Individuals have deep mindsets regarding personal or community cultures and hence must not be seamlessly woven into the culture of the nation which includes various small, distinct or even opposing cultures. Hence, it is quite misleading to classify the whole country on the basis of some rubrics cube dimensions of culture. The view should be to be consider the national culture as a big circle of including various small circles of community cultures. Though there can be measures for comparison among the nations based over the cultures but, a correct and practical comparison can never be undertaken as far as uniqueness of community cultures are taken into consideration.

The webby culture

Globalization and the rise of internet are not really related or directly proportional. Websites and online marketing content needs to be collaborated into a uniform mixture imbibing the cultural values and beliefs of the global village. The differences in the appearance, presentation, code of context, color themes, dynamics and so many other attributes lead to a wide arena of brainstorming required prior to design websites for the target nation. It is critical to have a deep insight into the cultural beliefs of most of the communities of the target country. The content is the most crucial aspect which might harm the cultural instincts and hence the designer must dwell deeper into the arena of contextual coherence.

Moving Ahead

After an extensive, clashing, gluing, interesting, terrifying discussions about the culture of the globalized world, it is evident that any theory or methodology to classify the national cultures or global culture are not sufficient and not at all fully correct. Hence, there is a need for collaboration and intersection to theories and to let this question of global culture be open for extensive discussions and debates.


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