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The Human Resource Issues Faced By The Organization

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Identify an HRM issues which has an Impact on the Performance of the Company.



The businesses in the current situation are facing the pressure of competition and globalization due to which the roles and responsibilities of the human resource management has been transformed drastically. There is now demand of long-term HR manager, though the global supply of talent are becoming very short. In the current situation of competitive market place for labor and product, there is an increase in the gap regarding the difficulty of manpower all over the place. Now, each and every association in order to get success in the market is putting more stress on the human resource executives.  This is mainly due to the fact that they are competing very important planned role in this competitive commercial world. In the changing global market conditions, the HR administrators along with the business have to adopt the human resource practices with it.  

No matter how small or big your company be, you cannot run your business without people. There for getting the right people for the job has been a challenge for centuries. Even if you have the right people for the job, maintaining, rewarding, training and appraising has been another challenge to overcome. According to management study guide ( the first definition of HRM is “that it is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner.” For centuries, people have been trying to find best models and theories to manage people. Because people are the back bone of any business and they are responsible for the success and failure of the company. Therefore companies mainly focus on the two main aspects of HRM, which are, to improve the employee performance and enhance organization effectiveness (Bratton & Gold , 2012).

The main purpose of this report is to analyses the whole course of human resource management that comprises the staffing and selection process, development of the employees, performance of the employees, employee’s relationship with their team-members and seniors and their flexibility. This study will judgmentally understand the different roles cooperated by people in an organization. It will then appraise the administration of the people as commercial resource integral to various organizational approaches. The study will also portray the importance of recruitment, development and retention process in a company. The discourse will then try to understand the issues surrounding the management of the human resources.  

The organization

The government of Maldives comprises of 15 Ministries ( According to the Maldives Constitution, each Ministry is headed by a Minister, who will be accountable to the President and the Peoples’ Majlis, the Parliament.

Each of the 15 ministries has several departments under the Minister, with clear responsibilities, prescribed by the President, which is approved by the Peoples’ Majlis.

The National Institute of Education (NIE) is one of the 5 departments under the Ministry of Education. NIE has major four functions. They are

  • Prepare school national curriculum and teaching materials
  • Conduct professional development programs for teachers
  • Conduct educational research
  • Conduct continuing education for adults

To elaborate the above four core functions, further 21 responsibilities were given to NIE.

NIE has six departments within the organization. They are

  • Department of Curriculum
  • Department of Teacher Development
  • Department of Research and Innovation
  • Department of Early childhood and Development
  • Department of Continuing Education
  • Department of Cooperate Affairs

The institute has two different categories of staff. They are professional staff and administrative staff. The professional staff is the people who deal with professional work such as developing curriculum and research, while administrative staff provides assistance in daily tasks in the areas of finance and human resources.


According to the website of NIE ( , the vision and mission are as follows:


Facilitating life-long learning through collaborative research and innovation


The Institution for educational empowerment, innovation, and excellence

The core value of the institute is:

NIE Core-Values







In 2006, government has decided to review the existing school curriculum which was written in 1998. A minor revision to the curriculum was brought in 2000. But it was decided that Maldives need a new version of school curriculum to meet the 21st century.

Various discussions with stake holders such as schools, parents, academics were conducted from 2006 to 2011 before the first syllabi were prepared. In 2011, some of the schools in the Maldives piloted the new curriculum. After four years of piloting the new curriculum, government decided to introduce the new curriculum in 2015.

The staff of NIE, in collaboration with the Cambridge University Press (India) started writing the text books for students and teachers for key stage one, which is for primary grade one to three.

The Institute is responsible for preparing text books for students and teachers and at the same time training teachers for the new curriculum. The government has decided that each year a key stage will be introduced. So the staff of NIE has lot of work to do in a given year.


The Problem:

In Maldives, the government employees are categorized as political appointees and civil service staff. Political appointees are people who are appointed by the President. Civil Service Staff are appointed by the Civil Service Commission and are always appointed based on their merit and public announcement.

The civil service commission of the Maldives was established in 2008, under the civil service act. Prior to the establishment of Civil Service Commission, all appointments of government staff are carried out by the public service division of the president’s office.

In 2007, the Parliament passed a bill in which all employees are entitled to certain days as paid leave. The leave which is prescribed in the Employment Act is:

  • 30 days paid leave
  • 30 days paid sick leave
  • 10 days paid family leave

The working hours for government offices and state institute are from 8am to 2pm. Friday and Saturdays are considered as weekends.

Apart from the weekends, government is closed for public holidays. Most of the years, there will be about 19 public holidays.

After the introduction of the Employment Act, many staff has started taking leave even if they are not sick. Staffs find it their right to take leave.

The National Institute of Education has very important tasks when implementing the national curriculum. The most important tasks are to prepare text books and train teachers to the curriculum.

So it will be impossible to complete the assigned responsibilities if the staff takes leave (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Currently all staff at NIE take all the leaves prescribed in the Employment Act. If we deduct all weekends and the prescribed leave and the public holidays in a calendar year, only 175 days are left to work.

Literature Review

The history of human resource management could be dated back to 19th Century, when come companies in US and Europe employed welfare officers to look after the wellbeing of their employees (University of London, 2013). As companies started recognizing the importance of their staff in early 1980s, personnel administration became Human Resource Management (HRM).

According to business directory ( human resource management (HRM)  is “the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization”. Therefore undoubtedly the most valued asset of any organization is its workforce ( Amstrong, 2006). According to Amstrong (2006) human resource management is “strategic and coherent management of employees”.

By these two definitions, we understand the importance of employees to any organization. The success of any company depends on the work force (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). So companies across the globe put an extra effort to keep employees happy.

To provide any service, you need people. Behind any service or product, there is a human mind, efforts and working hours. No service or product could be introduced without the involvement of a human brain or his efforts.

Many academics believe that HRM depends on three major principals (Brown, 2011). The first principal is the recognition from the employer that employees are the most important assets of the organization. The second principal, according to Armstrong (2006) is that organizational success “is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies and procedures of the enterprise are closely linked with, and make a major contribution to, the achievement of corporate objectives and strategic plans."

The third principal is to find, retain, and develop the people, whose talents meet the operating needs and objectives of the company.

There are four important aspects in HRM. They are

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Retaining Staff
  • Staff Development

Each of the above areas has many important sub activities or roles.

The Human Resource planning usually undertakes the personnel needs of the organization. The process of recruitment mainly involves in selecting the best candidate for the desired job (Deadrick and Stone, 2014). Retaining of the staff mainly deals with offering them with correct remuneration based on their contribution to the success of the company and also in providing with other benefits such as health, housing etc (Falcone, 2010). The staff developments mainly focus on improving the performance of the staff by giving necessary training and develop skills and attitudes needed for the job.


The National Institute of Education (NIE) has separate section responsible for all HR issues. The section is headed by an Assistant Director. The NIE has an organization structure designed to carry out the activities prescribed in their mandate. The HR section is responsible for planning, recruitment, retaining and development of all staff in NIE. 


The HR issue in NIE:

Like most of the civil service organizations, absenteeism is an issue at the National Institute of Education. Unlike other civil service organizations, NIE has important tasks to be delivered on specific time period (GAUDINE et al., 2011).  Absenteeism can be considered as when an individual is not presently available at a particular place and on a particular time in any organization (Guest, 2011). It does not include any authorized leave or any annual leave. The absence of employee occurs when an individual is not present in the workplace either authorized or not. Absenteeism has a very devastating or negative impact in NIE as it leads to reduced employee productivity. It also aids in reducing the employee morale and also increases the overhead costs of a corporation.

The Roles Played by People in Organizations

People play a significant role in the occupation of the association. The associates of the organizations must be coerced, encouraged or enforced to contribute in it. People usually contribute in a corporation if they are going to gain somewhat out of them. Individuals tend to recognize themselves with the association in which they contribute (Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick, 2006). There is always a very close empathy between the working class encouragement on the one side and their empathy with the association on the other. The grade of their recognition with the company depends on the environment and force of the motives contributing in them. The motives of the people play an imperative part or role in the contentment of the organizational goals (Gørtz and Andersson, 2013). The accomplishment of any association does not only depend on the proper management and collaboration of its associates but also on the collaboration of the others. Some of the important roles played by people in an organization are listed below:


Directors are the ones who create the business plans. Directors sits on the topmost position because they are specialist in the in the particular line of the business.    

The Managing Director

The managing Director of any company is the figure head of it. They have the job of organizing and controlling the resources (Kramar, 2013). Their main objective is to get the work done with or through the people. They have huge impacts on the issue of absenteeism in a company as their decisions of getting the work done quickly may sometimes harsh the working environment.

Senior Managers

They are the people who take top level judgments by regarding where an association functions and what it creates or does (Mondy, Noe and Premeaux, 2002). They take their decisions by going through detailed analysis of the situation.

Supervisory Management

They are the backbone of a company. They are the people who have to get the work done in the ground level as they are always concerned about making sure that the orders get out of time. They are the ones who make sure what people and resources they need to use to complete the operation.              


These peoples are at the ground level but that does not make them less important. They are still very important (Noe, 2006). Operative’s individual need to be carried out with care and precision.    

Management of People as a Business Resource Integral to Organisational Strategies

The world has been changed from the rugs to digital, but it does not mean that organizations can underestimate the potentiality of the employees as these are very important persons behind the operations. Every part of the business gets commenced due to the involvement of the employees and if an organization understands the human element, then they are surely more profitable, and can gain the efficiency of leading more effectively (Ocansey, 2016). Understanding the human commencement and element enables a firm to create brand loyalty, and also helps them to close more deals and to do better work. Taking this approach enables affirm to consider the employees motivations that can help the management to more empathic on the employees.

Individuals have always been significant to NIE as they provide motivation, creativity, apparition and motivation that keep an organization alive. They deliver the services and abilities that are essential in the business operations (Perrewé, 2011). In addition to this, they also provide a labor that creates the goods and facilities that an organization supplies. They are always the chief and most important part of a company (Gørtz and Andersson, 2013). Excellent organization like NIE recognize the values and vital involvement that people makes to their accomplishment. This then suggests that in order to be fruitful, organization have to safeguard that they have the persons they actually need.  

An organization cannot determine what people they actually need unless it understands what it needs to achieve (Renn, Steinbauer and Fenner, 2014). Many organizations struggle in getting the righty candidates as they really don’t understand what they actually need to do. Company has to start with the development of an efficient business plan, which should be based on its strategy, identified objectives, targets and priorities. As the world is continuously changing and there is ever-increasing pressure of customer’s preferences, it is likely that organizations have to alter its people resource (Part Four: Individual Employment Relationship, 2013). It could be done in number or by changing the focus of its activity. Companies have to involve its people in this planning process as if there is any change; it may be upsets them.

There are many components that can be included into company overall business strategy. Along with other important departments like IT, sales and marketing, etc. people management is also a key player in the organizational success. Some of the people management strategies that a company could and need to adopt are specified below:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Performance Management
  • Employee engagement
  • Rewards and Recognition

The Importance of Recruitment, Selection, Development and Retention

The staffing and selection procedure are very important themes in the human resource management as it ensures that the organizations have the essential skills, capabilities and knowledge that will allow the organization to endure into the future. The strategic potential of the staffing and selection section is to enhance the organizational presentation by putting lot of stress on the getting the right candidate for the vacant post (Casale, 2011). In most of the HRM practices, performance in conceptualized on the strict economic terms by excluding the considerations of the issues of fairness and acceptability.   

Staffing, assortment and retaining forms the parts of the human resource which is usually a continuing process (Falcone, 2010). All corporations strive to meet the organizational objectives and purposes as long as the customer needs are getting fulfilled. 

Staffing follows from the job examination as one component of the HR planning. After regulating the type and amount of staffs needed through the HR plan and classifying the various rudiments of the job analysis, the major difficulty that comes before the HRM is the procurement of the workers. The main objective of the human resource department is to gain high quality and talented employees at minimum cost by seeking the forthcoming employees and inspiring them to concern for a job. The HR managers have to attract job applicants who have the skills and potentials for the vacant posts or the task that needs to be performed (Employment relationship, 2011). The screening process of the candidates includes the inspection of the position by setting up the job explanation and job stipulations and then seeing the various bases of employees.

Once the staffing process is achieved, the next step is the assortment of suitable applicants (Yeung, 2011). Selection here can be demarcated as the procedure by which an association efforts to identify the candidates with the essential knowledge, services and abilities. The assortment process is a system of purposes and devices that is adopted in a given corporation to determine whether the candidate’s qualifications are matched with the necessity or not (Falcone, 2010). The selection manner is very important in NIE as it satisfies that there are some standard of the personal with which a forthcoming employee may be associated.

Retaining is the procedure of manipulating the personnel to stay in the organization as their skills are very appreciated for the success of the commercial operations (Yaseen, 2016). Once a qualified applicant has been employed, then there is urging to make him or her to stay in the company longer. Thus the staffing, selection and preservation is critical to an effectual HR management but it must be experienced within the background of the other HR subjects such as training and development. 


Impact of Absenteeism on Performance:

For every organization or employers, earning a high level of productivity is always a main concern. But unfortunately the unplanned absence of the employees has its impact on the organizational performance and its productivity (Armstrong, 2005).  Organizations over the years have tried to find out the means for improving the employee resource supervision with an internal interest of dropping the employee work absenteeism and to preserve a low level of worker turnover in the business (Power, 2004). In order to reduce the employee absenteeism, various methods have been utilized by the companies such as employee motivation, shift work system, team work (MacLean, 2008). Casio 2003 defined absenteeism as the failure of an employee to report regardless of a specific reason that expresses a monetary implication. Excessive absenteeism involves a very considerable loss to any enterprise as it may lead to an upset work schedule and then management has to give overtime pays to meet up the distribution dates. The cost of absenteeism is very huge as it is one of the contributory factors that works as the failure of the enterprise   According to Kronos Incorporation, the total paid up cost off as a percentage of payrolls, when accounting for both direct and indirect costs ranges from 20 to 22 percent in US (Jackson, 2002). The unplanned absence of the employees has a very negative effect on the organizations compared to the planned absence.

Employees who have the habit of getting absent become a liability to the corporation and the rest of the workers. They are a monetary liability because of the drop in the output which is caused by their nonappearance and also the cost of fetching the provisional replacement. Employees who are regularly inattentive from the work prevent in ranging and developing a productive continuity. The team then in absence of its member has to adjust to certain employees not being in their respective fields. The constant flow of temporary replacement due to the employee absenteeism makes it very tough for the managers to determine the actual skills of the absent employee (Katou, 2011). If an employee is allowed to attain a successive number for absence without incurring any penalty can hurt’s the other employee performance. An employee is selected mainly due to its educational background and professional experience, and is the employee is having poor attendance; he or she will be unable to develop skills to other job duties and will offer no worth to the corporation in completing its objectives. Absenteeism is not only determines the employees career but also the organization bottom line (Vansina, 2013). Widespread absent on the workplace could lead to an indication of managerial issues such as low employee ethic or unpleasant working environment. Employees who are present regularly can gain negative impact on the work as he or she may get frustrated by giving them an increased overload of the work.             

Social and Economic Issues:

It is a common sense that when a teacher is absent from the school, student learning is disrupted. The student performance can be significantly affected in a negative way if a teacher is repeatedly absent. It has been proved in a report that 1 out of every 10 teachers deemed to be chronically absent (Tanaka, 2013). The absenteeism of the teachers is a very serious issue in NIE as the replacements would be very difficult to find and there will always a possibility to find a less qualified and experienced person. Although the Maldives government has introduced work time reduction schemes to reduce the employee absenteeism, it is not completely known whether they are effective (Torrez and Claunch-Lebsack, 2014). In order to appreciate the reason and causes of absenteeism, it is essential to study the behavior of the teachers and schools at the micro and ground level (Lu et al., 2014). The main challenge lays in distinguishing the causal mechanism that arises due to the confounding factors.

Solution and Recommendation

Employee absence always has a very serious effect on many employers. Around 75 percentage of the HR specialists believe that workers absence have a very large influence on the company revenue and production (Kramar, 2013). Despite the huge costs linked with employee absenteeism, many of the companies are not actively gauging the influence of the employee absenteeism. Some of the ways to reduce the employee absenteeism that could benefit the NIE are specified below:

Keeping the track of the employee absence is a great way to reduce the costs. According to Kroner, only 25 percent of the defendants said that their association precisely tracks the records of organizations absence (Houghton, 2014). Using an absence management system to track up the employee absence will help the NIE to ensure that the workers don’t abuse their sick time or go over the assigned number of permitted absence. 

NIE could also try to change the employee manners through the wellness platforms. There is a strong connection between the wellness programs of the employees and the efficiency. It is found that high efficiency establishments with great wellness creativities faced lower unintended absences.

NIE should also ensure that all staffs know what they need to do when they are late or miss a day. In this way the employees would not take of burden of overdose work unless it is necessary (Görög, 2016).  The organization can also consider varying the agendas when it is suitable to adapt differing employee requirements. 

The present working situation is quickly altering. As quantity of the association, Human Resource Management has to prepare to pact with the results of changing the business environment. Business in the present condition doesn’t have the countrywide margins to reach around the sphere (Deadrick and Stone, 2014). Employers for the upcoming trends want the workers to have the working acquaintance of the language and principles mainly in terms of ethics, principles, laws and customs of the hosting nation. HRM have to advance the apparatuses that will benefit the culturally diverse individuals to work together. HRM also have to be conscious of the age variances that are present in the today’s work force. HRM have to train the people of dissimilar age bars to efficiently accomplish and contract with each other in order to admire the mixture of views of the others (Al Ariss and Sidani, 2016). As industries now have prospects to grow but at the same time, the prerequisite for the talented staffs and workers are declining. HRM individuals have to confirm that correct communiqué has been taken place during the work time and they must try to diminish the undesirable consequences of the conflicts.

HRM will have to act as dynamic role in the continuous improvements programs of the company. Whenever a corporation tries to implement any development programs, it is then presenting change in the association (Al Ariss and Sidani, 2016). Under these circumstances, HRM must prepare the employees for the change. In view of that, HRM must have the apparatuses in place for the employees to get a suitable course of what to be done and what to assume from the changes. For solving the issues related to the trends, HRM wants to offer skill exercise to its workers.


It has been found from the above report that absenteeism can be considered as when an individual is not presently available at a particular place and on a particular time in any organization. It does not include any authorized leave or any annual leave. The absence of employee occurs when an individual is not present in the workplace either authorized or not. The study also addresses that people play a vital role in the occupation of the association. The members of the organizations must be coerced, persuaded or enforced to participate in it. People usually contribute in a corporation of they are going to gain something out of them. Individuals tend to recognize themselves with the association in which they partake. There is always a very close affinity between the people’s encouragement on the one side and their proof of identity with the organization on the other. It has also been outline in the study that NIE could try to change the employee behavior through the wellness programs. There is a strong affiliation in the middle of the wellness programs of the workforces and the production. It is found that high efficacy establishments with great wellness initiatives experienced lesser unplanned absences.



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great work. WOW. nicely done. good reference. great approach. one of the best assignment


User Id: 424798 - 13 Jul 2020


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I am very pleased with the turnout of my assignment! My stress level dropped dramatically with MAH\'s assistance!


User Id: 383727 - 13 Jul 2020


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At first, I started to lose faith in MYASSIGNMENThelp, then I was assigned a tutor that was able to take the suggested changes and went over and above the call of duty to complete my assignment. I am so thankful for this tutor. Can I work with you ag...


User Id: 450083 - 13 Jul 2020


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I have long awaited to give a 5-star rating and this EXPERT/tutor was able to review the track changes I requested and made those changes and even went over and above the call of duty to make sure my work was completed and done correctly. Thanks


User Id: 450083 - 13 Jul 2020


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