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The Main Vision Of The Organization To Create A Better Tomorrow

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Discuss About the Main Vision of the Organization to Create a Better Tomorrow?




Every organization should carry out the business sustainable so that the business of the organization flourishes as well as they get a good name in the market (Bocken et al. 2014). If an organization practices sustainable business, chances of problems in the future will be less (Boons and Lüdeke-Freund 2013). The customers will be satisfied with the products of the organization, they will trust the company in future and eventually, they will become loyal to the company (Boons  et al. 2013).

Tassal is one such organization that deals with the business of salmon fish. They grow the salmons and export them in different parts of the world. They belong from Tasmania. They have planned to start their business in Australia. The main USP of the company is that they concentrate on sustainability while they are growing the fishes. They take care of the health of the fishes so that they do not affect the customers.

The report will look into the functions of Tassal and the marketing mix that is used by the company. The marketing mix of another company, Orca Bay Seafood will compared with that of Tassal. The differences and the similarities of the marketing mix will be evaluated and then a better marketing mix will be suggested to Tassal that will be more helpful. The new marketing mix will keep in mind sustainability and will help the company to launch a  new marketing mix so that they are able to gain more number of customers. Tassal is already keen on sustainable practices, the sustainable marketing mix will be an added advantage to the company.


Background of the company

Tassal is working in the market for almost 25 years (Tassal Tasmanian Salmon 2017). They are delivering healthy and frssh salmon for the people of Australia. More than 800 employees work with them and the employees who are working with Tassal share the passion for delicious seafood. The growth curve of the company is impressive. It started operating in the year, 1986 and has been able to make its presence felt in  the ASX by the year, 2003.

Sustainibilty is its priority and it has maintained a sustainable practice while they are growing the salmon. Their core values consist of the fact that every individual has the right to consumer healthy food and their business will help the individuals to consume healthy food. They keep in mind the environment and aims to protect the environment while they are carrying out the business (Ortiz?de?Mandojana and Bansal 2015). In addition to this, they help the individuals by teaching those recipes that could be done by using salmon. The company is giving the recipes for various seasons.

The main vision of the organization to create a better tomorrow

The mission of the organization is to bring good health and well-being for the people in the community with help of the products that they deliver. They have a close contact with the stakeholders, employees, customers and the suppliers so that they are able to deliver the products.

Tassal does not limit the operations to the business and take good care of the products that they deliver. They look after the health of the fishes and rear them in fresh water so that they fishes do not create any issues for the health of the individuals. They have appointed an individual who will look after the health of the fishes. In addition to this, they have a fish veterinarian who will see that the fishes are not suffering from away disease and they are able to take good care of the fishes.

The salmons need a proper cycle to grow and there are proper locations that will help them to grow. Tassal looks for those places, where the fishes can grow properly. The salmon takes three years to develop and grow. They are given proper time is given to the fishes so that they could develop and the harvested at the right time so that the customer get the right type of food. They choose the location in such a manner so that fishes could grow in a healthy manner and do not get any kind of disease. In addition to this, fishes are provided with good food so that they are able to grow properly. They treat the fishes as equal to humans and eliminate any source of stress that the fishes can face. They have launched ‘Fish Health Management Plans’ that will help in removing any source of danger that might harm the health of the fishes. They have also launched Zero Harm for Fish program that is based on UK RSPCA Freedom Food Animal Welfare Standards for Salmon so that the health (Tassal Tasmanian Salmon 2017).

Marketing mix of Tassal


The company has the products for all types of customers (Hollensen 2015). They have smoked, fresh, frozen and canned salmons. The customers can make any kind of dish with the salmons. It has been said that the fresh salmons are good for barbeques and customers have said that they prefer to have it by making sashimi out of the salmons. The customers who have a busy lifestyle can also use the products of Tassal. They can simply bake the packets directly and eat the fish. As a result, the cooking time of the dish is reduced. Tassal has used the sustainable idea of reducing the use of fuel. They have salmons that could be used for the barbeque but the canned and the frozen products are in ample so that the uses of fuel for preparing the products are being reduced (Babin and Zikmund 2015).


The pricing of the products has been done as far as the packaging needs of the products (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). The salmons needs to be stored for a longer duration and they have to use the necessary ingredients so that the products stay fresh. The pricing of the products need to be a bit high so that good quality of ingredients could be used to store the salmon (Strauss 2016). As the best quality salmons are given to the customers, they would have to pay the price for once (Lusch and Vargo 2014).


Tassal mainly use the website of the company to promote the products (De Mooij 2013). They mainly highlight the sustainable practices that they adhere to while they are promoting the products of the company (Czinkota and Ronkainen 2013). They highlight their sustainable practices that they use to rear the fish. The customers will be assured that they are getting the best quality products and they would not face any health issues (Hartley and Claycomb 2013). The entire process is shown in the website so that the customers will be without any doubt.


The main place for selling the products is online. not only the products but he recipes are also given online (Hollensen 2015). They also sell the products from the normal stores but placing the products online, helps the company to reach a huge range if customers all over the world. The recipes are another way of selling their services. Even if the customers buy the salmon from any other company, they have to come back to Tassal for the recipes (Babin and Zikmund 2015). This voluntary service of Tassal will be help them in getting more number of customers from the market (Sheth and Sisodia 2015).


Comparison of marketing mix

The competitors of Tassel should not only be present in the country of origin or in the country where it is planning to start their business, the competitors of Tassel is present all over the world (Strauss 2016). The competitors who are present in another country can any time come to the countries where Tassel is operating to gain business. Orca Bay Seafood is one of the biggest competitors of Tassel that can be challenging for Tassel. Orca Bay Seafood operates in the united states and one of the biggest seafood provider whose operations are not only present in the country but all over the world


As far as the products are concerned, Orca Bay Seafood has more number of products than the ones given by Tassal ( 2017). They have wide variety of fishes that are available as well as they have wide range of other products like crabs. The customers will be able to choose from any range of products. They provide unmatched recipes to the customers. In addition to this, they have wide range of ready-to-eat options like noodles and soups. The customers will have to choose the type of food they want to have along with their favorite seafood (Lusch and Vargo 2014).


The pricing of Orca Bay Seafood is equal to Tassal. They are giving fresh as well as canned and frozen products. They even give ready-to-eat soups and noodles. The prices of Orca Bay Seafood would also be bit high as they have to look after the freshness of the products. They would also have to use proper ingredients so the packed food stay fresh till the end (De Mooij 2013). As they are selling noodles and soup, they would also have to be extra conscious about the freshness of the products and they price the products accordingly (Czinkota and Ronkainen 2013).


Orca Bay Seafood quite similar to Tassal, place their foods online. They aim to spread their business all over the world and online placements will help them to get the proper recognition in the market. The customers from all over the world would be able to get the food provided by Orca Bay Seafood. They have to maintain a good supply chain so that the food can be delivered at any place (Hartley and Claycomb 2013). As discussed above the pricing of the food will also vary, as they have to deliver the goods at different places. They have to keep the pricing of the products accordingly (Hollensen 2015).


The way of promotions of Orca Bay Seafood is impressive even if it does with the help of the websites (Babin and Zikmund 2015). They have designed the website in an impressive manner. They have segmented the aspects in such a manner so that the visitors of the websites will not have any issue in finding that the things that they are looking for in their websites (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). The website is also designed in such a manner so that even if the customers do not have any intention in buying the products, they will check the products for once when they will come to visit the website (Strauss 2016).

As it can be seen that there is not much difference between the way the products are  being marketed by Tassal and Orca Bay Seafood. Hence, if Tassal has to stay ahead of the competitors, they have to think out of the box so that they are able to attract more customers toward them. Adding a touch of sustainability would have been helpful for the company as well as the customers (Lusch and Vargo 2014). If they add some extra aspects of sustainable practice, chances are high that they will get better visibility than the competitors will (De Mooij 2013).


Improvements of aspects of marketing mix


The main change that Tassal can bring in their products is with the packaging of the products. They can use materials for packing the products that are made up of natural things (Iles and Martin 2013). They are already looking after the health of the fishes well. If they could bring in better packaging of the products, then they would be able to bring in a total sustainable practice altogether. If they could reduce the use of chemical while packing the products and use less of plastics to manufacturing packaging of the products, then the health of the fishes could be better taken care of (Upward and Jones 2016). The lesser use of plastics would have been able to reduce the pollution in the environment and the fishes would have been able to lead healthy life (Høgevold et al. 2014).


The pricing of the salmons is comparatively higher. They are making different kinds of recipes and it might have been helpful for the customers (Hirschheim and Dibbern 2014). They are looking after the health of the fishes so that the price that the customer are paying for the products do not land them in further trouble. However, they can enhance their sustainability practices by donating some part of the money for the development of the rural locations or for the refugees (Bocken et al. 2014). Australia is already over burdened due to the number of refugees who are coming to the country. If Tassal helps by donating some amount of money to the refugees, it will be helpful for the company as well as the society (Boons and Lüdeke-Freund 2013).


Sustainability practices can be directed towards the normal people of the society. the main promotions that the company does is through  the websites (Boons  et al. 2013). They have given the recipes of the foods that the customers can prepare. They can take step forward for sustainable development by telling the recipes and the nutritional value associated with the recipe (Ortiz?de?Mandojana and Bansal 2015). They can divide the recipes in such a manner so that the customers the way to prepare and for whom it will be best suited. They can divide the recipes that will be good for pregnant women, children or for other people. In this way, the customers will know the nutritional value that will be helpful for the development of the health and for the specific individuals (Iles and Martin 2013).


Distribution of the products is one of the most important parts of placing the products (Upward and Jones 2016). They can employ the indigenous people or the refugees who are in need of a job as far as the placement of the products are concerned. Tassal would be able to make a sustainable distribution of the products with the help of the indigenous people and the refuges. They will work for the betterment of the lives of the people who are staying in the country by involving them in the business. In addition to this, they will be able to give extra insights on the food habits of the people of various places, which will in turn enhance the business (Høgevold et al. 2014). The company will come to know better places of distribution through their employees (Hirschheim and Dibbern 2014).



After going through the case study of Tassal and the case study of Orca Bay Seafood, it can be concluded that the marketing mix of both the companies are similar. As result, Tassal can make use of sustainable practices while they will plan the marketing mix. They can make use of natural products for packing the products. While pricing the products, it should be mentioned that the part of the profit would be for the development of the society. The recipes that the company will give should also have nutritional value of the food. They can employ the indigenous and the refugees for the distribution of the products.



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