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“Contemporary computing can be seen as an assemblage.” Discuss.

To achieve this:

Select TWO computing stories from the Live News exercise you fulfil in each week’s tutorial. Using Actor Network Theory as your primary tool for analysis, at a minimum:

• Describe the scales on which the actants in your stories “act” in the assem-blage

• Discuss how these actions can enhance management functions

• Outline what issues/questions these actions raise. To achieve this, compare and contrast the viewpoints of a range of theorists and critics explored throughout the module.

• Conclude by summarising how your answers relate to the statement “Con-temporary computing can be seen as an assemblage.”




This following report is based on the notion of affordances as it has been adopted as the central theme of the process of e-learning through mobile phones. It shows how any form of the computational device can be used as a form of e-learning system. Affordance is an idea that has been used for the criticism of the assignment as well as the literature for research. The use of the actor-network theory (ANT) is quite evident in the division of the broad practices so that it can be used to place the related technologies to the process of e-learning (Algorithmic Inference in Machine Learning, 2005). The methodologies of using this procedure of any form of computing devices for the process of e-learning is being explored, and the potential for any form of alternative research is also being considered. E- Learning has received a multitude of theoretical as well as critical attention for empirical research. The mobile devices for computing are very sophisticated and pervasive for their potential in the use of education. The definition of e- learning should not be inhibited only towards learning through mobile devices, but the focus has been shifted from device to human. Therefore a broader view has to be established that accounts for the student or learner which is more mobile and not on mobile computation technology which means the importance is given to the flexibility of the learner (Anon, 2015).


The assignment focuses on the examples that can be established to find out new techniques of e-learning by the help of mobile computational devices learning. It also focuses on the development of programs and systems for the universities so that it can directly aid in the health and therapeutic sectors. The literature review of the assignment make use of several examples of procedures, and the results of them have helped in increasing the widespread efficiency of the e-learning capabilities (Anon, 2015). The change in the meaning and the inaccuracy of the topic has led to further enquiries for the validation of the concept and to seek another form of processes that might cause problems for this non-critical assumption. The presence of the term is not enough but the way it functions to support the concept of e-learning.  The study included the identification of persistent configurations that were recognised, and the next step would be to illustrate it against the works with a view of reducing the bias. The literature was chosen against a structure and based on criteria that had been assumed in order to consider the beliefs (Anon, 2015). The two criteria's were in due effect which has been specified by the number of citations used in order to find out whether the enunciation of the concepts have been significant to the subject and other research fields the second was exchanged.

Intricacy In The Technology

The computing devices whether mobile or any other form have experienced huge deviations and implementation in the present years and the research of the e-learning procedures too in the potential of their use in the formal education system. An analysis with respect to the actor-network theory uses the metaphor of the various networks  explains that the causes, organisations and the machines  are all the effects of generated in a form of untested network of not only simply human resources but a diverse range of materials (Anon, 2015). The principle of acting network theory states that the materials and the non-human elements of any form of the network should be treated logically in an exact way as the human and social elements. The intention behind the use of actor-network theory is to clarify the number of networks that have grown and the analytical method to bring the process in the light rather than to explain only the results. Different discourses have been used to describe the computer and the dependency on account of the computer technology. The critical form of the discourses is lesser incorporated and signify some apprehensions and see the computers as politics just by another form of names. The main apprehension is with the parity, admission and the possibility for delivery. The discourses are known to be the contrasting forces, and they are viewed as an indirect reference to the contrasting groups that can be confronted (Anon, 2015). The research proclaims the affordances for facts as the notion of the affordance is used to place the device as technology for learning.

Use Of The Actor Network Theory (Ant) To Challenge The Intricacy

The use of ANT has proven to be beneficial to pick up the actors that are implicated in the development of e-learning technology for some explanations. The first thing is to focus on the actor networks as the fundamental building block for the development of the mobile learning technology. The ANT looks at the associations between the actors and the complex shared which encompasses the commercial and the radical activities as well as discussions (, 2015). It scrutinises the manners in which the actors forms, strengthen and uphold the networks of the actors with the e-learning technology and the process by which their aims and objectives will get interlocked while the process of configuration of the self-motivated interests is carried on in the background. When the focus of the problems are on the development process of its edifice and is opposed to being focused on the pre-defined or the elements that are secure, the production of the intuitions are developed keeping its concern on the operation of mobile learning technology and they would outline to be in addition to the consideration it seeks for both predicted and consequential significances for its use in computer settings. The ANT allows the investigations to ask such questions as how and why the e-learning techniques come into play and how the other users and the actors disregard, imitate, seize and adapt the interest of the computer designers. The ANT helps in the investigation of the flexibility of the legitimacy of the e-learning and the complex primary actor communications as they divulge (, 2015). The ANT helps in the facilitation of the influential valuations in order to study the e-learning of the multiple certainties while they recognize the consequences of the co-existence of the realities in the actor networks while challenging predictability of the archaic accumulative of the result fixated on the fundamental methods.

The Question Of Annexation And Segregation

When the question of the ANT arrives everybody has to follow the actors so that one could get acquainted with the various forms of actors in the discussion of effects in order to design the technical aspects (Mitchell, 2000). While general practice reveals the escalation which is helpful in the identification of the actors but one also has to decide that parts which are to be included and excluded about the investigative process in the factors of e-learning techniques which is decisive in the contextualization of the particular solutions in the e-learning techniques such as the assemblage of the computation which the researchers would be interested in charting. The actors who are following this technique would be able to avoid on the context of the specific actors. The students in the present-day are retrieving the online progress from the mobile e-learning devices. The e-learning has also helped in exercise without the obligatory institutional control of the devices or the framework. . A society that has been able to adopt the e-learning devices within the trade infusing (Papaioannou and Zafeiriou, 2014). This community contains specialised brewers, hobbyists and some other on the higher education programmes. In the craft brewing community the e-learning devices which have been enthusiastically approved and are denoted being indispensable for the distinct education.



The above study has been able to depict the keen places of interest of the findings which has been working informally to improve the technologies like mobile devices and university servers which are essential for the process of e-learning. The indiscriminating expenditure of the confrontational and the indispensable notion of affordance that has been used is very challenging in the technique it is measured in the research (Papaioannou and Karabassi, 2003). The cataloguing of the basis of the assemblages of the discourse which are recycled as tactic for the users are not used as unbiased tactic but as antagonism or on rivalry with the other tactics so that the tools can be sited in diverse conducts. The conclusion of the assertion has been challenged as the implementation of the research which has been carried out about the concept of e-learning with reference to mobile devices as well as university approaches has to be the primary focus of the universal occurrence of the technologies (Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, 2005). The actor-network theory has put forward a unique process of intervention which has helped to solve the assumptions which had not been of much importance prior  to this research but now it has been able to carry out the research from a different view overall.



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