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The Planning Process

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This paper develops an intelligent approach by comparing two planning models stated in two literature works. The plan is a statement of actual steps carried out by an organisation in order to achieve its objective. When an organisation begins to identify specific outcomes the planning process is said to have begun. Different targets maybe set by an organisation when a change in the environment is encountered. At the same time the organisations may make a plan of action to stabilise the working environment. The further sections of the report will discuss sequential steps taken into account for systematic planning.

Planning Models

a. The process of systematic planning is as follows:-

b. efining the objective – the desired outcomes should be specified in such a way that it depicts basically where one wants to go

c. Determining where the person lies in relation with his/her objectives – evaluation of current accomplishments should be done by knowing one’s strength and weaknesses

d. Developing Scenario by considering future aspects – future events should be anticipated by generating various scenarios.

e. Analyse among alternative actions – list of events may be generated by careful evaluation in order to make proper plan

f. Implementing the plan – action should be taken and at the same time progress should be measured as well.

Two types of planning document were studied in which the first was able to set out local needs and strategy was made to meet those needs, in general terms the basic plan have been directed to the individual readership at different level for those who were basically interested in the authority related work - the users and providers of health services along with organizations that are run locally and their working was affected by the planning of health authority (John M. Bryson 2011). In three consecutive years various differences were seen in the plans at the time of execution The secondary document related to plan, which can be called as 'the Contract', was used to be produced at various different stage in the years that specified the various activities to be adapted by the authorities in particular upcoming years as it was required by regional health authority containing the next tier in the health service. The Contract was then directed to various health service providers that had well established transparent working action of plan, which were structured by reviewing the region of local health society. The Contract document was then systematically arranged so that it may become easy to plan something because that contract identified and highlighted success criteria and key tasks with dates specified to complete them.

Strategic planning is a process of defining the strategy and decisions taken in a direction to make use of resources by allocating their usage at proper place. It may also be known be control mechanisms for guiding and implementing particular strategies. This type of planning came to prominence in 1960’s and from then was known to be an important aspect till strategic management (Michael Allison, Jude Kaye 2005). The plan may be executed by various strategists, involving various parties and sources related to research in the analysis of organization and its respective relationship with its environment. Those model of arranging (planning) in a far-reaching way 'contingent' movement can, ironically, be followed of the same source. In a study done by Edward Meyreson of Chicago lodging power it was discovered that the association didn't really take after a normal arranging model and that a 'political' measurement might have been intrinsic in arranging in the least levels (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Bien, Hunt 2011). They depict the arrangements of the power similarly as continuously being subject to choices settled on by different associations what's more entryway those instead vague finishes used to assess courses about activity were tied up for those hobbies for parts of the power. Authors identified a set about organisationally dependent procedures that worked with stopping those arranging procedure from being normal. Many approaches might serve finer for publicity purposes both will inspire the individuals inside the association furthermore to accomplish their tasks by successful planning.


This report is counterposed into two perspectives that are analytical in nature and talk about planning, the contingent and the rational, and suggested that this particular distinction has found new importance within the postmodern/modern debate. It should be known that the key difference between these perspectives deals with the way they conceive the relationship between action and knowledge. The planning model assumes knowledge to be both prior to and distinct from action and that the basic effectiveness of action is totally depend importantly on the rational organisation that considers knowledge an important aspect for planning and the structuring of systematic thought.

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