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The Process Of Organizational Change

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1.Explain why organisations need to change with reference to internal and external factors.
2.Explain how change can Impact an Organisation’s Business.
3.Explain the main factors involved in the change process.
4.Compare and contrast different approaches to Managing change.
5.Compare and contrast the different behavioural responses people may demonstrate when an Organisation is experiencing change.  
6.Explain the role of HR in supporting individuals during Organisational change. 


Brief view of Organisation

The organization was established on 1989 and the organisational operation started from then. It employed near about 10000 people for 3000 sites and is becoming one of the management provider facilities globally. The organisation’s has a mission of becoming the leading firms in the field of security in United Kingdom. The organisation requires in including changes in the security division for achieving this goal. 

1.Organisations need to change with reference to internal and external factors

The organisation requires to incorporate changes those are effective for reaching the desired vision. The organisation has the vision of becoming the leading security firms in UK. This mission aims the organisation in increasing the position of the market, improving the creditability of the stakeholder, retaining valuable talent and promoting engagement. One option for the change is providing the period of security to the other firms can be increased from five years to ten years (Olins 2017). PESTLE analysis is been used by the organisation as a tool for analysing the position on the terms of external factors. This analysis assists the organisation in overcoming the threats of long and short term.

An important role is been played by the internal drivers for permitting the change to occur. HR may utilise the components of CIPD professional map of HR for helping in the sectors where the changes are required to be implemented. If organisation is lacking skills as well as knowledge it may struggle a lot in meeting the objectives. Organisation should focus on team meetings, induction and regular training and incorporate them for ensuring that the aim of the employees is to act on the benefit of the company (Burke 2017). The style that the management could adapt is increasing the monthly training for maximising as well as motivating employees to do innovative works and helping the company for retaining the workforce who are driven and empowered. The employees have to develop the cultures and habits for working longer than the office hours for meeting the organisation’s growing demand. When a negative culture is been displayed by the employees within the organisation and it yields in customer loss as well as restricts the company from reaching to its ultimate mission (Burke 2017).


The work culture of 24*7 results in maximisation of demands of the employees which is quite logical and it can adversely affect the organisation. The organisation implemented the policy where no contracts are been permitted for declined. This change within the organisation is required for its growth but this specific change may add extra pressure on the employees. The incorporation of innovative technologies like electronic logging is an effective change within the system as it will bring many changes such as time consumption for specific programme will reduce to a great deal (Cumming and Worley 2014). It will permit the monitoring on the employment of a new team. These organisational changes are required for an organisation for remaining competitive within the market. The global factors like civil unrest have an adverse impact on some of the current ongoing projects which incorporates the safeguarding sites. To ensure that protestors cannot harm the customers as well as organisational operation so the extra security is needed for organisation (Hayes 2014). Moreover, addition of the extra resources is costly, so the changes are required for retaining the customers as well as safeguarding the future contracts.

2.Impact of changes on organisation

he change that the organisation needs to undergo for becoming the leading security company may have some impact on the organisation which can have both positive as well as negative impact on the organisation. This may lead to the changes in the role of jobs for the employees of the organisation. Lewin’s Force Field is one of the significant tools for HR which they can use for understanding the requirements of the changed environment within the organisation (Appelbaum 2013). Driving as well as restraining factors exists when an organisation undergoes changes. Changes incorporating the new technology introduction, alteration in the office seating plan must be faced both with optimism as well as resistance. Thus the management requires in ensuring the communication in bidirectional way in order to assists the organisational change and ensure that the change has the positive impact on the employees. When the growth takes place in a quick matter of time the issues of lack of resource might be faced by the company. The issues of existing as well as potential contracts might become phenomenal with such a rapid pace of growth. This may account for the job roles to be changed for the employees in the organisation. If integration is not been handled appropriately then change in the team layouts as well as structures which may cause disgruntles among the employees. If integrity is handled properly it enhances the team work with the productivity as well as morale of the employees. If the employees are given training on their job they will gain experience which will ultimately help the organisation in getting the high skilled employees. The positive impacts of these changes helps in improving the flexibility, processes, turnover, morale, motivation and team work. The negative impacts of the organisation if the organisations is not been well managed, staff thinking on the security of the job that cab reduce the productivity and the motivation of the staffs (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis 2015). 


3.Factors involved in the change process

The major factors that are been associated with the change in the organisation is the firstly the project team needs to identify the changeable areas for allowing the organisation for progress as well as achieve the objectives for expanding the business. Numerous resources in the form of new employees as well as innovative technologies are required to be implemented within the organisation for guaranteeing that the change in the organisation has been achieved with success (Anderson 2016). The vision once been created requires to be directed to employees for ensuring that everyone has understood the causes for the requirement of implementing the changes within the organisation. The organisation has a goal of making the turnover triple in the coming three years and therefore the security director needs to be remaining committed for the cause and then filter the implemented changes in the management structures. A bidirectional communication strategy is very much required for encouraging the employees. Team meetings should be arranged regularly in order to making the employees be involved in discussion procedure and also taking active part in the process of decision making. The employees should be ensured that their works would be recognised by giving rewards to them which can boosts their morality and helps in maximising their productivity (Cameron and Whetten 2013). The incorporation of publishing monthly news paper within the organisation allows them to update the employees on the progress of company on a continuously basis. It gives a vivid idea to the employees on the organisation’s success in meeting the changes. The market trends as well as the competitor’s organisation success should be incorporated in the news paper which will help in promoting the spirits of the employees and help them to track the company’s progress.


4.Comparing and contrasting different types of approaches of changes

In this section emphasis is led on the comparing as well as contrasting the changes that the organisation implemented. The management of changes are required to be done effectively for recognising the approaches which are needed to be applied for becoming successful. The approaches of the changes which include approaches of adaption and revolution are exactly the complementary approaches to each other. Adaption is referred to as the management of slower and the smaller changes implemented for the operation and revolution is the implemented for the rapid and major changes in the organisation’s operation (Burke 2017). However the approaches of Revolution and reconstruction have similarities as they are fast and needs actions those are assertive. These approaches also have restricted time for consultation as well as it involves maximum stakeholders. On the other hand the approach of Evolution is a much slower process and it allows sufficient time for employees for getting involved and then take sufficient time for making the decision (Miller and Barbour 2014). Evolution has one contrast with adaption as adaption involves the staffs after the changes have been implemented within the organisation. Therefore for the approach of adaption does not permit the employees to involve and thus effective management is absent. The organisation implemented the strategic approach which includes the change processes as well as time to recruit and this differs from on-site as there is existence of operational focus. The strategic approach is been implemented in the entire company for ensuring that stakeholders has the knowledge of the vision of the organisation and about the roles they need to perform for meeting the objectives.

5.Comparing and contrasting different behavioural changes in employees

The five stage models of Kubler-Ross determines the people experiences that they often confronts when changes are been implemented within an organisation. This tool can be very helpful for HR as it supports the involvement of all the stakeholders. All the stages are not been experienced by all the stakeholders at the same time. The reactions that the individuals shows are been demonstrated as depression, denial, acceptance, anger and exploitation. The employee’s faces these reactions in various ways depending on the changes are positive or negative (Smither, Houston and McIntire 2016). When the news of change is been absorbed as well as understood the employees expression could be denial which is because of the information lacking as well as fear of the outcomes of the unknown changes. This reaction is very much different than that of exploration where the employees have accepted as well as engaged in the changes and discovering the benefit of the changes that have been implemented. The similarity between both the reactions is they have the reluctance of accepting the changes. In the spectrum of behaviour denial and commitment are opposite to each other (Olins 2017). Denial expression is not accepting the changes implemented within the organisation where as commitment exhibits acceptance of the changes and work according to the changes with full commitment.


6.Role of HR in supporting individuals at the time of changes in organisation

The change model of Kotter is an important guide for ensuring that the significant stakeholders are supporting the changes that are been implemented within the organisation. HR plays an important role in guaranteeing that the implemented changes will increase the productivity and competitiveness and helps in developing the organisation. HR managers are liable for establishing a significant strategy of bidirectional communication for ensuring that during the change process the stakeholders are well knowledgeable about it (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). This will help in active engagement of the stakeholders. Redundancy types of changes can affect the relationships in between the management and the employees and the processes of counselling as well as supports sessions is thus necessary. This assists in enhancing the relationships of works, reduction of stresses and it provides the required duty of the employees for the organisation.


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