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Questions :

1.What are the 3 Elements of the Audit System Discuss each ?
2.List and discuss each of the components of food programs as required by food safety regulators ?
3.Describe the regulatory requirements for food safety audits ?
4.List and describe the components of hazard analysis documentation ?
5.List and describe the components of food hazard control procedures ?

6.Define and describe the following terms ?
           A.Corrective action
           B.Initial audit
           C.System audit
           E.Critical action request
7.What structural and implementation options are available for food safety programs?

Answers :

Answer 1

The audit system involves three noteworthy components. These are:

  1. The food security auditor endorsement procedure: The audit system lays three food wellbeing auditor stages and suitable rules as per which candidates ought to be evaluated. The classification guarantees that auditors possess the fitting capabilities necessary to review food security programs (Meat and Livestock Australia, 2015).
  2. The audit progression: The audit procedure plots the part and duties of food security auditors plus portrays an audit approach in view of a global custom.
  3. The audit management arrangement: The administration method depends on a global standard and includes the improvement of arrangements and strategies to guarantee the respectability of the audit arrangement.

Answer 2

A food security program should:

  1. systematically distinguish the potential hazards that might be sensibly anticipated that would happen in all food taking care of operations of the food business;
  2. recognize where, in a food taking care of operation, every hazard recognized under passage (a) can be controlled and the method for control (Merritt et al 2011);
  3. accommodate the systematic observing of those controls;
  4. accommodate fitting restorative activity when that hazard, or each of those hazards, is observed not to be under control;
  5. accommodate the consistent survey of the program by the food business to guarantee its sufficiency; and
  6. Portray the administrative necessities for food wellbeing audits

Answer 3

In spite of the fact that food guidelines for topics like the naming and synthesis of food are broadly homogeneous, there were no broadly homogeneous food cleanliness controls in Australia in anticipation of ANZFSC consented to the appropriation of rules 3.1.1, 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 of July 2000. Every region and province presently has its private cleanliness controls prompting to countrywide irregularity. In a few purviews presented controls are old-fashioned and wrong for present day hones. Regional government boards are likewise ready to make statutes or laws to control food organizations, which exacerbates the absence of reliability involving purviews. In the recent administrative environment, approved officers review food organizations for consistence against the proper State and Territory controls. ANZFA's asked for transforms to the contemporary administrative atmosphere intend to make a deterrent ethnicity to food security. In case Standard 3.2.1 is endorsed by ANZFSC as an obligatory standard in the wake of considering the results of the DHAC ponder, organizations will be legitimately vital to find a way to be in charge of food security hazards via the improvement and upkeep of a food wellbeing program in view of HACCP standards. This tactic needs the food trade to assume liability for the readiness of harmless food, rather than depending on approved officers to recognize issues inside the food business (Hunt, 2013).


Answer 4

  • The HACCP system: The HACCP arrangement is science supported and systematic, distinguishes exact hazards and procedures for their control to guarantee the safekeeping of food (WHO, 2010).
  • Definitions: the definitions included include Control (verb), Control (thing), Control measure, Corrective activity, Critical Control Point (CCP), Critical breaking point Deviation, Plow outline, HACCP, HACCP arrangement, Hazard, Hazard examination Steps, Validation, Verification
  • Rules of the HACCP system: The HACCP system comprises of the accompanying seven standards:
    • Rule 1- perform a hazard examination.
    • Rule 2 - agree on the Critical Control Points (CCPs)
    • Rule 3- ascertain basic limit(s)
    • Rule 4 - ascertain a structure to review the CCP control
    • Rule 5- ascertain the remedial move to be made when observing demonstrates that a specific CCP is not within control
    • Rule 6- ascertain methodology for confirmation to affirm that the HACCP arrangement is effective successfully.
    • Rule 7- ascertain documentation with reference to every system and records suitable to these standards and their appliance

-  Instructions for the utilization of the HACCP method: Prior to use of HACCP to all the areas of the food chain, that division ought to work as per the Codex General Rules of Food Hygiene, the fitting Codex standards of Practice, and suitable food security enactment. Administration responsibility is fundamental for execution of a viable HACCP system. Amid hazard distinguishing proof, judgment, and consequent procedures in planning and relating HACCP approaches, thought has to be given to the impact of crude materials, fixings, food fabricating hones, component of assembling procedures to deal with hazards, apt end-utilization of the item, classifications of shoppers of concern, and epidemiological affirmation as regards food wellbeing (Nummer, 2013).

  • Application of the HACCP standards: The use of HACCP standards comprises of the accompanying undertakings as distinguished in the Logic Sequence for Application of HACCP (Robertson, 2013):
    • Gather HACCP group
    • express details about item
    • recognize planned utilize
    • make stream chart
    • On-site substantiation of stream chart
    • List every probable hazard connected with every progression, lead a hazard investigation, and think about all the ways to control distinguished hazards (rule 1)
    • Establish Critical Control Points (Rule 2)
    • Ascertain basic cutoff points for all CCPs (Rule 3)
    • Ascertain an observing system for all CCPs (Rule 4)
    • Ascertain remedial activities (Rule 5)
    • Ascertain confirmation techniques (Rule 6)
    • Ascertain credentials and record maintenance (Rule 7)
  • Training: Training of staff in trade, government and in HACCP values and applications, and raising the awareness of purchasers are basic modules for the successful completing of HACCP.

Answer 5

There are numerous parts of a decent food security preparing program which ought to be used.

  • The first preparing venture ought to guarantee that the workers comprehend why food security methodology are vital. Accommodate suitable records to be made and kept by the food business exhibiting move made in connection to, or in consistence with, the food security program. ikely to grasp the program.
  • Next on the rundown is the individual cleanliness part. In the event that the representatives comprehend and take after the guidelines of individual cleanliness, they'll be more disposed to take after more perplexing food security prerequisite (Mortimore and Wallace, 2011).
  • Cleaning and sterilizing is the third part. With food security rotating primarily around cleaning and legitimately sterilizing and keeping away from cross sullying with unsafe food, this is a standout amongst the most essential guidelines.
  • Cross-sullying is the following technique that should be secured. Great food security preparing programs stress on the significance of legitimate food stockpiling to forestall cross-defilement. Business must make sure to recognize the risky foods that may bring about sensitivities or foods inclined to convey microbes. It needs to ensure that representatives comprehend why cross-pollution can be hazardous. Knowing how to appropriately store food can likewise help in guarding the clients (OzFoodNet Working Group, 2012). It is vital for workers to take after these guidelines to guarantee foods don't get to be distinctly ruined.
  • Even though it appears to be judgment skills, business needs to keep itself business rat and nuisance free. Be that as it may, while doing as such, it must be wary of the chemicals which are being utilized in the meantime.
  • It is essential for the representatives to be trained on the best possible temperatures in which to get ready, store, and defrost foods to anticipate destructive microscopic organisms development. Additionally, they ought to remember the risk zone and they ought to see how warming and cooling food can be unsafe. Business must not neglect to educate the workers how to utilize a thermometer to check food temperatures (FDA, 2011).
  • Last are the crisis circumstances. In spite of the fact that it's difficult to recognize what will happen later on, it is best that workers be set up for crisis circumstances.

Answer 6


A move made by a food business/essential food maker to redress a non-conformance or systems deviation to guarantee progressing consistence with its enacted food wellbeing program and applicable administrative plan.


It is the principal full examination of a food security program to guarantee its sufficiency and usage, including work area and on location auditing (Novotny and Turnlund, 2011).


The intermittent audit of a food wellbeing program is to guarantee that the food security administration system keeps on being successful in controlling the distinguished food security hazards and guaranteeing the creation of protected and reasonable food.


There is a lack or a disappointment of a food business to consent to its administered food security program or important administrative plan.


It’s a formal notice to a food business/essential food maker asking for the correction of a non-conformance or systems deviation to guarantee continuous consistence with the administered food security program and pertinent administrative plan.


Answer 7

Structural alternatives include: lawful, institutional, authoritative and technical structure

Implementation options include:

  • the investigation of the execution of the distinctive parts of the national food security system
  • Identification of the establishments and organizations required in food wellbeing concentrating on their parts and commands, the lawful reason for their work, and level of joint effort and coordination (FSANZ, 2013).
  • Identification of key pointers that could be measured through a food wellbeing observing system for appraisal of patterns and for assessing execution of intercessions.
  • Identification of qualities and shortcomings with extraordinary accentuation on arrangement issues to be tended to in the improvement of strategies and activity arranges. The investigation ought to be of the most elevated quality.

The implementation options is vital should be utilized precisely as a part of the way toward leading the investigation, confirming the outcomes and imparting the outcomes at suitable open discussions in setting up the validity of the examination and building agreement on the end product (HACCP Reference Book, 1994).



FDA. 2011. HACCP: A State-of-the-Art Approach to Food Safety. FDA/CFSAN Website. (Updated May 17, 2013).

FSANZ. 2013. The 20th Australian Total Diet Study. Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Canberra.

Hunt, J.R. 2013. Bioavailability of iron, zinc, and other trace minerals from vegetarian diets. Am.J.Clin.Nutr. 78(3 Suppl):633S-639S.

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OzFoodNet Working Group 2012. Monitoring the incidence and causes of diseases potentially transmitted by food in Australia: annual report of the OzFoodNet network, 2010. Communicable
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