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Give brief on the topic public policy that protect the architecture of the Internet and tell what are the problems and give solutions?





With the advance generation and upgrade lifestyle internet has touched all those regions which are economically advanced and also has been transformed some part widely.  In such a short time the expansion of it is commendable. It has made the system less expensive and very much attractive to other network company. However the benefits in economic and in social welfare are expected from these “improvements,” will expand with the correct implication of it and has to be understood in proper order. The source of pressure over internet’s architecture from wide scope for business plans premised over exploiting opportunities for regulatory bypass, which has posed challenges to the ability of public authorities to regulate communication industries. In united state, network agencies those are in long regulate telephone business those offer broadband access the internet as needed.  Mostly due to the reason of competition policy, as all companies wants to give non-discriminatory access than to other broadband to their customers. As per information for now millions of networks hosts, around 200 million PCs are connected online. 

Somewhere while having few steps of precaution it can say that public policies is protecting the architecture of internet. Somewhere while having few steps of precaution it can say that public policies is protecting the architecture of internet. The users considered to be a particular homogeneous network but in reality it is heterogeneous in nature like as network of networks.



Proper knowledge of using or implementing the information is very much necessary for democratic participation. Without appropriate knowledge it would be difficult to perform the features of the internet in favour of public use (M. Owen, 2015). If we talk about technology use it can be said that to encourage the entrepreneurial aspects one has to do everything they can where necessary. It is important to protect internet architecture as for now technology is an eminent ingredient in economic growth. America is a proper example of benefits through internet; it is wide platform to expand business work, to express individual emotions, for communications and commerce (Latiolais, 2008).

With the few policies government has took the step to protect the internet architecture:

  • Cyber security and internet policies.
  • 21st century digital infrastructure.
  • A modernize patent system.
  • Learning technology (Huang, 2002).

It can be described step by step to explain the policies more clearly;

  • Cyber security and internet policies- president of America has pledged to keep open and free nature of the internet to encourage innovation and also to keep customer choice protected. The administration has created internet polices task force to bring industries together. An internet policy principle which has now made it internet medium of flourish communication with innovation is beyond expectations (Figliola, 2015). 
  • 21st century digital infrastructure- high speed internet infrastructure is widest way of 21st century for information economy. Broadband companies have expanded their speed of internet to make it faster in every term. The wireless broadband service has allowed people to use and learn more with internet. Now the administration is working for more policies in favour of public’s safer use of network.

 A modernize patent system-the patent reform law makes work less expensive which use to occur due to unnecessary delays so companies can focus to the job creation and other work. With the policies numbers of transformative step has been took place. Entrepreneurs can avoid unnecessary excessive ligation ((Castells and Cardoso, 2005). 

    • Learning technology- technology can be proved as powerful tool to everyone’s life in all aspects likely; teaching, learning. Everyone whether the educators or the entrepreneur or may belong to any field can take the benefits of internet for research, or may be for learning purpose or anything technology can help all in a transformative way (Sharpe, 2012) .

Copy right and intellectual property 

Copyright law is can be explained as like bridge created by the government to protect one’s work or originality of one’s work.  With this the original idea and creativity of work can be keep safe so one can use it in his own work. Law, indulging copy right law, is usually, needed to draw line permissible work or inaction of all (M. Owen, 2015).

This law basically works for the protection of the public in wider sense as well to ensure the consistency in social term. By now all of us know that internet has became the integral part of everyone’s life it’s nothing new in this, it is way of political, social and economic  empowerment  in our daily lives.  However few has taken internet and its use for granted, so copyright has become the area that has taken as initiative (Mirell, 2008).  No doubt that working as internet provider is a complicated business. There are certain ways for the providers to manage traffic congestion and malware to the networks with non-discriminating way(M. Owen, 2015).

With the law copyright one can claim that the specific stuff is relate to him and can be identified with copy right (Blum & Ibbetson, 2015).



With the initiative of protecting the internet architecture there are explicit rules has been formed which protect customers access to open internet with rules and regulation it would be able to protect the network neutrality. Broadband companies have to behave undiscriminating providers to the customers required providers has to be transparent to their network management practice. The innovation without permission implementation has affected countless countries and individual to create new application throughout the world. If users will have large number of choice broadband service provider, keeping   an open internet may not be such a critical issue. With the policies created by the administration it became helpful to protect the architecture of internet.


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