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The Recruitment And Selection Of Human Resource Management Add in library

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Describe about organizations should spend tremendous amount of money and efforts into their recruitment and selection processes?


The above mentioned topic is focusing on the recruitment and selection of Human Resource Management. With the help of recruitment an organization identifies that there is a need for employing staff and people has already started applying for that post and selection helps in the processing and choosing a better candidate for the required post (Taylor, 2006). There are certain steps which need to be go through for the recruitment and selection process.

  • Identifying and evaluating the needed vacancy.

  • Developing the description of the position.

  • Developing a recruitment plan.

  • Searching and selecting the candidate.

  • Positioning the post and implementing the recruitment plan.

  • Reviewing the applicants form and short listing them.

  • Conducting Interview.

  • Selecting the Hire.

  • Doing the final Recruitment.

Organizations do spend huge amount of money and efforts for recruiting and selecting a better candidate for their organization. In an organization when there is a vacancy for a higher post, like – for the post of Vice President, Managing Director then the organization has to invest a lot of money and effort to bring the best person for the required post, who will be helping in the growth of the firm (Sawa & Swift, 2013).The company can give advertisements for that post in various place like social sites, newspaper etc and also ask an consultancy firm to help them in recruiting the person for that post and for that work the organization also has to pay huge amount to the consultancy firm so that they can recruit the best person for that organization because other firms are also paying money to the consultancy for recruiting so the consultancy will recruit the best for that organization only who will be paying them the more(Brindusoiu, 2013).The organization also has to negotiate with salary procedure with that person who will be taking up that higher position. For recruiting, few organizations also go for their own source where they have their own contacts and also take help from their clients and for that the firm has to do a lot of effort like marketing their firm and also making huge profits to show them their growth so that when the people apply for the important positions and seeing the growth and market share of the company people will be applying and will benefit in the growth of the firm and will also benefit in his individual growth. So to recruit the best people for the firm for higher positions the firm has to spend a lot of money and effort for best results whichever way they are approaching (Savulescu, 2001).

It is not necessary for the organization that for recruiting and selecting they have to spend a lot of money and effort. The firm can approach a consultancy for recruiting candidates for their company(Marzouk, Bakry & El-Said, 2012).Many a times it is seen that a firm wants to launch a new product and they need a huge amount of employees for selling that product and at that time the firm asks the consultancy firm to appoint this much amount of people for a limited period a time till because the company do not need them for long and they are not entering under the pay roll of the company but they will be under the pay roll of the consultancy(Thrassou & Vrontis, 2008). For employing a new people the organizations do not have to spend a lot of money. When there is a vacancy and the firm have to recruit new employee then they just release a vacancy details then concern people apply through that or consultancy firms with whom the firms are attached they contact people so that if the person is willing to apply for that position then he/she can apply in that firm. So for this type of work the organization do not have to spend much money and lot of effort for recruiting (Mankikar, 2012).

According to me a company should balance them in such a way that they recruit the best people for their firm so that they help in growth of the company and take it to the next level (Ryan, Horvath & Kriska, 2005). For a company as much it is important to recruit a good employee and it is equally that important to recruit a good manager or a person who will be handling the higher positions of the firm because they will be leading everyone to take the company to the new level. So a company should balance their money and effort equally so that whoever they are recruiting for their organization is giving them the best results (Chan, Lam & Wong, 2014).



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