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The Regulation Of Cellular Systems

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Describe about the The Regulation of Cellular Systems?



In this assignment, we have studied the chemical process in a mixing tank, where hydrogen peroxide is mixed with water containing metal ions, where a decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide takes place.

The tank is a closed tank with two inlets and one outlet, which is the overflow outlet, and keeps the level of solution to be 1 litre.

The equation of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is a first order reaction, ad all the analysis and simulations has been done accordingly.

Task 1

The differential equation of a first order chemical reaction is:

dC/dt = -kC = r

where, r = rate of reaction 

C = concentration of the reactant

t = time  

k = koexp(-Ea/RT) = reaction rate constant

Solving the equation, we have,

C             = Cin exp(-kt)

where, Cin = initial concentration

Task 2

Now, it has been given that,

Cin = 6M

K = 0.0015/sec

In-flow rate of H2O2 = 0.5 litres/sec

Thus, the required flow rate is,

Flow rate = ((0.5x6)/4)exp(-0.0015t)

Thus, we see that this flow rate is a function of time.

Task 3


Line Number



Description of the program


Clear/close all previous variables and figures


Declaration of variables


Declaration of constants


Function and integration LHS


Function and integration of RHS


Solution of the equation


Print result


Actual molar concentration


Print Result


Molar Outflow


Rate of decomposition expression


Plotting of the functions


Calculation of time taken to reach 90% of target


The code snippet has been attached below:

%Concentration Analysis

clear all %clear all variables

close all %close all figures

syms t; %declaration of variable

syms C; %declaration of variable

Ci = 6; %initial concentration

k = 0.0015; %rate in sec^-1

f1 = 1/C; %LHS of function

g1 = int(f1,C); %integration of LHS

f2 = -k; %RHS of Function

g2 = int(f2,t); %integration of RHS

C = Ci*exp(g2); %Concentration solution

C %print result

Cn = ((Ci*0.5)/4)*exp(g2); %actual concentration in molar form


Cout = C - Cn %Molar flow out of the tank to maintain the concentration

rate = -k*C %Rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide


figure %to start a figure

subplot(4,1,1) %to plot multiple graph in one figure

ezplot(C,[0 10]);xlabel('Time:s');ylabel('Concentration:M');legend('Molar flow into Tank');


ezplot(Cn,[0 10]);xlabel('Time:s');ylabel('Concentration:M');legend('Actual conc. in Tank');


ezplot(Cout,[0 10]);xlabel('Time:s');ylabel('Concentration:M');legend('Molar Flow out of Tank');


ezplot(rate,[0 10]);xlabel('Time:s');ylabel('Rate:M/s');legend('Rate of Decomposition');

time = - (log((0.9*4)/6))/0.0015 %time taken to reach 90% of target concentration

The time received from the function is: 340.5504 sec

Fig. Plot of the functions obtained



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