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How Does Relevant Literature Help Me to Make Sense of My Narrative Incident ?



A clear professional learning in the process of becoming a teacher is depicted in this paper. Presenting narrative accounts showing how teachers created a professional environment through the process of inquiry has been the core source of information for this paper. Presenting voices of prospective teachers as they go through their teaching professionalism while handling their most pressing issues, examining knowledge in an effort of new understandings and the process of construction of knowledge through dialogue, inquiry, and reflection have also been well captured. Several details in the narratives show means in which prospective teachers have gained the skilled in questioning things that were for a long time taken for granted in the teaching profession and this has helped them find connections and patterns and enabled them to think critically and creatively while in their teaching profession (Hatch, 2005).

The narrative featuring a holistic orientation to a professional teaching and learning finds its base on education and development of a person who intends on becoming a teacher. Construction of the professional knowledge where there is a relational and an interactive session where the student, teacher and the content being taught by the teacher are well understood and are interconnected. Concepts of individual and situational context are of great importance here. The teacher, about the curriculum, challenges simple notions on the set practical and theoretical requirements. These factors make it valid for an individual's experience in school matters, their biographies and the growing up experiences brought to the individual's cultural environment. This will account for the disparity brought by individuals to the setting of the teacher in aspects such as gender, cultures ethnicities to which they belong, the societal settings, communities and institutional way of life (Kauchak, and Eggen, 2016).

The believed concept that learning happens in a relationship that is formed between the teacher and the students and that it is understood and the meaning of the context is well grasped by the students is the primary role of becoming a teacher and learning how to teach. Through respective conversation with others involved in the teaching department, the teacher forms the base of what the students know and where to begin their process of teaching, a process known as creating a professional identity (Zeichner, and Liston, 2013).  Through entering into a caring relation with the key players, fellow teachers and the students, a genuine dialogue will arise together with inclusiveness, empathy, and trust will develop which forms a crucial basis for the learning process. In professional learning involved in the response given to others and creating a more responsible image to everyone, the prospective teacher does move take a step further from their knowledge and embrace learning to learn with and from others which help in engaging a co-construction of meanings (Armour, K., 2013).


The beginning teacher will learn about themselves, about their profession of teaching and learn through the process of collegial relationship. This will be spearheaded as they refocus their attention onto the students and their learning from their teaching and themselves. Also, incorporating dialogues with their fellow teachers will help them learn and understand others perspective other than their own. This is helpful as learn to transcend their know-how limits, life, and cultural experiences and find the knowledge and skills in creating a classroom community where their students also learn to accept and enumerate these qualities. Another importance of this conversation with colleagues is that they give a continuous feedback and support to the individual when in the process of adapting to teaching profession (Emmitt et al.,  2003).

A holistic concept does come out when a narrative concept of the teaching profession is told. Being part of the curriculum, teachers are expected to incorporate religious education to the student, instilling good values and morals. Narratives become the reference point through which a reflection of the experience gained, sharing and the reconstruction of certain experiences in the light of a discovered insight, experience, perspective or understandings are made. Upon understanding that individual, familial, cultural, organizational and social narratives for the arrangements in which things are and some of these are taken for granted, the stories may be re-scripted and a potential change and transformation in the lives of people, the classroom situation and social and organizational setting changed for the better (Serafini, 2013).

In addition to that, narrative stories have been long associated with arts intellectual resources. In many cases, they have been used in the description and interpretation of experiences of people throughout their lives. It has been well known that people construct themselves through narratives. The knowledge is then passed down in that the knower becomes connected with the known and the knowledge making is now regarded as an active, creative and interpretive process through which the telling and retelling of narrative forms the basis of the professional knowledge in the teaching profession (Nation, 2013).


Interpretations Provoked by This Narrative

Development of a professional identity

This theme reflects on the interconnection between an individual and the teaching profession as they slowly adapt in the profession. This theme goes to the extent of showing deep connections in emotional, social, intellectual and moral dimensional setting of an individual who wishes to join the teaching profession. From personal experience I learnt that the use of values and purposes as a framework in providing guidance to identify the best choices available and make a practical decision that will help in teaching professionalism. A reflection and inquiry experience have well been demonstrated in the way the new teachers intending to join in the profession showing how they want to relate the way they were taught and the ways they intend to teach is a key concept choice to make. From experience, this has enabled teachers in the teaching professional to reconstruct and rescript their perception of the role of teachers and the students. Through an effort to increase the students’ voice in an attempt to promote critical thinking and inquiry and an effort to pursue a worthy goal, these adopted practices have proven productive as opposed to the old learning cliché system. Through an effort to create a working relationship with oneself, with the students and the educational community at large to which the belong, teachers have made great progress in the professionalism (Cazden, 2001).

Teaching as a chameleon

From the teaching experience, some perceived that being an effective teacher is like being a chameleon. comparing a teacher as a chameleon in the sense that just like the chameleon being a beast that can change its color to adapt to a variety of moods such as pleasure, panic or even pain, so too as a teacher must be. This is so to enable we teachers to adopt to some stimuli to fully satisfy the wants and need of the different environment that we are  involved in (Darling-Hammond et al., 2009). From the testimony given by one of the teachers of her account, she says that the practicality of being chameleon-like depicted itself at most during the first few days of her teaching practice in her teacher educational year. She says that having been in a room of twenty-five students and a teacher who was already at an advantage because of their experience of working with the students in class. She said she had to make some adjustments before the ‘guest' could arrive, having all the twenty-five students adapt to their learning styles and her adapting to their style so that she could present the best performance in the classroom environment during the learning process. She states that everything is new starting with the principle, the school board, the students and the classroom and all this needs an adaptation through change just as the chameleon changes its color to fully suits its neighboring environment. She had to change and adapt because she understood there was not much room for assumptions basing her argument on the fact that things in the teaching profession are constantly changing. She confirms that doing thing differently with an aim to adapt to these changes is not as difficult as it sounds. It is a matter of exploring the new frontiers in an attempt to get comfortable in the teaching environment and coming up with a procedure to handle the transition. This transition can be achieved in some ways such as coming up with an alternative lesson plan, creating an attitude that embraces the change, retreating phenomenon or the willingness to embrace new changes (Beattie, 2000).


Making of new relations

In the teaching professionalism, from personal experience, the dynamic movement from being an introvert to extrovert with the aim of connecting with the aim of sharing meaning and understanding. This theme provides an insight to the teachers to be student sensitive and responsive, to help them learn and they too learn from them and to exercise teaching that guarantees an ongoing stimulation, challenge, and excitement to the students as well as the teachers themselves. This theme reflects the aspect of teaching like the one being in a good relationship. It describes the act of teaching as the one in which the teaching and learning relationship enables students to be actively committed to the learning process in their inquiry and learning (Anderson et al., 2001).  This is considered as a good relationship where the values and relevance of the relationship plays a key role in boosting the quality in which the student experiences their learning in a classroom and the school environment (Watt, and Richardson, 2012).   Through the excellent teacher-student relationship, the teacher learns to interpret the students’ needs and motives and comes up with a way of winning their commitment and allegiance to the curriculum and the relationship as well. It is shown that when the teaching profession is understood as a relationship, the concept of a teacher being perceived as ‘all knowing’ and a ‘superior’ being to a co-learner and a guide for them. The effort to become the best teacher incorporates knowing all about the students' values, concerns, interests, and purpose and coming up with a way in with you will work together to attain a specific goal in this chase being a smooth and productive learning process (Anderson-Levitt, 2002).

Creation of new narratives which connect self, school find common ground and society

This theme builds up the teacher as a society builder. Creation of new teachers' scripts, classrooms, and a learning community is based on the relationship between the teachers and the students evident from teachers’ experiences. This relevance relationship balances the human need for interdependence with special regards to differences among themselves. Like an artist who weaves various elements together, a teacher needs to do the same to find common ground with the fellow teachers, the students and the society at large to create a shared goal and understanding. This theme presents the teacher as a team member involved in shared leadership which connect the teacher's vision to that of other parties involved and forming a viable collaboration to ensure a positive change has taken root (Timperley et al., 2008).



The narratives presented in this paper acts as voices of prospective teachers who give accounts of their continued understanding of the teaching profession as an ethical, moral and social responsibility from their personal experience in the teaching profession. The different accounts present a scenario in which teachers in the teaching profession show their willingness to review the choices presented to them, to engage in creative and critical thinking to make the best possible decisions in the profession. Different accounts and understanding from their experiences are presented, and they show how self-directed inquiry has provided a framework through which questions about their profession have been asked, an attempt to uncover meaningful patterns and replacing hierarchical script which is the main cause for the isolation of the teachers from the students have been questioned. Better learning practices and environment have been suggested such as creating a teamwork, abolishment of the hierarchy script and creating a conducive learning environment both in the classroom and the school has been seen to be the best practices in the teaching profession. These prospective teachers aim at creating a democratic learning environment with the main focus being on balancing freedom and control and work together with fellow teachers and the students towards a joint decision making. The different account has also brought to light the aspect of creating a teacher's professional identity which is associated with the transformation and the examination of the current knowledge and adapting these knowledge, attitude, and skills to the professional teaching practice (Conklin et al., 2005).



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