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The Various Aspects Of Leadership Styles Add in library

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Describe about the the traits or character of specific leadership styles?



This paper described the various aspects of leadership styles. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the traits or character of specific leadership styles. Indeed, leadership style provides a route, executing plan and encourages people. The purpose of the firm explains which leadership style fit for the organization. Some organizations offer different kinds of leadership styles within the firms and its depend on the essential task to fulfill and departmental desires and needs. Transformational, Transactional and Charismatic is the main leadership styles that are used by the most of organization. Out of them, we would select the transformational leadership style. This style concept was first introduced by James McGregor Burns books in the 1978. Indeed, transformational leadership styles occur when one or more person link with other such as leader and followers increase one another to higher levels of ethics and encouragement. This kinds of leadership is proactive that new expectations in follow. It creates learning opportunities for their followers & challenges to solve problem. (Lentz, 2012) These are the main traits or characters of the transformational leadership styles that are following below:

Internal motivation and self management: Motivation ensures that your values are adjusted with the firm. It motivate follower to work for objective that beyond its desires or needs. (Hogg, 2012) If leaders motivate the internal employees of the organization then it helps to raise the organization growth and development. Internal motivation raises the employees moral and confidence. Due to internal motivation and self management skills they are able to make positive changes in the organization that helps to organization succeed.

Potential to take difficult decision: It is main skills of leaders that handle the difficult decision in the organization. Transformational leadership doesn’t avoid or delay tough decision. Difficult decisions became easier when it’s attached with clear goals, vision, values or goals. Further, it is main character of this leadership style that take difficult decision. So, it is able to make change in their organization.

Evaluate your arrogant: when you are appointed in power position then we need to evaluate the arrogant level of your mind. If you are leader in the company then you need to encourage the best output from others within the firm. If organization will rise then you as a leader also get succeed. However, arrogant is the sign of business crisis. It does harm the business growth.

Ability to take right risk: It is very important character of this leadership style to take right risk as per organization desires or needs. Risk plays an important role in the organization. So, anyone can take a risk according their requirement. Transformational leadership has ability to take calculated risks that often not provides positive way. Trust on your aptitude as well as your group to collect the essential talent it significant.


Organizational consciousness: Transformational leadership styles share the collective conscious of their company. Those values are linked with firm and they share multipurpose with firm and don’t view their position in the firm as a job. (Nayab, 2010) Further, if organization will be aware about the organization needs then it would take well-being decision for their workers or employees. This leadership styles has potential to alert the organization about the requirement of the company.

Adaptability: Transformational leadership styles are deciding to adopt and always looking new way to respond fast movement in business environment. They knew that they will be passed through their competitor that means they are broad-minded to change. However, adaptability skills of leaders may be positive or negative. If leaders have potential to handle new ideas or thought that is provided by their employees or worker. Then, they should adopt this leadership character that affects the organization succeed. In the global competitive market, customer needs variety in product or services so leaders must adopt new technology that can fulfill customers’ desires or needs.

Force to listen and entertain new thought: Transformational leadership style understands that growth and development is a team effort that willing to open ideas from all levels of their firm. It creates design to listen to their group and incorporate their insights. This leadership style has listening character and accept new idea from their colleague or subordinates. If leader will provide rights to express their idea or thought then it will raise employees or worker morale and confidence and they will take interest to raise organization productivity and profit margin. (Iqbal, 2011) In the global competitive market, customers desires or needs is changing constantly so we need to make change in our policies so new idea or thought of the employees or worker will be helpful in the organization success.

Inspirational: It is significant character of transformational leadership style that helps to make beneficial change in their organization. People want or desire to be motivated. Transformation leadership style has potential to raise them. It is not only comes from motivational speech, but also treating individuals and taking the time to understand what encourages and inspires their team. (Nayab, 2010) In the global competitive market, inspirational skills play an important role because it raises employee’s morale that increases productivity of the organization. Due to inspirational leadership style we can raise organization in the worldwide level.

Proactive: This is main character of this leadership styles that it is proactive decision maker. This leadership style doesn’t wait for other to take decision and they react as per their decision. They are always ready to take risk, adopt new things and take new approach to developing the firms. Although, they knew that how to handle risk and take decision that are backed by research.

Visionary: It is concise and realistic vision, mission and values that fit the culture of your company. Transformational leadership style has potential not only to negotiate the mission, but also get every people to purchase and work passion and clearly forcing the direction. (Hogg, 2012) Further, this leadership style has clear objective and goal that affect the organization growth and development.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that clear and effective character of the transformational leadership style as well as high ability to adopt new idea or thought helps it to maintain its competitive position in the worldwide leadership field.



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