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Theoretical Framework On Information Technology And Systems Add in library

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1. Three ways to approach systems security risk.

2. Four international business strategies in the digital world by Valacich.

3. Knowledge Worker in terms of today’s business environment.

4. Reviewing.

5. Primary and secondary storage.

6. Four services available from a network.

7. List and explain three benefits of using extranets.

8. List and describe the five typical revenue models for e-commerce.

9. What are the advantages of storing information in a relational database using a database management system (DBMS)?

10. Contrast ‘technological safeguards’ and ‘human safeguards’ in information systems security.




1. Three ways to approach systems security risk:

IT risk administration as of now plays more imperative part in very nearly all parts of contemporary associations' usefulness. (Rot, 2008)  It requires dependable and cyclical acknowledgment of its key assignment which is risk investigation. The three ways to approach systems security risk can be:

  1. Risk Evaluation:
  • Identifying the probability of it occurring.(Rot, 2008)
  • Examining the consequences if it should occur. (Rot, 2008)
  • Assessing the Risk. (Rot, 2008)
  1. Quantitative Approach:
  • where estimation of risk worth is joined with application of numerical measures – estimation of assets is characterized in sums, the recurrence of danger event in the quantity of cases, and vulnerability by the estimation of likelihood of its misfortune, those strategies present results fit as a fiddle of marker (Rot, 2008)
  1. Qualitative Approach:
  • Which don't work on numerical information, displaying results as depictions, proposals. (Rot, 2008)



2. The four international business strategies in the digital world by Valacich are:

  • Outsourcing: If an association in a far off area can perform a bit of a business' administrations better and less expensive, employ that association. As such, its no longer judicious or important for the greater part of a business' administrations to be performed in one area, or under one top.
  • Supply Chains: Find the gear and supplies expected to achieve business objectives effectively and monetarily by utilizing worldwide, not simply nearby, sources.
  • Consulting: so as to contend in a level world, it may bode well for organizations to counsel data benefits that can exhort them on the most proficient method to end up worldwide. For illustration, Infosys Technologies counsels with customers inside eighteen commercial ventures, running from the aeronautic trade, to health awareness, training, and utilities commercial ventures.
  • Employment: To contract the best and the brightest, look for workers from nations around the world, or utilization the livelihood acquirement administrations of a worldwide occupation administrations.

3. Knowledge Worker in terms of today’s business environment:

When we attempt to characterize administration, our first thought is typically of a chief who involves a part and who has power over individuals. (McCrimmon, 2010) Be that as it may on account of knowledge workers, who oversee themselves, administration is seen as a process, one which can captivate everybody. (McCrimmon, 2010) Consequently, when we characterize administration as a part, we limit it to something that alludes to supervisors just. Such a definition is not just a restricting one, it is one that does not represent the route in which work and obligation has changed. (McCrimmon, 2010)

Mechanical age associations were formal progressive systems that alloted particular parts to workers. The spotlight on parts put all force in the hands of administrators, who administered workers by arranging, sorting out and controlling their work. This is basically what made administration a top-down, limiting capacity. (McCrimmon, 2010)


4. Reviewing:

According to the website Cyber security seems to be the topic of most discussions, whether it be on computers, mobiles, tablets or even cloud computing. (

On I was personally most intrigued by the launch of Windows 10 operating system, they will have a live preview of it.(

The most important announcement on would have to be its closure. After a successful stint online, the website seems to have run its course and has decided to shut shop. (

Virtual Reality, especially the use of glasses seemed to be the burning topic in the case of after Google had announced its virtual reality glasses, it seems Microsoft is going to beat Google at this game, as it has announced its soon to be launched HoloLens.(

5. Primary and secondary storage:

  • Primary memory storages are impermanent; whereas the secondary storage is lasting.
  • Primary memory is costly and littler, where as secondary memory is less expensive and bigger
  • Primary memory storages are speedier, where as secondary storages are slower.
  • Primary memory storages are associated through information transports to CPU, where as the secondary storages are join through information links to CPU

6. Four services available from a network:

There are various diverse system administrations, for example,

  • directory services is an arrangement of programming that sorts out, stores and gives availability to data inside the machine registry working frameworks
  • instant messaging is a class of online talk known for offering content transmission of ongoing through the web
  • video on demand are the frameworks permitting the clients for selecting and viewing substance of feature or listening substance of sound focused around distinctive decisions
  • Simple network management protocol is a convention of web standard for the administration of gadget on the systems of IT.



7. List and explain three benefits of using extranets:

An extranet can increase the value of your organization by helping you impart and work together all the more successfully with customers, clients, and accomplices. (AllBusiness, n.d) Especially in the business-to-business showcase, an extranet can give your organization an edge over the opposition and spare you cash by streamlining conventional business capacities and cutting overhead expenses. (AllBusiness, n.d)

Extranets offer little organizations numerous different points of interest:

Expanded profit. As you robotize forms that were generally done physically, bottlenecks will vanish and your organization's gainfulness will increment. Basic data won't lose all sense of direction via the post office or covered in an email inbox, and occupied workers won't miss or overlook key occasions. An extranet can, for instance, screen business exercises and trigger particular activities, for example, consequently submitting a request with a supplier when your stock drops beneath a certain level. (AllBusiness, n.d)

Lessened room for give and take. An extranet can decrease your safety buffer, particularly when you utilize it to give particular gatherings access to inner applications. This could include something as basic as giving clients access to their request histories, or something as mind boggling as transforming requests from merchants and suppliers. (AllBusiness, n.d)

Adaptability. When you utilize an extranet to make data and applications accessible to accomplices, customers, and clients, everybody can work when and where its generally advantageous. This serve toward oneself methodology liberates you from unnecessary gatherings and telephone tag, and it eliminates the expenses connected with in-individual data trades. Case in point, an extranet may permit you to give client administration data outside of general business hours. (AllBusiness, n.d)

8. List and describe the five typical revenue models for e-commerce

  • value recommendation - how an organization's item or administration satisfies the needs of clients. Ordinary e-trade quality recommendations incorporate personalization, customization, accommodation, and decrease of item pursuit and value conveyance costs.
  • revenue model - how the organization arrangements to profit from its operations. Real e-business income models incorporate the publicizing model, membership model, exchange expense model, deals model, and subsidiary model.
  • market opportunity - the income potential inside an organization's expected marketspace.
  • competitive environment-the immediate and aberrant contenders working together in the same marketspace, including what number of there are and how beneficial they are.
  • competitive point of interest - the elements that separate the business from its rival, empowering it to give a predominant item.



9. Emulating are a percentage of the favourable circumstances of utilizing a database over a customary record transforming framework:

  • Potential for implementing measures. (nrttechnology, n.d)
  • (nrttechnology, n.d)
  • Lessened application improvement time. (nrttechnology, n.d)
  • Accessibility of progressive data to all clients. (nrttechnology, n.d)
  • Economies of scale.(nrttechnology, n.d)

10.  Contrast ‘technological safeguards’ and ‘human safeguards’ in information systems security

Technological safeguards are the steps implemented by associations to secure equipment and programming parts of data frameworks. There are three noteworthy levels where this protection is connected and this is distinguishing proof and verification, malware security and encryption and firewalls. Recognizable proof and confirmation includes systems, for example, utilization of biometric information, single sign-on and utilization of smartcards. These are technological developments which are connected to secure data security in associations. An illustration is the utilization of biometric information where human body parts, for example, fingerprints and retina are utilized to validate clients.

Human safeguards are steps implemented by associations to protect the data framework security, and they include control of individuals who access the data framework. Human safeguards include different levels of managing the human asset and they incorporate procuring and screening, position definition, scattering and implementation and end. Position definition permits clients to have employment titles with comparing security rights while spread and implementation guarantees that all staff are mindful of strategies took after when getting to the framework. End includes change in representatives obligations while contracting and screening distinguishes workers who represent a danger to the association. Screening of workers through record verifications against law requirement organizations when procuring is an illustration of human protect in data security.  



AllBusiness (n.d) Benefits of Extranets, [Online], Available: [22 January 2015].

McCrimmon, M. (2010) A NEW ROLE FOR MANAGEMENT IN TODAY’S POST-INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION , August, [Online], Available: [22 January 2015].

nrttechnology (n.d) DBMS, [Online], Available: [22 January 2015].

Rot, A. (2008) 'IT Risk Assessment: Quantitative and Qualitative Approach', World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, San Francisco, USA.


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