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These Items Act As Barriers To Intercultural Communication

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1. How do these items act as barriers to intercultural communication?

Answer:  The communication barriers Linguistic, Cultural and Emotional act as barriers for Intercultural Communication as the properties that defines these three gets changed or act differently when the culture of the speaker or listener is different. His occur when a person comes in contact with another who has completely different culture. When two people from different countries come in contact with each other, the cultural difference occurs and the Linguistic becomes the major barrier in communication between them. The emotional and the cultural factor also tend to act as barrier for communication in the situation (Jandt, 2012).

2. Have you personally experienced such barriers?

AnswerYes, I have personally experienced these barriers. There was a situation when I went to a different country. I felt a lot of difference in the culture which was practiced there. This led to the problem of communicating with them. The language which they spoke was different from mine. This was the biggest problem when I tried to communicate with them. Also, they were far too less emotional in nature which took my other choice of communicating with them. This was all because of the difference in culture between both of us.

3. Do you perhaps erect such barriers yourself?

Answer:  Knowingly, I do not tend to erect such barriers myself but unknowingly it may happen that I have become the reason for the creation of these communication barriers. There was an instance where I became too much emotional in nature and it led to the creation of bad environment. This also led to the creation of differences in the communication situation and led to be acting as the intercultural communication barrier. However, in case of the situations like this, I have always tried to bridge the gaps so that no communication barriers occur.

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