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This Digital Marketing And Campaigning Samples For Students

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What is the Target Marketing and Positioning Strategy ?



This Digital Marketing and Campaigning Plan is intended to bolster the Town's key objectives to upgrade incomes, enhance business and monetary improvement, advance a constructive Town picture, and draw in individuals to live, work, put and play in Julia Creek. The Digital Marketing and Campaigning Plan incorporates an outline of the organization, situational analysis, target marketing and positioning strategy, campaign objectives, campaign strategy and tactics, campaign implementation and campaign evaluation. The Plan is refreshed at regular intervals to keep exercises current, react to new activities and reflect evolving needs.


External Environment

Socio-Cultural – Julia Creek is the largest township in the county of McKinlay Shire and falls under the category of Regional Activity Centre under the North West Regional Plan of the area. In June 2009 there were an estimated number of 944 people living in the region, the number being 20 less than the year before that. The township has been steadily losing it population, with only a negligible amount of increase. Half of the population lives on stations. Half of the family household comprises of couples with children and half of the community is female. The estimated median age of the region is 52 years by 2030, approximately 10 years more than the number estimated for the rest of Queensland, i.e., 41 years. The community is small, with almost everyone being natives of Australia. The region boasts of a high average of Indigenous residents. The community is hard working and generous, where majority of the population volunteer and contribute their time to the benefit of the community (Council 2017). Every year in April the Dirt n Dust Festival is held in town as a major sporting event. It host one major triathlon event, the Artesian Express Horse Race, which is also the richest horse race in the North West region. There is also Australia's Best Butt Competition and PBR Bullride.

Technological – The main industries in this township are mining at BHP Cannington, wool and beef production. The town is basically a service centre and have little to attract tourists. The remarkable saleyards are lighted up completely for night loading and unloading. Self-drive tours are available in the town. The Julia Creek State School is providing students with the opportunity to learn computer skills from prep to the completion of six years of their curriculum (Calderwood 2016). Xtract Energy PLC have recently successfully concluded a large scale 2.18 billion barrel oil shale tenements at Julia Creek. It is also the largest single mine producer of silver and lead in the world

Environmental – On the Julia Creek – Kyuna Road there is an unsealed section that concerns the residents of Julia Creek. The sealing of this road has been a priority for the residents as it would connect the two regions and encourage more seasonal travellers to travel through it. The nearby amenities of camp drafting and rodeo facilities help attracting more people to the region. The Combo Waterhole Conservation Park further improves tourism opportunities. Other opportunities for the township exist in the association with Banjo Paterson’s ‘Waltzing Matilda’, which advances chances of economic development. The 2016 incident of acid spill from train derailment polluted a dam at Garoma Station, contaminating it and reducing the pH balance of the water in it. The Queensland Rail is committed towards the reduction of environmental impacts and ensuring no environmental damage happens ( 2017).

Legal – The township has separate local laws and licenses for different segments of the community. Food businesses acquire food licence from the local Council for conducting their business. The Local Government Act 2009 provides the township with the authority to formulate and enforce local laws. It states that the publication on the local website of any new law passed is important for notifying the public. Local law register is available on the website in pdf for viewing and downloading and for other administrative use. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (the PID Act) has been passed to make sure the government is approachable and accountable by means of providing protection for to those who speak out against misconducts, or in other words, make a public interest disclosure (PID). The Council was committed towards the encouraging of reporting against any form of misconduct and protecting those who stand up against it ( 2017).

Competitor analysis

Townsville is the new age hot spot” for holidaying in the tropics. It has reached cosmopolitan status and is more congested than other townships in the area. Charter Towers is known for the huge gold rush in the late 19th century. The town has a heritage feel to it. The competitive advantage Julia Creek has that it is the first European settlement in north western Queensland.




Competitive Advantage

Who is the competitor? (2-3 other cities)

What are its main strengths? 

What are its main weaknesses? 

What is its competitive advantage over our organisation?

3. Townsville

Holiday hotspot


Trendier hangout locations

4. Charters Towers

Rich History

Only known for the gold rush

Rich History


Target Marketing and Positioning Strategy:

Target Market

Perceiving the marketing openings starts with first portraying the target market areas with isolated needs. There are various contrasting individuals and social events who may be considered "customers" of the Town, from tenants to the Town Council, society leaders, close-by associations, and potential associations. To ensure acceptable focus on attracting the Town closer to its budgetary progression vision of building a business pack and pulling in new associations, 3 key group are recognized: location advisors, developers, and local affiliations (Krengel 2013).

Location Advisors - Location advisors, generally called site selectors, are the managers inside an affiliation who are responsible for picking where to arrange next. Relevant examinations on successful business bundles demonstrate that this social affair is at the focal point of the goal area.

Developers - It's exceptional that little firms and new organizations have sufficient income to make their own space. In light of their enthusiasm for both urban groups and firms, developers act as key associates in pulling in new associations and keeping up industry advancement.

Local and Intermediary Organizations - Regional and arbiter affiliations fill in as impulses and impartial meeting grounds to interface schools, the private part, and individuals as a rule section. Given the Town's compelled resources and low market care, these affiliations will be scratch accessories and can give the Town access to a framework on a fundamentally greater scale. This social affair joins relationship, for instance, Queensland Rail, the primary Railway Reserve in the Gulf Area, and commercial building contractor firms, for instance, Lonsdale Building Contractors.

Positioning Strategy

Julia Creek is a self-overseeing bunch that modifies masterminding and the transport of service around the biological, recreational, social and monetary requirements of its nationals. The Town of Julia Creek is a city government concentrated on making the situations critical to keep up a stand-out lifestyle for locals who anticipate a modification of vivacious diversion and social prospects to strengthen them in body, soul and cerebrum and who ask for luxury, prosperity and basic solaces without earlier self-rule. The Town completes this with strong and tried and true pay streams, exceptionally general gathering establishment, and an independent, basic intuition society and in every way that really matters limitless access to wild spaces and looking at qualities (Hollensen 2015). Julia Creek stands isolated in light of the way that it is/has:

  • one of the kindliest townships on the Overlander's Way
  • its have yearly Dirt n Dust Festival that consolidates events, for instance, PBR Bull ride, a triathlon, horse races, Australia's Best Butt Competition and Bog Snorkeling ( 2017).
  • Julia Creek Dunnart (Sminthopsis douglasi), a little jeopardized, marsupia simply found in the Mitchell grass downs of North West Queensland. It has a Visitor Information Center that works excitedly to raise the profile of the Julia Creek Dunnarts.
  • an RV Friendly Town
  • option for free vans (lavatory and shower on board) that can camp by the water's edge of Julia Creek to no end for 96 hours
  • an interesting social affair of memorabilia that can be found at the Donald McIntyre Museum in Burke Street.
  • an Artesian Spa for loosening up
  • achieved some reputation in Nevill Shute's A Town Like Alice

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase neighborhood, regional and national recognition with the benefits of living, working, contributing and going to Julia Creek
  • Enhance exchanges with Julia Creek tenants about Town's issues, ventures and services.
  • Enhance Julia Creek's repute and brand
  • Expand social order engagement and affiliations
  • Emphasis on marketing attempts by boosting the usage of the most fiscally astute correspondence resources
  • Develop a dependable marketing identity (Kirby 2012)

Campaign Strategy and Tactics

Campaign Message

What makes the Town of Julia Creek far from ordinary is the unanticipated, captivating, eccentric and often capricious way that standard activities are experienced. These experiences would be called "Creek Calls" since they are consistent activities, experienced in a far from standard way. They make astonishing joy worth bestowing to others, who are in this way animated to visit Julia Creek. There is no other locale in McKinlay Shire or Queensland with such a riches and varying characteristics of this kind of advertising.

Digital Marketing Mix

Display Advertising

Online display advertising is the usage of the Internet as an advertising medium where restricted time messages appear on changed websites or possibly search engine comes to fruition pages. These messages as regularly as conceivable contain information, for instance, content, logos, photographs or diverse pictures. The photos displayed may be static or charged. Web advertising implies procedures to propel associations on the web. Display advertising is one of many sorts of Internet advancing systems. The separated and web displaying strategies should be a bit of the general advancing technique (Bart, Stephen and Sarvary 2014).

Research exhibits that once vacationers consider Julia Creek's favorable circumstances and attractions, they will most likely visit. The Office of Communications has realized confined advertising campaigns, yet a more essential, generous plan can improve results. Setting sees in centered creations, travel sites and social media, and associating with the website will engage nearby tenants, visitors and tourists to take in additional about activities in Julia Creek. The Office of Communications will develop an augmented media plan, make advertising, and execute plan in perspective of spending plan and needs (Turner 2012).

Social Media

There are associations with the Town's social media pages on the website's point of arrival, and also in the Town's e-release flowed to tenants. In any case, each of the of the Town's social media pages should be more observably displayed on the website's point of arrival as they are at this moment secured at the base of the page.

  • Facebook: The Julia Creek Staff - Town Hall page is enjoyably laid out and plans to keep individuals as a rule instructed of best in class events, festivities, and news that impact the tenants. In perspective of feedback from gatherings, this page is a standout amongst the best courses for the gathering to stay attracted with what is going on in the Town (Couldry 2012).
  • Twitter: There is a Town-directed Twitter account. A perpetually expanding number of affiliations are using Twitter as their basic social media channel, so this stage requires interminable thought and reviving. The Electronic Communications Specialist should receive a more unique technique to step by step tweets to guarantee key campaign goals, for instance, the Julia Creek 2025 Plan and the State of the Town, are consolidated on Twitter, not just interface or retweeting. By going up against greater obligation regarding, the Electronic Communications Specialist will make more information exchange limit with respect to the Community Relations and Tourism Director, who starting at now manages and avows all substance on the page (Gerbaudo 2012).
  • YouTube: The Town appears to have a not too bad mix of recordings from various Town divisions, highlighting bunch activities, festivities and service wanders. The correspondences gathering could make a more reasonable appearing with respect to of posting promising recordings, yet overall, the substance is persuading. The Electronic Communications Specialist requires a specific plan and timetable to direct and manage visit headway and posting of substance that is more crucial, in blend with the more vital information that at this moment is being posted (Berthon et al. 2012).

E-mail Marketing

An email marketing system is a bit of the general marketing procedure and technique for achievement. It features the products and services with the use of the email channel with the absolute best chances for making an advantage and accomplishing the destinations. That is in light of the fact that a fruitful email marketing system considers what target customers are, their slants and points of interest they are looking for and also the products services and industry and which email marketing messages are ideal (Vasudevan 2013).

Portraying the social occasion of individuals will help accomplish only those that are deliberately endeavored to and furthermore get the message in the hands of the people will's personality more responsive. By then comes picking what the explanation behind existing is and set destinations moreover. With a particular ultimate objective to accomplish the planned intrigue amass there is a need to conceptualize and collect contemplations to accomplish the goals. Dependent upon the destinations or general reason, the repeat may change. Repeat is a better than average zone to ask about before landing at a conclusion. All social occasions of individuals and messages are particular and will require different benchmarks for repeat and timing. As said above planning ought to be settled in perspective of the specific gathering of spectators and message. Timing is huge to screen too in light of different time zones, thing dispatches, social differences, work plans and events. There is a need to describe will's character responsible for each endeavor required and consign a checks and change system for ownership (Ellis-Chadwick and Doherty 2012).


Campaign Implementation


Funding is sanctioned as part of the yearly budget development. Funding backs current digital marketing and campaigning activities.

2017-2018 - $50,000

Core message office collateral – $6,000

Core message advancement and production – $2,000

Social Media Controller – $5,500 (travel and tuition)

Campaign plan team informing sessions – $2,500

Facebook promotions budget (“like us” campaigns, sponsored ads, promote posts) – $5,000

Social media profile graphic design support – $4,000

Julia Creek website, planning and consultation – $10,000

Conventional media with adjusted core messaging – $8,000

Brand organization training – $5,000

Improvement of Display Ads for owned media space – $3,000

Implementation Schedule

This is a three-year digital marketing and campaigning plan. This attempt would be assessed three-monthly and attuned as needed.

Campaign Evaluation

Estimation is a fundamental piece of any effective campaigning action. Gathering of spectator’s information and estimation engage us to suitably study and perform. Meeting a benchmark estimation of what our gathering of spectators appreciates enables us to finish the organizing technique and transforms into the purpose behind future estimation. The Town starting at now has set up a tenant’s diagram. Consistently the results from this occupants outline would help make the following year's accentuation of the campaigning framework (Rice and Atkin 2012).



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