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Three IT Business Alignment Profiles Add in library

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Describe about the Three IT business Alignment profiles?


1. Three IT business Alignment profiles

1.1 Purpose of the Paper

The purpose behind writing this paper is to recognize the alignment of IT, strategies used in IT firms, investment policy of IT firm. This paper is having brief analysis on the issues which may arise while internal and external integration process (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010). In this paper three profile of IT firm technical resource, business enabler and strategic is explained.

1.2 Important Points/ Arguments Presented

  • The framework used by IT firm may fail as new framework comes in market so IT firm management should try to work on their framework updation as per the requirement of firm.

  • IT firm should develop proper procedures for managing their projects, stakeholders, technical support and other.

  • Every firm should work as per the planning which will increase their productivity and help them to deliver projects on time.

  • Strategic objective should be made clear to all the employees by top management as well as their respective managers (McKean, 2009).

  • IT firm management may in future face the coordination gap between all the three elements of firm, which is technical resources, business process and strategies adopted by firm.

  • IT firm management while deciding any new strategy or changing the existing strategy should consider their employees, stakeholders and organization goal (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010).

1.3 Approach Used

The suggested approach by writer regarding the IT firm management is as management should determine IT and their business position (Leibner, Mader and Weiss, 2009). Before starting any task management should analyze connection between their business profile, which is technical resources of the IT firm, business process and the strategies used by organization for achieving goal (McKean, 2009). Management of IT firm should focus on their strategic objective so that they can achieve goal in coordination to all here report. 

1.4 Issues and related question

The issues which may arise in IT firm are as

  • Identification of process used in managing portfolio of IT alignment in different business organization, process of comparing IT alignment with other business organization for analyzing the planning and their good practices done for increasing profit rate (Leibner, Mader and Weiss, 2009).

  • IT firm management may face in future failure regarding their technical support, knowledge and skill so to avoid this situation firm management and executives should update their technology as per market requirement and on the other hand train their employees as per the technology.
  1. How to develop a Shared Vision

2.1 Purpose of Paper

The main purpose of writing this paper was to present a common vision between the CIO of organization and the top management. This paper is representing working style of organization CIO and top management (Sledgianowski and Luftman, 2005). Top management of any organization for achieving goal or profit work in coordination with other members of the organization. 


2.2 Important points / Arguments Presented

  • Top level management, other employees and organization should have proper communication channel in a common business language.

  • Organization should focus their hierarchy regarding their communication or business process (Sledgianowski and Luftman, 2005).

  • Top management, middle level employees should have proper knowledge of technical as well as different strategies regarding their common goal.

  • CIO and top level management should focus on leadership quality as it helps in maintaining connection among top management and CIO of organization.

  • To maintain proper coordination between organization CIO and top management proper strategy should be adopted by organization taking into consideration their business strategy (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010).

  • Business strategy adopted by firm for common vision is not made for long term process which can affect the process of achieving goal.

2.3 Approach Used

Different approaches suggested by writer in this paper are as CIO of firm should try to structure their work or business process, CIO should work on building team or they should influence employees to work as a team which will help in reducing work time (Leibner, Mader and Weiss, 2009). Organizational structure should always will make taking into consideration their employees as well as their stakeholders.

2.4 Issues and Questions

The main issue which may arise in IT firm sharing vision between top management and organization is

  • The communication gap which may affect working of organization and their employees (Sledgianowski and Luftman, 2005).

  • The sharing vision of the IT firm may affect the working of firm as there is no long term planning present. Long term planning help firm to know how to work what are the changes required in future.


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Leibner, J., Mader, G. and Weiss, A. (2009). The power of strategic commitment. New York: American Management Association.

McKean, D. (2009). Strategy. Harlow, England: FT Prentice Hall.

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