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Company overview

Travel and tourism are getting explored by new tourism products such as resorts to attract better consumers’ satisfaction to enrich the business (Camilleri, 2018). The resorts are further essential to attract better consumer experiences by the additional attractions involving all the amenities for the people looking after traveling. The present study has aimed to discuss the tourism and travel industry from the viewpoint of the great resort in Canada named Premier Inn. The present study has analyzed the type of the resort, focusing on the special attractions to understand the context of the resort. The markets have been targeted in terms of socio-economic, demographic, and explorer quotient profile. The core activities of the resort have been highlighted. Internal and external environmental challenges are presented involving diversities and seasonal attractions. The CSR responsibilities and sustainable approaches followed by the resort are emphasized by the study. Future directions have been presented focusing on risk management in the present study.

 Revenue of Whitbread, the owner of Premium Inn

Figure 1: Revenue of Whitbread, the owner of Premium Inn

(Source: Lock, 2021)

 Premier Inn is a great resort that offers quality and standard services to consumers to attract better tourists. It is more than just a place to stay. It engages several amenities and accommodations involving special attractions to make the holidays special for the international people. Further, the resort operates with 800 or more hotels to serve the consumers (, 2022). The resort is owned by the great Whitbread, and it is available in so many corners of this planet. In the fiscal year 2020-21, the resort business has generated a revenue of 577 million British pounds. The organization is further engaged in providing luxury services, engaging several external attractions in the resort premises. The company is further attracting consumer satisfaction by engaging fishing and theme parks in the resort. The resort has been established as the best place to relax.

According to Camilleri (2018), Premier Inn present in Canada is a type of resort that offers services concerning the budget of the people. The resort is involved with beach-type services mostly; still, it cannot be considered as a beach-type resort as the company does not involve beach attractions for every resort from an international viewpoint. The organization is further engaged with several attractions such as cycling, Hiking, beautiful sight scenes and so on. The resort is further engaged to host the global commonwealth games and associated guests. Thus, it is safe to state that the Premier Inn present in Canada is a theme-based resort that delivers budget services considering the common people and their expectations. Further, the resort offers fishing attractions for the consumers and several tourist guides to attract better consumer satisfaction in the present regard. As described by Bowie et al. (2016), the resorts are focusing on delivering leisure attractions by involving attractive sight scenes. Further, man-made attractions have been designed by the company to explore the tourist experiences in a better way. The resort has further initiated several hubs to maximize the pleasant experiences of the worldwide consumers while focusing on the tour and travel attractions by the hotel management.


The resort company has explored the business focusing on the different types of economic background. It offers luxury services as well as budget services to satisfy the diverse need of the consumer base. Apart from that, the company also focuses on different kinds of social events such as commonwealth games and so on. The company is offering leisure services for the people according to their budget (Council, 2017).

As previously discussed in the study that the Premium Inn resort is engaged partially with the sea beaches. Thus the company will target the population who love to enjoy sea sights. Apart from that, the young population will be targeted for cycling and other physical activities. Further, the company has focused on targeting the old people by engaging in luxury leisure services like fishing, sightseeing and so on.

Explorer Quotient profile for the present company will engage the free stay facilities for the children under 17 years (Lin et al., 2019). Apart from that, the company has targeted the young population by focusing on social trends and further, it has generated profits through involving them in several activities. Looking at the matured age group, the resort has looked after the maximum comfort for the people. The budget issues of the consumers have been considered during the business operations by the resort.

 Explorer Quotient Profile

Figure 2: Explorer Quotient Profile

(Source: Created by the author)

As observed on the company website, the company is attracting a Bike-friendly environment, free wifi zones, day outs, night sightseeing and so on. The resort further plans historical tours for the consumers to explore the luxury experiences. Harry pooer studio tour, visiting Legoland, availing the theme park in Alton Tower, the London eye, Chester zoo, Roman Baths, Betty’s tea room, Titanic Belfast are some tourist attractions considering the present resort. As described by McKenzie (2021), the people visiting Canada look after the physical attractions. Therefore, to meet these needs of the consumers have attracted the cycling and fishing activities in the resort premises to attracted better consumer satisfaction. As opined by Ryu (2020), Fort National Historic Site is a major tourist attraction for Canada in downtown Toronto. The company is further focusing on this attraction to attract a better consumer experience while staying at the resorts. The activities are further followed due to the marketing purpose on the company's official website to attract international consumers by highlighting the attractions while staying at the resort. The pictures of the attractions engaging the consumers from different socio-economic backgrounds are beneficial for influencing the potential consumers from the global viewpoint.

The consumers looking after visiting the resorts in Canada mostly look for visiting the historical sites, trying local cuisines, observing museums and cultural institutions, visiting villages and towns that are present outside the key locations (Statista Research Department, 2015). Apart from that, they prefer going shopping, relaxing on a beach, participating in a day tour, cruise visit, attending festivals and so on. The present resort has ensured all the activities to attract consumer satisfaction. The company has established hotels near the airport to attract diversity in the industry to attract better success. Further, It has hosted the commonwealth games and associated guests that is a diversification from other companies. In terms of diversification, Premier Inn has imposed romantic gateways, several day outs and winter gateways involving new year evening parties. As explained by ?lhan and Çeltek (2016),  the Hub hotel facility has been engaged by the resort to attract diversified advantages compared to the other resorts present in the company. Further, the study has described that the resort has implemented technological innovations to attract consumers and highlight the resort with diversified facilities. As the world is engaging in the digital footprint and further preferring technological implementations, it is easy for the resort to attract consumers easily through the tourist attractions implemented by the Premier Inn resorts in Canada.

Seasonal impacts are influential for the businesses associated with the tour and travel industry present in Canada. As explained by Guerreiro, Henriques and Mendes (2019), to avoid the risks during the off-season, the resorts are needed to add special attractions as tourist products. As the Premier Inn is partially based on the sea beaches, the resort faces difficulties in the rainy season. Apart from that, the hotel engages airport facilities that are beneficial to attract advantages for the rainy season, and global consumers will prefer a hotel nearest to the airport during the rainy season. The activities of fishing and cycling are also hampered due to the seasonal impact during the rainy seasons. To avoid this kind of risk, the company has engaged in winter holidays by engaging different year-ending party facilities to attract global consumers during that period. Apart from that, the hotel focuses more on festivals such as the global commonwealth games. During the period of global commonwealth games, the company ensures attracting better consumers by engaging in marketing programs. As elaborated by Arbulú, Lozano and Rey-Maquieira (2016), it is easy to influence the seasonal impact by engaging better technological innovations by the resorts to gear up the consumers’ experiences. The Premier Inn hotel present in the Canada tour and travel industry has been further observed to implement the technological implementations in terms of Hub hotels and digital platforms to attract better consumers. Further, the organization has initiated romantic gateways, day out plans, night visions to attract the consumers during the offseasons by influencing the seasonal impacts.

According to Student’s (2019), the company is attracting financial profits by engaging the social works with its CSR strengths present in the company. The company has engaged an approach named Force for Good, donated 17 million British pounds for good causes at GOSH. The company further donated 335000 meals to support stopping the food wastages (Premier Inn, 2022). Further, the company has sustained its consumer base by engaging better personal care for the guests arriving at the resort. The resort company is further supporting the communities nearby. The company has ensured a great night’s sleep for the consumers by investing financial resources in this regard to sustain the consumer base. The company also looks after the wellbeing of the human resources in the present regard to ensure better performances. The waste generation during operating the business is getting minimized by the company as a CSR responsibility while running the resort present in Canada. Further, the resort is aiming at achieving Net-zero by ensuring the usage of 100% renewable energies in the present scenario. The company is further focusing on reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2025. It is further moving toward zero gas in all the newly constructed hotels of Premier Inn. Further, the resorts are establishing solar panels and investing in LED lights. These CSR responsibilities performed by the company are further benefits for the company to influence the purchasing intention of the global consumers while performing the business operation in the tour and travel industry present in Canada.

The destination zones are involved with sea beaches, festival locations, high transport areas, historical places and so on. The consumers prefer to visit the places to stay at the resort because of the natural needs for easy transport and visiting facilities. Apart from that, the physical needs of the human presence in this regard are related to physical activities. The Premier Inn resort engages in better activities to satisfy the consumers’ needs, requirements and expectations to ensure better success in the resort business operations. Required human resources are needed to be engaged with the consumers to attract financial benefits by the consumer satisfaction. The resort has further engaged in exploring nature in the present regard to meet the need, requirements and expectations of the consumers. Good food, bedding facilities, excellent room accommodations are engaged with the present scenario to attract consumer satisfaction in the present regard. As observed by Graham (2019), the airport has been observed as a good destination to establish Premier Inn resorts present in Canada to meet consumer needs and requirements.

There are several resorts present in Canada that are running their business with full effectiveness. The resorts are based on several themes and further offer a variety of attractions. Some resorts offer ski facilities; some offer beach views and special attractions. Apart from that, all the resorts are on the digital platform that is further engaging a more competitive scenario for the company. Holyday Inn, Ibis, Easyhotels are some competetors from the same industry (Koniorczyk, 2015). The company is offering budget services to ensure success from this competitive scenario present in the market.

The external factor that influences the business of Premier Inn in a major way can be considered through seasonal impacts (Mulvey, 2020). There are pick seasons for the tour and travel industry. But, during the offseason, the company needs to attract consumers by offering special attractions to consumers. In the present regard, the company has ensured romantic getaways, fishing, cycling activities, day outs, nightlife and so on. Apart from that, choosing the destination for establishing the resort is also essential to attract better profitability. The present resort attracts seasonal profits during the commonwealth games.

The present covid restrictions and guidelines have attracted several risks for the company while performing the marketing approaches. It is further identified that the resorts are facing marketing issues due to the lack of digital footprints of the company. The competitive market scenario further engages marketing risk for the company (Tooke-Marchant, 2015). as the covid restrictions are there, the company is unable to operate the special attractions for the consumers that are further affecting the marketing scenario for the company. Premier Inn resorts are further engaging CSR responsibilities and sustainable growth to attract better marketing benefits.

The company is engaged with several waste generation issues, such as food wastage. The carbon emissions environmental pollution is caused due to the effective use of manual attraction to attract consumers in the present regard. The company further focuses on the Net-zero targets by ensuring the effectiveness in terms of implementing 100% renewable energies by involving solar panels.

The company is engaging hub hotels by involving better technological implementation looking at the future trend of the industry. Apart from that, as the global population in this regard prefers sustainability and environmental protection to sustain the environment for a long, the company has engaged in CSR activities to attract better market scenarios (George, 2021). The company has reduced the waste through proper waste management and further donated food for the communities to avoid the risk of food waste. To care for the environment, the company is engaging solar panels to use renewable energy to attract environmental sustainability. The carbon emission rate is being reduced by the company to attract better benefits in the future by influencing the consumers. Further, for the offseason, the company needs to engage better attractions to attract consumers even during the offseason. The company is also focusing on destinations that are near the airport or any festivals to attract a better range of international consumers. Apart from that, romantic gateways, day out, night sight scenes are beneficial in the present context to attract better future value to engage effectiveness to the business.

 Recommendation 1: Risk analysis is being recommended to the resort to attract better values

It is observed by the present study that several risks such as offseason impacts, competitive scenario, covid restrictions are engaged with the present scenario that is needed to be solved on a prior basis. The company is further recommended to attract a continuous risk evaluation process to identify the risks involved with the present scenario to attract a better consumer base. It will further attract better quality and services for the consumers by avoiding the risks associated with the present scenario (Paté?Cornell et al., 2018). It will further engage better planning and organizing the attractions to host the consumers looking after spending quality time at the resort. Neutralizing the potential issues is possible through the risk analysis while performing the business operations. It will further help to plan the activities by maintaining environmental protection to influence the consumers in a better way.

Recommendation 2: Situational leadership is suggested to implement to perform required changes

The company is needed to develop its leadership pattern to develop the business outcomes. The company in the present regard is being recommended to attract situational leadership style to attract better benefits to handle the situation. As described by Wisittigars and Siengthai (2019), situational leadership is effective in ensuring better performances in crisis situations. As the present company is facing a lack of consumer base due to the covid guidelines, the company can get benefited from the situational leadership style. The company needs to engage effective, skilled and experienced leaders in the present regard to implement the situational leadership style. The human resources of the resort can be engaged in empowerment programs to avoid technological inefficiencies to attract a better result during the business operations. The human resources present in the resort are needed to offer flexibility to perform the tasks to attract the success of the managerial structure recommended.


In conclusion, it can be said that the Premier Inn present in Canada is a big resort that offers services according to the budget of the consumers. The company attracts marketing advantages by ensuring budget-friendly accommodations. The company focuses on several useful destinations to establish the resorts, such as airports, commonwealth games and so on. It offers luxury rooms with excellent accommodations. Further, the company is analyzed with major competitive issues in the marketing scenario. The resort has been observed to offer services like visiting historical places, cycling, fishing, accommodating festivals and so on. The company has focused on offseason attractions such as romantic gateways, children preferences, day outs, night vision and good night sleep. The company has been analyzed to engage hub hotels by involving better technological implementations. Apart from that, the company has been interpreted with good CSR values throughout its business operations. The company has reduced the generation of waste while performing business operations. The resort was found to donate foods to the communities to reduce waste. Apart from that, the company has been noticed to implement solar panels to attract renewable energy to protect the environment in a proper manner.

Further it has been analyzed that the company has focused on reducing carbon emissions while performing business operations. The study has recommended engaging a continuous risk assessment to identify and optimize the risk factors involved with the present scenario. The resort has been further suggested to attract situational leadership style by engaging effective managers and team members to handle the offseason crisis in an easier way. The internal and external challenges of the resort have been analyzed to present the future direction for the activities of Premier resort present in Canada.


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