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Introduction (why you did the study? This section includes the Literature Review from Assessment Task 1) 
Methods (how you did the study?) 
Results (what did you find?) 
Discussion (what do you think the results mean? Why does your study matter? Any recommended future actions or studies?)

Now my first assignment was done from you and its was about ADVENTURE TOURISM - with Question - "Impacts of Kayaking and Canoeing on the Marine life On North Stradbroke Island. Now my lecturer just gave me 50% marks in this with the comment as - "Photos are not considered research elements, your lit. review is lacking focus - only one small paragraph on your actual topic, too descriptive".

The second assignment was done by me and it was a presentation and I got somewhat better score in this. but in this she again commented as - "Results should have been more focused on your research question. Discussion of the results limited. Time management could have been better".

I am going to attach both the assignments. But please make sure that this assignment is totally result oriented, means its exactly as to what the question means to say and also has relevant information, recent information and at least 12 references.

Rare species and sports activities in North Stradbroke Island

It is an island of its nature that is located in Brisbane, Australia (Kovacs et al. 2016). It has rare species that are not found in other beaches across the world. The natural nature of the beach is so attractive to tourism and therefore the place has tourism throughout the year for sports activities like kayaking and canoeing. The main reason why this place is so much attractive to tourism is that of the availability of turtles that are very attractive to view them. Those are the rare species that are found on this island in the world. The island has more than 6 species of the world 7 species of turtles (Arnold et al. 2014). There are other marine species like the fish species. Also, if tourism wants to view the big mammals and fishes, this is the place. The place also has the whales and dolphins. As one can see from the description, it is a very nice place to be during tours and vacations. The important species are the turtles. Tourism comes from all parts of the word to come and view them and the process of breeding. Turtles can only be spotted during the process of breeding of the female turtles (Cullen, 2017). Therefore, the tourists have to be patient and at the same time careful to make sure they don’t destruct the turtles in their breeding process so that they can view them clearly otherwise if distracted they will not come to the shore to breed which means that the tourist will not view them, at all.

In every marine body, there are sports activities that happen other than just spotting and enjoying the marine species. These sports are many but the most common one in the Island of North Stradbroke is the Kayaking and Canoeing (Bray et al. 2016). These sports activities are also the most common in the whole world marine sports activities. Kayaking and Canoeing are almost similar, but the slight difference is the positioning and the blades. In canoeing, one has to be in an elevated position to ride the canoe and the blades here are on one side, but the blades in kayaking are on both sides (Barr et al. 2017). The sports happen in shallow waters, not the deep waters due to some limitations like strong waves. Therefore, that’s where the problem comes in since the activities happen on shallow waters where there is bleeding of the turtles (Tibby et al. 2017).

As stated above, the kayaking and canoeing sports activities are the most common sports activities that are seen in this area. It is also stated that the sports activity does not happen on deep waters but on shallow waters and the near the shore where the turtles also breed (Gravina et al. 2015). That’s where the main issue come in because the breeding process can be destroyed in the process of these sorts of activities. There are very many factors that can lead to a negative impact of these marine species to this sporting activities and some of these include overcrowding of the canoes and disposal of waste on the water among other issues. The sports activities have to be regulated by the government to make sure both sides win. The sporting activities have to go on and still the turtles have to be given the peace of going on with their breeding life. Turtles don’t breed from morning to evening; the Island has rules which guide the people doing the sports activities on how to conduct their activities and at what time and there are also guidelines on what a tourist should do and what a tourist should not do (Fitzpatrick, 2015).

Kayaking and Canoeing in shallow waters

In this research I had to use the mostly the descriptive type of research methods combines with other methodologies. The total research methodologies used in this scenario include Case studies, Observations which are both participant and non-participant, Questionnaires and interviews which were not direct but gotten from secondary written sources

There are very many case studies written about the turtle’s life and breeding on the Island. From a site called Straddie (O'Brien, J2015), it clearly explains every single step followed in the breeding of a turtle and the conditions that are necessary for the turtle to breed. The website explains that the nesting process should not be distracted by the tourist for it to be successful. It explains the things that can distract the turtle from nesting and how to avoid these activities. It also talks on how tourist who uses canoes can do to make sure that they do not destroy the turtles while they are in their sporting activities. It has all in one and it is one of the research areas that has a deep explanation of all about this Island and whatever happens in this place.

Through the use of scrapping method on sites that have permissions, I was able to get answers to the questionnaires that were had questions about the Island and these questions were asked and responded online. These questions were:

  1. What is the most common spice in the Stradbroke Island?
  2. The estimated tourist numbers in one year?
  3. The most common sporting activities in the place?
  4. What do you think are the impacts of sporting activities on the marine life both positive and negative?
  5. Are the marine life animals reducing, increasing or there is no change?
  6. Do the tourist make sure they also help in environmental conservation?
  7. Do the authorities help in the marine life conservation?
  8. Do the authorities have laws governing the tourist activities in the area?

Those are the questions that were posted on the websites which I got the answers from their databases. These questions were directed mostly to people of the surrounding areas and also the people working in the Island and to the tourist who has been there at one or more times.

The next methodology was the interviews. The interviews were not directed. I got audio and videos interviews from media houses and websites. These interviews were done with the authorities that govern the Island, the tourist who have been there and the people who are habitats of the area. Among those questioned were people who were in authority who were marine engineers and specialists who had the statistics of how the marine life is in numbers and how they were before and all the information related to tourist activities and marine life in the waters. The interviews had more statistics compared to the other methodologies since the expert was included directly who had clear figures of what was going on at the time.

There was an observation done which was non-participant. There were friends who went to the area to study and get more figures on how things are run in this area. I was not the group, but I got their findings and the statistics that they got from the research. Due to restrictions, they were not able to get a direct connection to the authorities, but they were able to observer difference activities. Some of the activities observed were the number of tourists involved in the kayaking and canoeing. Were they more in a square area or the required number? Did the activities related to sporting distract the turtles breeding process? How did the authorities handle any misconduct and how did them set their rules straight?

Regulation for Balancing Tourism and Marine Life Conservation

Those were the methodologies used and how they were used.

The case study stated above explained how the netting process happens and what are the activities that distract the nesting process. These distractions are the kayaking and canoeing that are the main distractions in this area. The case study explains that the Island major and most known and unique species are the green turtles. It stated that migrations happen due to the nesting process and feeding grounds. The feeding grounds are the areas that are deep in the waters where there are the marine plantations that the turtles use to feed. The nesting areas are near the shore where they come to bleed. Migrations happen between a period of 3-5 years from the feeding grounds and later the female turtle will lay the eggs. In 2017, 25 nests were recorded from the Main beach in the Island to Amity. Those areas are the most preferred laying areas because it is at the top of both Main and Frenchman's beach. These nests have to be protected from issues like erosion and mostly human interactions which include sports activities on high tides areas. The nesting months are mostly around February and March. When the female turtle is disturbed, they can stop laying the eggs and they are forced to return back to the waters. Some other distractions according to this research include fires that are brought up during kayaking activities. Turtles hate the direct or large amount of light intensity and due to this they will not nest their eggs and will go back to the waters. Therefore these kayaking and canoeing activities have the negative impacts as per this case study.

The results from the questionnaires are as follows. A question about the number one spice in this region was answered by a higher percentage as a turtle. The answers explained that most people come to the Island to see the turtles because they are not there is all regions in the world. They are unique. The number of tourists is millions in 2017 because the area is the second largest sand island in the whole world hence it attracts a major attraction in the area than most attraction sites. The common sporting activities include kayaking and canoeing, surfing, whale watching and common swimming among others. The impacts of the sporting activities according to this research was that there is a lot of waste which is dropped in the water by tourist attractions. There is also a lot of erosion in the Island which affects the nesting process of these turtles. There are very many types of marine species in the area; they range from the turtles, dolphins and whales among other smaller fishes. The question about environmental conservation had a lot of mixed reactions. The authorities tried their best to make sure the island and marine life are well protected, but a large number of tourists are hard to control and most of them don’t care and can throw the wastes anywhere even in the water.

Research methods used to gather information about North Stradbroke Island's Marine Life

There results from the interview are as


                                                              (Hofmann, Newborn & Cartwright, 2017)

The kayaking and canoeing as seen from the above research from the rules of the Island say that boating is unrestricted, but there are rules that have to be followed keenly. The speeding of the boat should be regulated; high speeds are not encouraged in the area. Motorized sporting actions are also not allowed in areas which are known to be nesting areas for the turtles and the dugong. There is also the timing of vessels accessing the waters, there is the time that they should go at maximum and these rules are from the rules and laws governing the Island. These rules were set by experts who knew how to manage these nesting habits and scientists who clearly understands what marine life wants and how they should be protected from human intervention.

The last results were from observation are as follows. The number of tourists is many hence the concentration of waters in a given surrounding is very high. The sporting activities are done by very many tourists hence posing a very big danger to the species. From the observation methodology, these activities greatly affected the nesting process of the turtles. The authority has rules to govern the place, but due to a large number of tourists, it’s almost difficult to control all the activities. Things are like fires and erosion is also not a one-day control, so it was observed it was hard to control.

The results have a meaning that a conclusion can be withdrawn from it. From the results, one can see that the number of tourists in the area is very high. That shows that the number of kayaking and canoeing activities will be very high. The blades used in these activities are very dangerous because they end up destroying the turtles and their nests in shallow waters. The number of concentrations of tourist per place in a certain location doing kayaking and canoeing is very high. That shows that the rate of destruction is high. A large number of tourists are also responsible for the high speed in go slow waters. As the results show, these places should be taken care off since the nesting process starts from these areas. But due to the hard control, people end up speeding in these areas hence destroying the nests at a higher level.

There are other kayaking and canoeing related activities like the night fires (Kaluza et al. 2017). These fires are not good when it comes to nesting process of the turtles. The turtles hate light when migrating to the breeding grounds. They love the dark or minimal light. The night fires are too much to be accommodated by the turtles and therefore they end up migrating back to the waters deep, therefore, interfering with the process. Erosion is also a problem that is affecting the process. It is brought up in the process of preparing the process of kayaking and canoeing at the shore. The erosion process destroys the nests which would have hatched to more turtles hence a very high problem.

Case studies of turtle breeding on the Island of North Stradbroke

The study is very critical. It is through this study that we are able to come up with reasons why the number of turtles is reducing. The results can be used to come up with good ways of protecting the marine life on this island. It is through this study and research that people can be educated to maintain the environment that they are in because the future is more important than the current situation. It is through this study that people can see that human beings are enjoying themselves forgetting than marine life is very important too. From the report, people can see that they should enjoy themselves and at the same time conserve the environment so that there can be a tomorrow. The authorities can also get the results and see what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right in this case. Therefore, this study was and is important. It gives crucial details which if extracted can be used for the greater good of our marine life.

In every situation, there can’t lack problems and these problems always have a solution. To help solve the issues, I will provide a number of recommendations. The number one recommendation which surpasses all other recommendations is awareness. Even if the rules are there, people still ignore rules and do what they want. So, the best thing is to teach these tourists that there is an importance of conserving the culture of this marine life. The tourist should be told that the future is luminous and to make it luminous, they also have to play their golden chance. Let people understand that those animals were there before and it is because of the good conservation that they are still there to date. The next recommendation is that the rules and regulations should be clearly followed. The Island authorities can choose to employ more officers so as to be able to control the number of tourists in the area. If anyone breaks the rule, there can be consequences which can be huge so as others can also learn a lesson. There should also be rules regarding dumping of wastes into the water. That is a common thing that people ignore and do and they think it will not affect anything. Some of these materials can be harmful to the marine life and if they are affected and some end up dying, there can be no tomorrow indeed.

The results give tips that people can use to come up with other good recommendations. It is from the results that we can clearly show that there are more negative impacts of kayaking and canoeing to the marine life than the positive implications. These impacts should be reduced or eliminated to make sure there is a future to our marine life (Johnston & Beatson, 2016).

The environment also attracts the tourist attractions. That’s why the Island has a lot of tourists because they have attractive sceneries that are not there in other parts. For there to be tourist in this area, the marine life should be there. In this case, they come to view the turtles and the whales among others. The geography of the place also attracts tourist considering that there are sand beaches which are the major attractive sceneries. These factors should be improved to make sure there are attractions that attract tourists.

Questionnaires exploring tourism on North Stradbroke Island

The impacts of tourism attractions in the environment are clearly explained in the results of the kayaking and canoeing in the Island. These impacts are mostly negative due to the negligence of these tourists while throwing waste just everywhere.

For a sustainable tourism to be achieved, there should be rules set. Eco-certification is number one recommendation to all products even those that do not affect nature. These will help because the rules will make sure the products are friendly. The carbon dioxide in the air should also be reduced by treating the gases which are emitted by production companies to make sure the environment is conserved.

In conclusion, there are negative impacts that kayaking and canoeing bring to marine life on Stradbroke Island. These impacts include fires, erosion, direct destruction of the nests among others. The island is a greater tourism attraction in the world hence the implications can be great if not well checked. The main species in the area are the nestles. There are also other marine animals which include general fish kinds and whales.


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