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Traditional Customer Service Calls And Surveys

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Discuss about the Traditional Customer Service Calls and Surveys.


The two characteristics of the traditional and the convergent approaches to marketing communication entails that in both there is relaying and sending of information from the marketer. The sender and the receiver of information engage in an open discussion concerning the product under discussion. The traditional differs from the convergent in that the devices such as the media and graphic papers such as brochures are not incorporated in marketing. The use of analogue one to one conversation is used in traditional marketing aspect of conversation that takes a lot of time although it is advantageous as it entails handling of the firsthand information. The customers in convergent marketing provide feedback that concerns the product under discussion.

These customers take a central and empowered role that is within the convergent marketing of ensuring there is definite scope and proper convening of information. They communicate the changes that he wants to be made in the product or service according to the taste and preference.

The traditional siloed sectors act as the basis upon which the client gives the characteristics through a verbal or written description to match the specific needs. The example of this is the trade considered as batter that was taking place in 19th century where the clients used a siloed sector to exchange goods for other commodities. The sectors offers variety and range of products that is available for the client or the customer to choose from.

The impact of convergence on the traditional siloed industry is that it brings together different buyers and sellers who have common interest in trading. The communication is thus made easier flowing of information from one sector to another is deemed being handled with ease due to convergent nature.

The current key technologies and distributed services that impact on the convergent solutions are those that use the multimedia platform. These cyber technologies are where internet is used to market through creation of websites. A website for the company facilitates easier access to information and data pertaining to the company and the products as well as services. The tablet computers are another good technology that has emancipated over the recent past and is being used by civilized individuals to market their products and sensitize on important aspects.

The potential points of integration entails the one on one customer talk while negotiating for the product or service. There is internet generated homepage of the organization where the user logs in with the personal credentials in order to access the insider information that will use for the purpose of simulation. The other crucial part of simulated business case study is where the marketing campaign or the plan entails a proper illustration of the integration that prevails. There is matching of the customer needs and the requirements in order to satisfy the clientele with the proper use of information.

The two types of experts are the direct sales representative and customer relations officer in the network of the convergent marketing. The networks can thus assist in the work through the referral process to a real or simulated case study of the campaign to handle the tasks that are common as well as the complex ones. The entire program is instituted by the management in the use of the proper tools to assist in communication.

The communication acts (cap 102) is a mandatory code of practice that impacts directly in the field of marketing communication. The compliance is seen where the marketers comply with the standards of the international bureau of marketing in conformity with the guidelines and scope.


The standardization act (cap 104) is used to measure the value and the productivity of various organizations in line with the given criterion. The incentives are based on the amount of scope and undertaking that has been adopted by the marketer. A good example is the national bureau of marketers that regulate and issue rules in accordance to the marketing needs.

The quality guarantee (cap 106) is used to determine the quality of products and services that are delivered in the market where it states that the products should be environmental friendly as well as suitable for human consumption. There is adherence to the underlying policies and rules that govern the given scope and guidelines that have been made appropriately.

There are organization policies and procedures of conducting checks internally before the product is delivered to the market. The organization puts in place the systems of internal control to conduct regular checks concerning the product specification. The other policies are quality conformity which ensures that the output is equivalent to the amount of work that was supposed to be conducted in the given scope.

The traditional approach based on the level of commands is used in the strategy of the campaign in order to trace and establish a clear chain of command and also enhance recognition of the function that separate the difference departments within the agency.

These requirements are the crucial aspects and the things that client in the agency consulting for offering of services expects to be followed from the agency perspective. The development of a clear marketing strategy is considered the most important goal of the organization where the requirements may cover the following points in general.

The empowerment program enhances and respond and speedily to customer views.

Establish as well as expert and business networks relevant to marketing communication affluence. I have selected and utilized built-in, cross sector multimedia divergent marketing and

Communication alternatives: They enhance and play a big role to meet client requirements needs thus promotion of tendency for coherent environment.


Marketing communications

Marketing communications and sales communications, as we know, is any method that an organization uses to connect with.

It is the market, which may be a combination of traditional and more modern means. Traditional means include: Brochures, Email, Coupon codes, Advertisements, Exhibitions, person sales, and so forth. There are more modern means may include: Social networking websites, Virus-like ad campaigns, Weblogs.

Customer is also known as the End user generated which entails the use of Content, Websites, Applications or Programs and Software etc. Further considerations include how these methods will be combined to crystal reports one fluid and steady condition. Marketing campaign and marketing communication solutions, there are marketing communication solutions and entails the use of steady regular branding/messages/ideas across all networks.

There is consideration of all stations programs are used in the function of promoting communications across sector marketing communication solutions.

Cross sector marketing is a collaborative procedure to marketing where an organization works with

Another organization to achieve either similar or separate goals by using a joint marketing campaign, e. g. partnering with a charity, or, buying a product from organization and acquiring:

Discount from organization B, and so forth divergent marketing

Divergent marketing is making use of multiple programs to deliver a marketing campaign.

Meeting customer and consumer requirements of client requirements may include any of the following considerations: Objectives, spending budget, Price range or Finances.

Brand promotion/image placement

Reduction of use can be Level of integration and according to Timeline.

When selecting marketing communication solutions for your client, it is vital that all of the

Above are considered in order to choose the most suitable alternatives.

Defining client requirements may need regular consultation and review with key personnel from the client’s organization customer requirements may change as performance analytic show certain. Tools and techniques are used to be yielding greater results than others, which mean that regular overview of report on the client. The goals or the aim and requirements will form as essential part of any marketing and sales communications relationship.

These allow the customer to voice their concerns like content that they like. It also means that they can continue on to the present date with promotions and events and take part in Customer or rather End user Generated Content initiatives.

The capacity to customer is enhanced in the response reflected in the entire organizational services/promotions functions.

Immediate verbal and written responses can be achieved through features such as IM Instant

The 5 Cs of Concurrence understanding the changing Centaurs and their need help in Determination of and Recognizing the need to discover the requirement of the necessity of the Centaur that can be met by new technology in unique or different way Component or the Portion Part 2 Mastering Convergence advertising is also incorporated with the Promoting aspect to Generate ground breaking convergence advertising. Business strategy enhances transforming the entire corporation} and implementing the strategy. Running with the Centaur C-transform the organization to support the convergence strategies and develop a definite setup for rendering a plan to create value for shareholders and other stakeholders and get ready for plan to the children of the centaurs.

Challenge of the emerging hybrid consumer illustrative convergence challenges for advertising the demand of the Centaur Desire for special beneficial asset originality is a valuable and personalization. The company offers the perfect blend of standard and custom-made products. How does they need to rethink their methods and suitable techniques as well as strategies to new product development Sally buys custom-made product from reflect being unfaithful.

Challenge of the growing and rising hybrid consumer illustrative concurrence affluence of addressing challenges for marketing. There is need to incorporate new rules of the dire need or the stipulation to have wish for social interaction. The visual and residential areas are where

“(Jack, 2015) said about how can they best balance company-initiated communications texts messages and transcoding information that has been prescribed”.


Top notch high level professional want customization of how can you expand the personalization as well as modification of choices of your products, services, marketing message, and experience. Do your customer want to customization today will certainly can is going to ascertain they in the future cost is value is selling price, the bait is arranged and established in collection by the seller how could you solve, The use of new pricing models to attract and maintaining customers while increasing earnings or income. The tips for making convergence happen at the time the company is based on 35 interviews, the entire statement does record survey. This summarizes a few key advice tips that companies should follow to be able as a way to achieve this converged media balance.

End point’s platform is architected to be open--enabling organizations to leverage their existing data, analytic models, and customer engagement technologies as well as take good thing about new technologies as they emerge. “(Peterson, 2014) said the platform provides numerous huge selection of} pre-built connectors and a strong SDK for custom integrations if needed.

Our technology provides high speed to value and scale, as we give offer a supply a range of flexible application options including cloud, on premise or {a cross a crossbreed cross types} of cloud/on premise.

Effective customer engagement requires 3 key capabilities: {linked} data, in-line analytics and smart orchestration. The RedPoint Concurrent Technological platform combines all three functions and capacities.”(Lenny, 2016) said this is to the designed specifically for Marketers engage in data processing to create a single view of customer”

Solve the never-ending problems of extracting data from new sources--structured and unstructured--to maintain a multi-dimensional view of each customer. The Change leads to Conversion in order to Enhance and integrate, and link all data to unlock the marketing potential. {Which means you therefore you are in a position to know everything there is {to find out to learn to be aware of} about your customer and analytics in-line to drive engagement.

Use real-time information and observations to engage customers in a contextually relevant manner. Operationalize data utilizing {current timely} analytics to determine next-best-actions. Redpoint uses advanced stats paired with machine learning to segment, predict, and optimize customer engagement.

The short answer is data. With the help of digital data gathering techniques and analytics, marketers can track many different consumer behavior variables at many different stages of the sales funnel. There's so much customer data arriving being released into environment that we even gave an entire complete industry, Big Info, to speak about. In comparison in contrasts opposed} to the torrent of consumer data {arriving being released into arrive}. “(George, 2012) said traditional customer service calls and surveys seem to be paltry when compared in contrast when compared to”.

Data allows us to make better predictions and creates new types of customer behavior for different niches. This Even something as simple as changing colors on a web site or the webpage can business lead to an uptick in conversions. That sort of testing would have recently been very expensive if done with printed collateral. There is entrepreneurs Online marketers Internet marketers that can constantly tweak their messages and get data on how well they have worked well proved helpful performed to make bold without risking too much of the budget.

There are several combinations of convergent tools and techniques are as follows:  The net present value has been computed and it has been found that the evaluation of the convergent marketing tools and the techniques that are appropriate to a divergent media environment.  There are traditional tools that I would recommend in this researching from the old practices that proved to be successful while the client organization was in operation.

Create the right level of transparency- The online metrics that is most appropriate is the online metrics that the media is able to see way things are happening. There is status of projects in relation to the profit that they generate using the net present value method. The net income is taken to be $100,000 the expenses and all the expenditure are subtracted from the income to get the net profit. The product developers are able to run behind the sales representative.


Real time information

The media companies are able to come up with new tools that are supposed to enhance faster information gathering to offer necessary support to the decisions. The project managers are able to obtain the information on first hand basis without delay.

Online marketing that incorporates differentiation in that there is a cost set aside for the media entity and accounted in the revenue. The expenditure on online advertising is made relevant with the use of the appropriate marketing strategies.

The value of given equation is provided for the purpose of internal systems that have long and uncertain payoffs. The convergent technique that is incorporated is the use of the website services for the purpose of enhancing and promoting the flexibility to serve the customers across the greater channels.

These deliverables in the media context entails the products, expenditure cost and communication expenses. To increase the agency success in terms of the number of clients that the get per annum or on monthly basis. It is thus considered very important or rather vital to undertake the role of other sectors especially in the campaign to enhance that they meet the client requirements and needs. The client needs and requirements pertains the analysis are to be met by the entire process of promotion of the organization activities in the entire region. I have evaluated the cost effectiveness using a suitable and relevant method of the given numerical analysis. The method that I have incorporated is the net present value of the investment in the media.

The sectors that represent the brand image is detrimental as it involves direct confrontation with the client base thus the finances should be channeled in this area to improve productivity of the agency. The design of the product or service is the role of the team of designers and the graphic experts who are endowed with the computer literacy skills to perform the assigned tasks. The creativity level is determined by the competitive advantage that the product gains over the rest of the competitors in the market.

The assessor has agreed on the work place of the organization that deals with the cost management and is the one assigned with the mandate to promote the activities of the product and adjusting of the costs for that particular client. The cost allocation department team is the one to issue the budget of usage and the target amount that have been used. To enhance productivity the product or the service for that particular client is used in the interaction process and also put in place the suitable convergence between the departments is considered most crucial and very detrimental in this case.

This aspect and feature allows the fuller understanding of the needs that the client possess and the emancipation of the greater opportunity for the purpose of innovation facilitates meeting the client needs. I have established the potential points of necessary integration that entails the regions of variances when it comes to the potential that they have when combined or rather work more closely together to initiate and improve the business operations as well as the undertakings.

These areas of integration are the features that are sharable between the multiple devices and other applications that carry out the function on a smart phone or the webpage for that matter. Identification of these points entails the integration which varies largely on the identification of the goals of a particular organization and the underlying objectives.

In this case the organization wants to run a marketing campaign in order to enhance increasing the sales and the natural points of integration that will emerge henceforth. The marketing and IT is the natural and most common point of integration for a modern. There is a brand is launched by the marketing department that has the role of envisioning the branding of the entire campaign. There are inadequate skills when it comes to the conversion of the social media drive in the agency.

The conveyance of the information into the marketing website of the organization by the media in the performance of their responsibilities is cumbersome given the fact that the criteria for representation are very crucial and very detrimental. 

The Information technology tool is utilized and the finance department calculates the net present value (NPV) which is the department endowed with the functionality of creating internet campaign thus the limitation of the budget is the one that requires a lot of communication between the two departments. The effect is felt whether or not the marketing and the sales are in agreement of the common objective. The marketing department in the agency has to release the marketing campaign initiative that will assist in the feedback and thus movement from the sales department that has the mandate of determining the incentives.

The task of agency is service delivery to the customer with the best quality thus there is needed to identify business processes by use of the following techniques: looking at organizational entire structure of the chart that is in use. The business plan is another crucial terminology that is utilized in the sectors that entail prediction of the upcoming tasks and thus can be more integrated,

Apply convergent marketing communications, Select and utilize integrated, cross sector and media divergent marketing communication. These methods to initiate strategies to new approaches in order meet customer demands or rather requirements. Determination and the incorporation of engagement in the utilization of the employment use of sector and technology specific experts where appropriate

Identify and engage the use of sector and technology specific experts where appropriate

Working with sector and technology specific experts marketers should not simply rely on their own knowledge and experience when creating marketing.

Campaigns are for products or services that are new to them, or when creating interfaces that are past over and above. Their own technical capability and mail shots when establishing marketing in convergent industry, the ability to empower the customer and act in response rapidly to their viewpoints is vital. This means that concepts of customer empowerment and

Customer conversations are desirable features of marketing channels. For this reason, digital channels are on the rise in marketing communications. Customer empowerment is about giving the customer a voice. This pertains not only to the right to complain, but to involvement of every facet market.

For this reason, channels which allow the customer to speak their mind, get involved and promote. Products and services that they enjoy are perfect marketing opportunities in convergent industry. Channels that promote customer empowerment include.

Messaging and social media, whilst stations that allow for close monitoring of customer activity, such as programs and websites, can help to inform long term change.

There is an expert and business networks relevant to marketing communication concurrence and establishment as well and maintain expert and business networks.

Maintaining networks is a detrimental nature that prevails in the niche market to send and transfer information in the need of obtaining the response to other subsidiaries.  Promotions can drive the need for adaptation purposes. This brings productivity and repeated change, which will be needed renewed collaboration with experts and business sites.



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