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Training Manpower Development And Employee Performance In Tesco Add in library

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Describe about the Training Manpower Development and Employee Performance in Tesco?



The current research will be highlighting on analysing the manpower development and employee performance. The particular topic has taken in context to Tesco which is a retail industry in UK. This particular company has been chosen as it has been found in recent survey that new employees are having problem in coping up with their duties. Therefore, training has been most important to train the newbie and enhance their performance. On the other hand, a positive environment can be brought into TESCO and the organisation would be able to generate competitive advantage (Tesco plc, 2015). Apart from that, the study will be concentrating on explaining need for studying the topic and assessing the issues behind it.

Rationale of the study

What is the research issue?

The issue is that many firms in UK are not able to set or arrange effective training platform for their manpower and so do Tesco. Due to that, new employees of Tesco are not able provide expected result. As a result of that it becomes difficult for the firm to gain better performance from them. If this continues then Tesco might lose their position to other competitors. Apart from that, it has been known that manpower is an integral section of the company which largely contribute in the success of the company on global scale. Due to ineffective training the employees take much time to get acquainted with the organisation system. Moreover, the training program of Tesco such as A-level Options programme is not effective for the new employees rather it is beneficial for existing employees (Tesco plc, 2015). Therefore, an accurate training programme for new staff is a major issue for the company.

Why it is an issue?

It is understood that big firms relies on the employees contribution and their performance and thus, invest high amount of capital for their professional development through training. As a result, employees are able to contribute highly in the growth and development of the company. Therefore, if Tesco does not provide effective training then there would be employee turnover which would affect the business and image of the company. For instance, Co-operative Group registered a fall in their sales by 13% in 2011. One of the reasons was that employees were not satisfied with the training and was not able to understand the procedure of work (Lim et al. 2013). Therefore, if Tesco is not able to arrange training then it can be tough to maintain sales rate and performing personnel.


Why it is an issue now?

Increase in the competition level has made many industries to concentrate on the development of employees. It is known that no industries can success without complete engagement from the manpower in the organisation. Therefore, it would become difficult for Tesco to survive in the market and carry on with their specific product and services if this issue is not sorted out. For instance, J Sainsbury which was third in position till 2012 reached at number two spot in 2013 due to providing all necessary requirements to employees from training to payment (, 2015). Thus, if Tesco does not overcome their issue then they can lose their position to potential competitor. On the contrary, it has been seen, high absenteeism of employees as they were not satisfied with the training process and due to that firms are not able to gain expected result from the manpower (Kidd, 2013).

What could this research shed light on?

The particular research will support the Tesco to highly concentrate on training and employee performance in order to increase the performance level of both company and employees. Moreover, the chances of employee turnover would be reduced and firm would be able to sustain their position in the market. On the other hand, the firm would be giving tough competition to their rivals. Apart from that, the chances of error or wastage would be controlled and quality product and performance would be gained. Further, the employees would be able to understand their role and quality service can be delivered to customers that would reflect on higher sales revenue and profit (Sofia Lopes and Teixeira, 2013).



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