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Transient Performance Simulation Of Engine

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Discuss About The Transient Performance Simulation Of Engine?




This report presents the background of Woolworth’s petrol station. It also describes the problem that is faced by the company. Further, it defines the benefits of innovation. It also determines the strategic plan by using the SWOT and TOWS. It also illustrates the project option plan and delivery of the recommended solution.

Background of Woolworth petrol station

Woolworths has more than 600 petrol outlets which are co-branded as Caltex Safeway and Caltex Woolworths all over the Australian country. Caltex Woolworths is co-branded outlets which are part of the association between and Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd and Woolworths limited. This outlet supports the Woolworths supermarket by providing a discount on fuel and the standard purchase price of fuel (Woolworths, 2017).


The problem the innovation can solve

In the current scenario, petroleum and convenience industry is ever-changing and dynamic. In order to grow with moving trends, the company has to develop comprehensive strategy with an innovative solution to move forward to their business. It is analyzed that Woolworth's faces problem of declining sales as customers are not satisfied with their services. In the petrol station of Woolworths, the problem is that whenever customers lift the pump to fill the fuel then the person who is working in the store has to authorize the pump. After that, the customer is able to fill the fuel from the petrol station (Royo, et. al., 2017). But, if a person does not authorize the pump then the customer cannot be able to fill it.          

Additionally, in case, customers lift the pump and store person is busy to do different kinds of works like inside and outside store work. It will create complexity to customers for taking authorization of store manager (Colomina, and Molina, 2014). Moreover, it can be stated that this process is more time consuming hence customers cannot do their work appropriately. It is also analysed that sometimes store person cannot be able to listen to the voice for authorization hence customers cannot complete their own work in specified time because store person can take more time for authorization. Due to this process, petrol station gets more complaint from a customer and a large number of customer shares their bad experience with others which are not good for the business growth (Wang, et. al., 2017). 

Hence, it can be stated that company should develop the portable remote control which will offers the all pump number. Along with this, when a customer lifts the pump then small visual light will be demonstrated on that pump number of the remote hence, the store person will be able to authorize the pump from anywhere at the time (Wu, et. al., 2014). This small remote can be used easily together with this remote can easily carry by store person in their pocket.

Benefits of the innovation

The unique and robust capabilities of the small remote control enables Woolworths petrol station to get competitive advantages in the industry. Further, this remoteaccess system is highly versatile to face the challenges regarding frequent interaction with the customers. This system can also be beneficial to update the prices, control other store functions and retrieve data, and also ensuring that business will run smoothly even when store person is not on site (Aghaei, et. al., 2015).

Provides Flexibility

The portable remote control system is the solution for keeping up with fast-paced and dynamic retail fuel sector. This remote control system is easy to use as it has advanced features which are particularly designed for store person. Thus, it is beneficial for company to become compatible and cutting-edge fuel retailers in the industry. As well as, it can create positioning of their business by adopting the new trends and emerging technologies (Akorede, et. al., 2017).


Operate from anywhere

The portable small remote control can be used as Commander Console. It is also used in operation platforms as it will allow the managers and store person to access a valuable set of operational environment. Along with this, it is easy to navigate and graphical as it may deliver the added value to customers. This tool can be also effective to give authorization for lifting the pump from anywhere because it can be carried by a person in their packet (Alexandrov, and Palenov, 2014). This commander console remote control allows the store person to customize the authorization with the easy process as it delivers the added value to customer due to offering quick services to customers. It offers all of the operational matrixes like petrol pump number to give authorization on lifting pump (Abbasi, et. al., 2014). It contains all relevant information and tracks the valuable data that is most valuable for business. Managers can analysis the operating dashboards with real-time lifting data by site, location, and product types (Boaventura, and Carvalho, 2013). It permits the business to stay the data with sleek and instructive remote control system.

Strategic response or plan

Strategic analysis is one of the effective tools to conduct beneficial strategic business planning. It aids the business to assess the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Woolworth petrol station has an advantage that it has effective technology like remote control system that supports the store person for giving authorization. Consequently, it would be beneficial create effective demand of customers (Santana, et. al., 2013). Further, effective R&D enables the business to focus on the large target market and create an efficient customer base. In addition, the corporation needs a high amount of start-up outlay to conduct the market survey. This remote control will also face threat from its key market participants because it can be easily imitated by them (Martinova, et. al., 2014). It also needs to keep updating their system with the requirement of the new remote control system.

TOWS Analysis

TOWS analysis is another technique of strategic analysis which entails a systematic evaluation of internal and external factors. Consequently, it aids to examine the competitive position and potential growth for the company (Siano, 2014). It incorporates the different set of strategic alternatives:

Strength- Opportunities

There is the high existence of special features in small remote control like ease to use and carried in the pocket. It will show the light on remote while a customer lifts the pump. It is also beneficial technology which can support in all petrol station of Australia (Liu, et. al., 2014).

Weaknesses- Opportunities

The remote control system will have more costs but its significant features will enable the Woolworth petrol station to survive in the retail fuel environment. This system is effective to create positive experience among customers and also create more demand of customers. As a result, this remote control system is effective to get sustainability in the industry (Leccese, 2013).


Strength- Threats

Woolworth’s petrol station uses effective marketing strategies which aid to cover large potential customers instead of having a high price of this remote. This system contains the significant features that will support the company to standout at a different position as compared to its key market players (Lokuge, et. al., 2014).

Weaknesses- Threats

The company has beneficial R&D system and technology which will enable to make continues modification in this remote as per the requirement of a petrol station and will remove the delay problem of customers effectively. Further, the strategy implemented by Woolworth petrol station will aid to get competitive advantages in the market (Kruijff, et. al., 2014).

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit analysis is used to assess the feasibility of remote control system in a petrol station (Jamal, et. al., 2017).

As per the above analysis, it can be stated that developing a remote control system is feasible for the company because its maintenance cost is low as well as it provides benefits to customers and company.

Delivery of the recommended solution

It can be recommended that company should focus on different modes while delivery the remote control system. In this way, the company should facilitate the guidelines to their store person for using the remote control system (Seiter, 2013). It can be also suggested that commander site controller should be faster and smarter that can provide versatile management solution. It should contain high-speed features for fueling operation and back office control (Burnett, et. al., 2014). It should also facilitate the store person to manage all business aspects from the authorization of filling the petrol to make quickly respond. 



As per the above interpretation, it can be concluded that remote control system is effective for Woolworth’s petrol station because it provides sound profitability. It can be evaluated that SWOT analysis is used to minimize the threats and weakness and increase the strength and opportunities for the company. Along with this, TOWS of the company is effective to obtain competitive benefits in the market. Since, company firstly addresses the threats and opportunities and then determines its strength and weakness.



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