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Understanding Of The Important Components

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Discuss about the Understanding Of The Important Components Of Information Systems In Business.



Informatics is the process with the help of which any kind of information is processed and it is also helps in managing the knowledge of an individual. Informatics is the procedure with the help of which the information technology is applied into arts, professions and science in order to make it useful for the purposes of organizations and also for the use of the society. Informatics is the procedure which also helps the organization to store large amount of data in their database and retrieve whenever it is necessary (Helfert, 2008). There are various processes that are included in the system of informatics which are storage, creation, manipulation and sharing that information.

This particular assignment will focus on informatics system that is related to Woolworths Ltd. which is there in the retail sector of the country and in accordance to Woolworths Ltd. it will be discussed that what is the informatics system they use in the organization in order to achieve their objectives and aims.


Introduction to Woolworths Ltd. informatics system:

Woolworths Ltd. is a retail company which was founded in the year 1924 in the month of September which is approx 92 years ago. Woolworths has its presence in 3 countries which includes Australia, New Zealand and India (Woolworths Online, 2017). Woolworths employ more than 202,000 employees and in the year 2016, the profit of Woolworths Ltd. stood up to Australian $ 59 billion.

The informatics in the businesses consists of several elements of information technology and also the application that is made based on the computer science. Another focus of business informatics is on solving the problems of the business with the help of thorough investigation on the database of the company.

Now, in a retail organization there are various kinds of technologies used that are related to the database and in those systems informatics plays a very significant role (Stein, 2016). In Woolworths, the informatics system helps the business to manage the risks of the business that are based on information technology and also helps Woolworths to look after the project managing data that are stored in the database of the company. For Woolworths Ltd. storage of big data about the customers is very significant and for that reason, Woolworths make use of the informatics. Informatics system helps Woolworths to extract the data from the database of the company very quickly and solve the complex problems.

There are various retail technologies to which the informatics system is related and they are mentioned below:

Customer Database:

The customer database is utilized in Woolworths Ltd. in order to save data and information about the customers. The data related to the purchase behaviour of the customers, their contact numbers, address and so on are stored in the customer database of the company (Bernstein, 2008). When Woolworths require information out of the database, informatics comes into action and pulls out those data from the system in a matter of time. Maintaining customer database for large organizations like Woolworths is very important and pulling out data from the large customer database is a complex process for which presence of informatics system is very important. The company may need to the information of the customers for various purposes like promotion, contacting them and so on and for that reason; informatics comes handy for retail organizations like Woolworths.


Sales Database:

The sales database is the kind of database with the help of which the sales that the company is making are recorded (Beynon-Davies, 2002). The recording of the sales are done for various purposes which includes calculation of the revenue in an organization for the future period of time and also for various other decision making purposes. The decisions that are taken from the sales database help in the increase of productivity of the organization and also if the sales are weak, it helps to increase the sales target of the organization. Woolworths also follows the same technology by making use of the sales database, they increase the sales of the company and informatics comes to rescue while the company is trying to retrieve the data from the database. Woolworths is a huge company and their sales database is huge which results in lots of search thorough the database before the right data is extracted and that was the situation before informatics technology was installed. After the informatics technology has come into use, the extraction of the data from the sales database has become easy and lots of information is processed at the same time and the output is provided in a moment and thus the informatics in the sales database helps to improve the functioning of the organization (García-Peñalvo et al., 2014).

Operational database:

This is very important type of database for the online businesses. As Woolworths has its presence in the online business, the operational database comes into rescue of the Woolworths and the informatics system helps the company to process the information very fast. The operational database helps in the storage of information regarding the customer’s order that has been made through online. The online orders are then extracted by the operations team of the business and it helps in the processing of the orders of the organization (Ogiela, 2014). The information related to the warehouse storage is also stored in the operational database and the information that are related to the operations are quickly extracted with the help of the informatics.

Personnel Database:

The personnel database is the database for managing the information about the employees. More than 202,000 employees work in Woolworths and information related to them consists of a huge space in the database. While the company needs information about only one employee, they will not be able to search through the whole database and for that reason informatics comes in use and it helps in the extraction of the data quickly form the human resource or personnel database.


Problem identification:

From the above analysis of the Woolworths, it can be seen that without the help of informatics there would have been various problems that the company would have faced. The extraction of the data would have been very slow without the use of the informatics system and also the extractor of the data would have to search through the whole database in order to look for the data that he is searching for. For instance, if a sales person is looking for a data related to one significant sale, without the informatics system he has to go through the whole database and Woolworths being a huge retailing company, it is impossible to go through the whole database of the company and find only a single sale. Similarly in case of personnel database, if the Human Resource manager is looking forward to find data about a single employee, it will be very difficult for him to find that out and that is when the informatics comes into use and helps the organization to search through the database of the organization quickly and add value to the organizational efficiency (Jäger et al, 2016). It is also important for the organization to extract the data quickly to save the time of the organization which increases their efficiency and also saves time and that is how, informatics helps to achieve the organization goals and objectives.


Application of the Classical Themes:

In order to achieve the objectives and the goals of the organization, it is very important for Woolworths to be able to apply the classical themes of informatics in the processes of the organization which are mentioned below:

a) Naming and Knowing:

Naming and knowing is the technology which is applied with the help of informatics and it helps the person who is searching for information in the company database to look forward to sort the data according to the alphabets in the name (Hsu, 2014). With the help of this technique of informatics there are various questions that can come to mind and prompt reply can be provided with the help of the informatics system. For instance, the questions like what, how, how to describe and so on can be replied with the help of informatics and this system is called naming and knowing.

b) Language and Communication:

The informatics system has its own language while making a query in the database and communication is established between the database and the individual who is looking forward to the data in the database with the help of informatics system. In Woolworths, the communication is established between the individual and the employee searching for the data and the database, who is providing it, with the help of the informatics language.

c) Discovery and Representation:

When the searches are made in the database, there are many data which are found with the help of the informatics system and the representation is the process with the help of which the exact data for which the individual is looking forward to is identified by the individual.

d) Recording and remembering:

Informatics also records the data and remembers where the data has been stored and with the help of this process, informatics can ease the problem of Woolworths. For instance the data which has been store in the sales database are recorded and also remembered and that is why when a search is made regarding the data, it takes a very little time to retrieve the information (Elsden et al., 2014).

e) Systematisation and Construction:

Systematising the data is the main function of informatics and with the help of systematising the data and construction of database, the informatics helps Woolworths to locate the data very easily in the huge database of the company.


Informatics is very useful for the businesses and for the retail organizations like Woolworths, informatics system saves a lot of time as well as effort of the organization which results in the productivity of the organization. As a result informatics helps to increase the organization sales for which the profit increases automatically (Brennan, 2014).



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