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Describe about the URL Diagram in Programming?



India’s Daughter is one of the best documentary film which is based on the gang rape of the Delhi woman, who was just a student. The film has been compiled in such a manner that the excerpts who did the activity were seen broadcasted, thereby, forcing the court to put a stay order the same. It was shared via social media and there is a complete board of all the assaults and gang rape through it. Some of them received emergency treatment after that and a serious pattern of injuries. The incident was all about the assault done when the girl was thrown from the bus. There are certain condemned and triggering protests which led to not provide enough protection to the women. It is important to take care of the women as there is harm done to them without even a though.

Twitter is claimed to have the best API system which helps in describing and handling different platforms across devices. The overview of the final API system works on highlighting the RSS, XML and Atom feedback. The major formatting is based on JSON which is consecutively dropping the support for the RSS feed and Atom. Working on the two major feedback formats, there is a need to work on the serving up of web feeds which will include all the texts and the audio formatting. The major usage of the RSS is mainly to subscribe and handle the web content from different blogs and broadcast to subscribe on twitter. The inspectional pattern works where the Twitter has tried to develop access to the social aggregation as per the RSS usage and the put to tweet based on message of different services. There are life stream services which include things as per the Friend Feed systems and turn to pull in and cross to different posts. With the aggregation, there are apps used to change and authenticate properly using the development and what the data wants out of particular requirement. There is a need for OAuth development in order to stop the behaviour of abuse and handle the control and monitoring the systems.

This will help the end users to work where twitter claims the usages of complete change in the apps and services depending upon the data feeds. The pattern and usage of RSS feed is based on applying on different support makes which will be under the ability to build the user and the hashtags based on the timeline system. There are different Twitter timeline features which are helpful to be created under the even interaction that search and pull in full conversation based on the changes for certain hashtags. There are broader ecosystem which impact the complete system enquiry and work on changing the functioning and development. There are user tokens for different applications work on Twitter which can cap into using the changes. The Twitter is applied to hold and set the clients to replicate and work on the certification of product depending upon rules and regulation. There are certain API terms which are important for taking care that the data is not syndicated. It is important because Twitter can absorb data and work on the exposure of an API system with respect to the cloud servicing. There are certain URLS which run on the Twitter to handle the feature built systems important for the news aggregation. The time spend on twitter directs to Instagram and other services for different tweets of user. When the CEO Mike McCue speculated and resigned, he decided that the API terms could potentially limit and pull all the data from different streams of twitter. This will help in sorting and handling the development of power usage as per the rules and regulations.

Twitter is mainly for all the registered users who can read the posts and work and get the access easily. There is a possibility to reach to different people and get the solutions of their queries online. The software development is based on designing the software and working on different platforms which will direct to handle the activity as per the usage of the maintenance of service codes. This applied to handle the planned and structured proceed as per the development which includes the research and prototype as per the maintenance. The software tries to provide a variety of needs important for the clients and business to work on a more customised software system.

RSS is Really Simple Syndication which works on different web feed formats and try to hover on all the used publishing based on the works like blogging and other headlines of news. This will be in a standardised format when the RSS document will try to include all the summarised texts and metadata for authorship and publishing different dates. This RSS feeds helps in beneficially matching to syndicate the entire content automatically and provide the standardised files XML files which will allow as per the information that will be published under the programs and the benefits readers take to subscribe under the timely updates. The favourite websites try to take care of the usage of software system called as “RSS reader” or “aggregator” which is based on web based systems and desktop based system and the mobile based devices. This will subscribe to enter into reading the feed and clicking on the feeding icon. The RSS develops and work to emerge on differentiated pattern which try to subscribe on different RSS feeds and work on handling the browsing monitoring for constant updates of information system. There are certain web based and desktop based feeds which are important to enter into the URL which will help in reading and checking the regularity of information and provide interface system.

The tweets and hashtags are basically helps the users to update the profile and working on different web based relay chat which will help in remarkable involving in different principles that work to appear on the chronological order system. The scrolling down of page and different hashtags are important for different microblogging services. This will help in creating easy usage of system and searching that will present as per the usage and photo sharing on the Instagram and Twitter. The users can sign and work within IRC networks to label and come across different channels so that they will be insert the hashtags with style. The contribution of the hashtags in a statement helps in adding a location and contributing the risks to raise the ire of the communal system. There are warnings based on unrelated tweets that direct to settle the suspension. Certain functions are promoted and worked under the Hashtags which provide the intension to use the obscure system and led to the changing of functions with the system of finding and following. There are certain non-short-message-oriented services which are based on user comment systems and that directs to the blogging comments which can help in constant improving rate of the user activities on the search. There is a complete enabled view which will help in broadcasting and displaying a hashtag as per the encouragement during different programs.

JSON is mainly for using the human read text which will help in transmitting the different data objects and contribute to the value which is used for the browser server communication setup. There are basic types which are number, string, Boolean, array and objects which are important for handling the complete collection and working to hold the intended work as per the flow of information. There are implementation based on the overflow and underflow that rounds to stand and work on the data errors and regular expressions. This will help in data formatting in a proper manner and focusing on the data serialisation impact. This will possess the system to execute the JSON text and work on the programming system to deal with the different data retrieving services.

The data driven documents, d3, are mainly important for the interactive visualisations and helping to implement the complete CSS, SVG and other HTML5 standards. This is important to take a complete control over the visual that will develop and work on developing and interacting with the web. These are enabled using the links and different scroll pages that will monitor and handle the interactivity with the users. There are success based on the perfuse virtualisation system that try to develop and utilise the system as per the embedded system of the HTML webpage. The operations of D3 are mainly to build up a system which can sort, reverse and work on different accessing methods. These are for mapping and reducing the patterns of functionality for order and shuffling. It is the best support for mapping and setting the collections.


UML Diagram

The UML diagram for the system developed is as follows:

UML diagram for the system developed

The interface for the developed dashboard is an HTML file, which has been named as index.html, which is the standard name of homepage for any website. This has been done so, so that if the project is launched on a server, the homepage can be detected by the browser easily.

The function created for the D3 implementation has been named as d3Function. It has been included as a script in the HTML file, which is index.html. The script has been added in the body part of the file. The function takes the input of twitter data from the JSON file, and make the plots accordingly. The variables are separated and analysed. The variables have been defined for each type of chart and functionality. The data input is taken in an array to be analysed and to be worked up on. The charts are plotted as bar chart a line chart. The area under the curve is shaded. The chart is drawn by the use of another function, which is drawChart function. It takes the data of date group, which is user defined, by scrolling, dragging and selecting the date group from the selector chart at the top of the screen. The day can also be selected for the same, and to plot the data of a specific day.

The HTML file is linked with the JavaScript files of D3, twitter and other support files. CSS style sheet is also linked with the index file to style the webpage.


System Architecture

The MVC architecture (Model View Controller Architecture) has been followed in the development of the system.

The system has been modelled using HTML pages, which is the interactive page of the system. The user can control the page, and interact with it using mouse clicks and drags. The help has been provided on the page for the mouse clicks and drags. This constitutes the “view” part of the architecture. The view has been supported by the following CSS files:







The model has been made using D3 scripts and JavaScript. There are number of JavaScript used in the development of the software. They are:





The database is the controller of the software. The database has been taken as an input from the JSON file obtained from twitter data for tweets. The JSON file has been included in the HTML pages using D3 functions.

The following code has been used to obtain the JSON file:

d3.json("tweets.json", function(error, data)

The data obtained from the JSON file is then passed on to the other functions to plot the relevant results, tables and charts on the HTML.

The data is in standard JSON format, and behaviour of the program can be changed by changing the JSON file.

The hashtag is considered to handle the social network system where it is important for the users to depending upon the creation and usage of all hashtags. There is a searching based on presenting different messages along with tagging all the flow. There is a usage based on social activism. Working with the JQuery platform which will simplify the side client with the scripting to HTML. The installation of JQuery Is free open based which works on navigating a particular document and work to handle the elements and create animation for different events. With the development of all the capabilities, there are certain plugins to handle and create abstractions which works on the advanced effects of a higher level scheme. This will allow a creation of all the powerful dynamic patterns and select the transversal and enabling the selector engine system. The JQuery works on focusing:

Encouragement in the separation of all the JavaScript and the HTML patterns. There is a need to provide all the simple syntax which will be able to handle the events and work over to call the JavaScript functions.

There is a need to clear and promote with different features that will handle the functional names.

The elimination of all the cross-browsing capabilities work on different browsing where the activities are slight to provide and handle the consistent interface patterns which work across different browsers.

The extension of all the new events and elementary framework will try to handle and reuse them as plugins.

With the browsing support, it is important to select all the multi-browsing open source patterns for using the elements and select the nodes depending upon the events all the animations. The JQuery structure is mainly to create and work on plugging in to extend the functionality which are available on Web. There is an important source of system which include all the patterns of development and provide a testing framework using a QUnit pattern. This is important for the automation framework of tests. The hashtags are intended to handle the particular event and work to reach to the trending topics and work on specific topics. The users need to work on finding and following all the subscription lists which will broadcast all the employed patterns. There is a need to use the social network by posting and hash-tagging with a particular subject.

Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram

The sequence followed by the program is:

The complete data is imported from the JSON file.

The user can drag on chart to plot specific data.

The reset button renders complete data again.

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

The data is imported from the JSON file. The data is then stored in a variable, and passed to the d3 function for the data analysis.

D3 calls the specific plot functions and plots the data.

The data driven documents work on making and handling the succession for the protovis framework. The D3.js allows to work on the development and handling the contexts to integrate with the user interactivity pattern. The efforts work on integration pattern for web browsing with the user rich interactivity. The profuse with the visualisation works on requiring the usage of Java and the visualisation pattern. There is a need to embed with all the HTML pages that use the D3 pattern with the JavaScript functions and working on adding transitions along with different styles of CSS. The D3.js works on generating the text and graphical patterns for the charts and programs. The selection of the CSS selector is working under the Document Object Model which operates and manipulate all the classes and identify the transitions. This includes in getting and matching with the attributes to display the texts and the styling depending upon the process of modification. The dependency on data works on transition of values and creating an interpolation of certain time.

For advancement of data, there is a need to load the driving data with the element creation. The D3.js works on the given dataset systems for handling the SVG systems with the properties of shapes and colours to handle the transitional behaviours. The appending and bounding to the documents follow all the command with the existence of array support. The sorting, reverse and shifting and accessing methods work on concatenating the joins and slice with the computations of convex hull to a particular set of points. The broadcasting of all the media works to relate with the branded pattern of Twitter usernames which encourage and trend the hashtags. There is a twitter director that identify the usage of hashtags with the temporary pattern. the socialised system of works on social media platforms for a better customer service experience.



The twitter data has been taken as input for the generation of charts. The data is stored in a JSON file. The d3 JavaScript has been used to take the data as input and analyse it. The analysed data is then plotted on graphs.

HTML has been used as an interface for the output. The HTML page has been styled using CSS.

D3 has been used as a script in the HTML file. Thee function has variables defined for SVG, data of the JSON file, the charts and its colours. The data range is cropped and used for analysing.

Charts have been plotted for:

Impression made by tweets



User Profile clicks

URL clicks

Hashtag clicks

An option has been provided for the user to filter the data based on time (by user interface in the chart), and days of the week.


The dashboard developed has been tested on the Mozilla Firefox browser. The rendering has been successfully completed, ad data has been plotted there.

Testing dashboard

The website is, thus, ready to be launched on a server. The screenshot of the dashboard has been attached above.

The JSON file for twitter data can be changed to analyse a different set of data.

The browser has to be launched in developer mode to test the plots locally. The general mode doesn’t allow import of JSON file, due to security reasons. This problem is not faced when the site is launched from a server. The JSON files works on defining a structure for the validation and the documentation formation. There is a need to work on controlling the interaction system and the JSON schema works on providing a better quality of data depending upon the modification. The concepts are based through the XML schema patterns which can help in serialisation and the deserialization of tools which are important for the schema and data. These schema are describing the entire data pattern. The applications of JSON works on the RPC control of protocol which builds and define structure to handle the types and commands of data. With the changing JSON technique, AJAX is added to it to handle the webpage to work for handling the webpage with the ability to request the new data patterns. The incorporation and improvement of twitter is done through using a proper search box with the database to set up a server and work on the implementation format. There is a need to use and work on the client usage systems which will request the data to JSON from the server systems.

For handling and creating the information, there is a process to collect data and process the information using the hashtags data which will help in setting the entire public API along with handling the tweets which will use the user and keywords to standardise the csv format. With the processing of data matter, there are words occurrence which will help in providing the steps under the tm packages. The associations file is where the source are the words which are important tweet and target the people and the value count.


System Evaluation

The software has been created with the following functionalities:

Import of the twitter data, for the given hashtag, using JSON file.

The implementation of D3 to import the JSON file.

The storing of data in a local variable.

The passing of data to the d3 function for analysis.

The parsing of date in the required format.

The call of respective plot functions.

The viewing of tweets.

The user interface with mouse click and drags.

The implementation of an HTML page for the interface.

The styling of TML pages using CSS files.

The system is fully functional and can be launched on a server.

Further Improvements

The system can be further improved by implementing the following functions:

The implementation of interface and interaction using keyboard.

The real time fetching of data and plot accordingly, which is for the real time tweet feeds.

The option to change the hashtag for which the data is fetched from the twitter feeds.

Plot for more functionalities file:

User profile

Number of followers

Number of retweets of retweets.

Following count of the profiles.

Time stamp of the tweets.



The software has been successfully developed. D3 has been used for data analysis, plotting, rendering and the overall development of dashboard. HTML has been used for the interface. JavaScript has been used extensively in the project. Twitter data has been analysed. The page has been styled using CSS file.

The testing of the dashboard has been done on Mozilla Firefox browser. The site is working as expected. It can be launched on a web server. The data for the twitter analysis can be changed by changing the JSON file, as per requirement.

The code has also been included in the HTML file to show the twitter data as well. It has been commented out, as it was used just for testing purpose. It can be shown again, if required, by just un-commenting the part of the code.


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