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Use Of The Network Designs Across Two Companies

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Discuss about the Use of The Network Designs Across Two Companies.



This paper focuses on aspects of such advanced tech to the market power in respect to two companies in different business venture and categories: in matters of one being a multinational, already established entity. The other organization is meant to be a team that has the capabilities to grow simply because of its small scale nature. Moreover, this paper also looks at the differences between these two companies regarding operations and the likelyhood as to why they have such forms of communication within its structures (Disanza, J., and Legge. N. 2016).

In the comparison below, this paper will mainly focus its lenses on the use of network designs as the means of communication. In this case, system the plan pays more attention to the basics associated with interconnection of wire to facilitate networking into your server. As discussed below, it entails making of a system's connections and software’s to enable it to suit your needs: the needs of your computer system, that of your employees and most importantly that of your customers (Ross, D. 2016). Moreover, many factors will influence as to what network system you will use for your organization including your business structure, capital availability and the cost of maintenance.

BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton is a multinational mining company which conducts its operations in 100 locations in 25 countries. Also, its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, the company has Andrew Stewart Mackenzie as its CEO. The company has around sixty-five thousand employees globally. BHP is a huge financial organization for instance by last year, (2016 fiscal year) it collected a revenue of around 30.91 billion Australian dollars (Billiton, B. 2015).


Company brief history

Historically, BHP Billiton is integration between BHP and Billiton as from the year 2001. Two independent industries founded in the early 19thh century constituted BHP Billiton: currently the industry is a leader producer in the mining industry (Pepper, A .et al. p.13-15,283). The company was formed on the 13th August 1885, Broken Hill Proprietary's (BHP) history dates back to the mining of zinc, silver, and lead in the Australian region. As such, BHP made discoveries within several factors of production namely diamonds, lead, zinc, copper and other different ornamental goods. Besides, research by Pepper, A. et al., 13-15, and 283 is of the opinion that BHP is the leader in value-added steel products. On the other side, Billiton's history dates back to the yea 1851, a period when tin mine was done on the Indonesian Island. Moreover, Billiton transformed into a worldwide principal producer in metal and a senior manufacturer of alumina, steaming coal, chrome and manganese ores and, alloys, titanium and nickel raw materials. Moreover, Billiton was able to realize its fiscal growth towards establishment of copper portfolio.


The company's mission statement says, "At BHP Billiton, our objective is to be a business of choice through creating sustainable worth for our shareholders, workers, suppliers, consumers, trade partners and host communities. We seek to minimize damage to people, our surrounding communities, and the setting and do our utmost to realize leading industry activities. Ample values to preside over safety, business behavior; social, ecological and fiscal activities are vital to the manner we carry out business…"


The company's vision statement says, “BHP Billiton strives to create long-term value through innovation, growth, and transfer of natural resources and proviso of pioneering client and market-focused solutions. BHP Billiton is committed to a long-term strategy of investing in low cost, world class, flexible and export-oriented trade patterns that mirror diversification across markets and geographical regions. The objective at BHP Billiton is ‘become the corporation of choice by creating sustainable value for contractors, employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and business partners. BHP Billiton strives to reduce harm to workers, their host communities, and the environment and strives to achieve leading industry practice."

The company's network design is mainly influenced by its large structure, the matrix structure, this means that the company uses the WAN, Wide Area network. This kind of network is primarily used for multinational corporations which cover a wide geographical area. Therefore, improving service delivery to its clients and ensuring proper communication between different operation sites. It is because of such vastness that the network system of the company can act as unifying factors amongst the different areas where the company performs its operations.

The system helps promote good customer relations. Due to the huge market that BHP Billiton serves, the system design provides a platform through which the clients can be assisted. It provides a close working relation hence allowing the customers on the ground have access to support within the market. The BHP Billiton, in this case, ensures that its clients have access to national or international communication specialists. Hence, will not only assist the clients to understand the nature of the commodities they are about to acquire from the company but also create a good relation between the business and its customers.


Besides, the network is providing a full range of advertising and marketing on behalf of the company's image. The system includes the functions of doing public relations and public affairs by expressing its input in the community news (Billiton, B. 2015). Moreover, by detailing on its social investment and talking on environmental conservation, it is helping in creating awareness within the communities around it. Additionally, the BHP Billiton foundation information within the network is also another way of proving how the company is interested in maintaining its good public relations and ensuring that the business is legitimate amongst the communities around it (Bice, S. p. 62-80, 2014).

Besides, the network design has been used as a tool for branding and identity. By just detailing the company's history within its coverage, the network is then used as a tool through which the company is branding itself within the ever-growing competitive market (Billiton, B. 2015). Moreover, by simply detailing information on the company's operations, the company identifies its mandate within the business world and brands its purpose within its client's minds. To that end, it is important to recognize the importance of advertisement as shown in the next paragraph.

Network design by BHP Billiton has been used in proper advertising and marketing of the company. Seemingly, by the company putting its operations within its platforms, many clients interested by the enterprise's activities learn more about its functions and specifications regarding service delivery. The BPH Billiton's network details what the company does and their modes of conducting business, their policies on different aspects of business, their management teams and most importantly their locations (Billiton, B. 2015). Such information is meant to sell the company's agenda to the market to ensure that it competes fairly with its competitor within the market field.

To sum up, the network design of the BHP Billiton is mainly meant to make sure that the company is maximizing its potential and taking advantage of the availability of both resources and market forces in ensuring its success.

The 3 Oceans Wine Company and Party limited.

The Company is the eighth biggest wine maker on the western side of Australia. The company is located along the Corner Bussell Highway in Coram, Australia.  The company produces more than one hundred thousand cases of wine a year. Three oceans produce wine from Margaret River vineyards and Frankland River vineyards. It is currently owned by Hebei Tianjin Steel group which is mainly controlled by Xibo Ma. The company is managed by Ke Zheng. The industry is primarily known for its production of wines, brandy and brandy spirit (Curran, L. 2016). The company has also integrated its business with a modern café facility to take into account the market gap base.



“Established in June 2008 and named after the three oceans that surround Australia, 3 Oceans Wine Company is a company with native Australian spirit and global ambition (In October 1999, the 3 Oceans site (formally named Palandri Wines) north of the Town of Margaret River was  first used as a cow-grazing farmland.” Later, after six months, the land had undergone transformation to be a modern state of art Winery plant: the plant was made up of several facilities such as a café and tuck shops aimed at selling produces at a fair price to the consumers. Notably, the plant had the ability to produce more than four thousand tons of fruit (Curran, L. 2016). Situated 16 kilometers northern side of Margaret River, besides the Bussell Highway, currently we serve almost 95, 000 clients every year. As to improve on manufacturing, innovation,, and selling of wine, the three Oceans applied the idea of including the food and wine skill using tasting plates: in the model different types of food are combined with several wine brands to enhance the final taste. Brand new local ingredients, broad spectrum of choices and negotiable prices maintain the three Oceans café's fame with tourists and natives alike.

Operation phase

Currently, the company is ranked as a middle class due to its smaller number of workers as compared to a company like BHP Billiton. 3 Oceans has a divisional structure (Mc Graw, P. p.92-107. 2014). Below is an illustration of its operation. Chief Winemaker Mr. Ben Roodhouse is of the opinion that to produce quality wine, selection measures starts in the vineyard.  Ben is working in close collaboration with the viticulture team to counter check and assess the grapes: a technique that ensures only quality grapes are selected for making the wine (Curran, L. 2016).The winemaking experts then systematically convert the chosen quality fruits into wine of the utmost quality.  In as much as the production of wine in one of the remote areas in Australia proves a challenge, the cold environment and the location reward the area with favorable conditions for growth of grapes hence improving the quality f wine produced regarding flavor. The Margaret River is well-known for its Mediterranean climate, and nearness to the Indian Ocean produces worldwide recognized wine. The Winery Company is rated amongst the best wine producing industries in Western Australia (Rodriguez, D. 2014).

Due to the trends in the business, the network of the 3 Ocean Wine company is a little less encompassing as compared to that of BHP Billiton. The winery covers a less geographical area and has a less complicated structure hence no need for an extensive network design. It is for this reason that it is advisable they use a LAN, Local Area Network. However, the system design for the 3 Ocean Wine company is as much as promoting company-clients relation as the later. By the company putting its physical address, it gives the clients an opportunity to find out more about the company and understand the terms and services the company offers (Scholes, M. 2015). Such interactions between the company and their clients are a critical aspect of ensuring that the business is flourished.

In the 3 Oceans wine company's network design, the aspect of marketing is brought out. The company has put enhanced media to display the product it offers, in this case, it has put up a sample of its finest wines and has demonstrated the peaceful nature of its café. The model is just but a strategy to make the clients interested in their services and is by such marketing that the customer line of the company may receive calls from interested customers to seek more answers about the enterprise. The network design of the 3Oceans wine company is therefore in place to ensure that the company stands tall amongst other wineries in the Western Australia.


In as much as in both cases the networks of the respective companies have served the purposes of improving customer handling services, marketing and improving the public relations between the company and their immediate surroundings, the structures of this companies make their respective networks work in different forms (Drnevich, P, and Croson. P.483-509). For instance, the size of the company will determine how efficient a particular network is to serve a larger number of clients. For example, THE BHP Billiton's web design is a bit more detailed as compared to that of 3 Oceans Wine company. Simply because the BHP Billiton company deals in a wider range of products and services as compared to the 3 Ocean wine company which only deals with a business that involves around wine making over a regulate small area. The network use by the BHP Billiton is such complicated that non experts will not be able to operate it, this is because of its security premeasures that is because of the need of the company to conduct a much bigger operation over a wide range of geographical area.

Another reason as to why this two groups might differ in their network designs because of the nature of products and services they offer. As  BHP Billiton deals in services around mining, processing, and marketing of minerals and petroleum, the 3 Ocean wine company only deals in business surrounding winemaking and commercialization. The nature of business done might influence the design of the network model. For instance, the BHP Billiton's network has a platform talking about environmental protection; such a platform is not available in the 3 Oceans wine company's platform. The business conducted by 3 Ocean wine companies does less to do with drilling the soil for any extraction except for simple cultivation in its vineyards. It is this nature of the business conducted that the network design may vary.

It is at this moment advisable that a proper network system is acquired so as any success of a business can occur (Scholes, M. 2015). A network system provides a channel to unify the different sites in a multinational company or even the company to its clients. A proper system will facilitate efficiency through which business can be transacted between industries and their potential customers. Again, the system saves the customers time and prevents them from getting conned by criminals who pose to take advantage of them during certain transactions. Since, by just knowing the right site, a client may be able to communicate with the manufacturers and transact their business with a company of choice. Hence is critical to acquire a suitable network design for a business enterprise.

To sum up, a proper system design is amongst the key elements of telecommunication that guides companies to success as illustrated by the paper above. Through checking on the web designs of companies at a differing level, we cannot miss noticing how a proper network system is vital to ensuring effective communication within a business.



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