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Using Levels Of Analysis To Understand The Influence Of Violent Media On Aggression Add in library

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The media has been in a changing and dynamic form ever since the newer technologies have changed the paradigm of thinking (Anderson & Bushman, 2002). The use of internet along with vibrancy of media gives a access to the individual that is beyond imagination. A child can play games, access books, and learn new things with the help of media. However it has been noted that the behaviour of the person is influenced by the virtual world. Violence in media and aggressive attitude of the people are getting interlinked these days. The violence is the resultant of the human brain, which controls the behaviours and attitudes of the individual. Level of analysis means the effects of the various kinds of media on the human being. The idea behind this research paper is to try and analyze the levels of analysis with statistics that mention the impact of the use of the video games on children. There have been researches that prove that the US children are exposed to higher amount of media violence. The research from Roberts et al. (1999) mentioned that the video games are gaining popularity and children between the age of 8 and 18 years are using some or the other media form. The research done by Rideout et al. (1999) stated that 10 percent of the children in the age group of 2 years to 18 years are exposed to video games in more than an hour during the day.  

Violence in Media Affects Human Behaviour

Extensive research done on the subject of media role on the behaviour of the people have witnessed that the scenes that violent scenes in movie or other media forms results in significant change in the aggression of the person. The young adults are expected to become more aggressive and violent if they are constantly exposed to the media violence (Huesmann et al., 1999). The changes in the technology have seen the development of games and gaming devices like the PSP, Nintendo etc. These devices are now coming with simulators that have opened the gates for more violence in the video games. Studies have shown that the atmosphere created by the media becomes violent and therefore it is all the more risky. The effects of the violent media are on the creation of the society that is more violent. The nature and the way of the social interactions of the child change after being exposed to the violent movies or video games (Mudore, 2000).

Levels of Analysis


There are various levels of analysis that determine the response of the human behaviour towards violent media exposure. These are as follows:

Biological Analysis

The constant exposure of human beings towards the violent media and video games results in the changes in the human body that is biological in nature. The inheritance of the individual also determines the behaviour of the person. The studies have mentioned that it is the response of the human mind in the particular situation that creates the aggressiveness in the individual (Anderson et al., 2003). The meta analysis done on the violent behaviour of youths point out that the violence in television results in the youths becoming more aggressive adults (Ferguson & Kilburn, 2009). The biological impact of media can be seen in cases of limitation of the sexually explicit material to be shown to the children as that can impact their minds (ISRA, 2011).

Psychological Analysis


The behaviour of a person is dependent on the conceiving of the brain. There is a sharp affect on the brain of the children on account of pressure that is created sometimes by the parents, educational system. This results in the psychological imprisonment of the child. When these children are turned to aggressive movies and video games there anxiety and the confinement of mind results in there becoming more aggressive towards the society. Bjorkqvist (1985) mention that the example of the Night Basketball. A person which is having aggressive nature and thoughts cannot be molded into a saint like Mahatma Gandhi just by playing a game of basketball.

Environmental and Social Analysis

Violent media not only impacts the biological and psychological factors but also impact the social and environmental front. The way an individual interacts with the society and the external environment determines the social attitude. The attitude of aggression or prosocial behaviour is the aftermath of the aggressive media the children are tuned to. An example of violent game Mortal Kombat can be given, in which the character is controlled by the player which participates in the fighting tournament. The fighting tournament wants you to kill your opponent. There are special rewards and point system for the violence shown (Elmer-Dewitt, 1993). The changes in the nature of the child is the resultant of these video games, many a times it is the result of the societal behaviour that can aggravate the hatred. A child might be punished by the teacher or senior students that can increase the behaviour of violence in him that has been filled in him by higher revelation to the media.



The paper discussed about the levels of analysis and the role of the media in transforming the behaviour of the individual especially children. It was noted that the constant exposure towards violent video games, affects the biological, psychological and societal aspects of the person. The Meta analysis have shown that the people tend to find change in behaviour and their brains become inclined to given aggressive instructions to the body, which can result in the violence. Technological advancements have also increased the time that a child spends on the video games. Aggression shown in the video games therefore forms the part of the mindset of the child and they behave in an aggressive manner themselves. Human brain leads to the violent behaviour and that is affected by the constant touch with violent media.


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