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Various Employment Opportunities To The Students Irrespective Add in library

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a) Demonstration of ability to reflect on chosen subjects to highlight the skills acquired and emphasise how improvement in performance is being achieved.?

b) Exhibit motivation and confidence in engaging in personal and career development and planning.?

c) Demonstrate progressive learning through a series of agreed milestones.?




The human resource study is a vast field which offers various employment opportunities to the students irrespective of any kind of certificate, diploma or degree (either bachelor or masters). Besides different types of management studies, the human resource studies are also related to various social sciences like economics, sociology, political science, psychology etc. Now-a-days the human resource (HR) management is a most popular and significant subject in the field of human resource.  A student of human resource management may work as managers and professionals. As a manager the duties of a human resource professional is to handle the administrative work and to help in hiring and providing training to new employees. In various sectors like government offices, business firms, health care organizations, technical companies etc (Barker and Kellen, 1998).

Definition of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field:-

Knowledge needed to succeed in this field:-

Bachelor Degree in human resource:-

To build a succeed career in this field, an individual must earn bachelor degree in human resource management. It is a minimum requirement of knowledge in this field. In case of bachelor degree, two common degrees are the Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and the Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources. In this case student should learn about the employment development, labour management, employment law and compensation etc. Core classes of accounting, statistics and information technology should also be provided to the students (Burke, 2002).

Internship participation:-

To be familiar with the practices of human resource management, it will be helpful for the students to participate in internship programmes. These types of internship programmes not only help the students to develop their experience in this field, but it helps to develop the organizational skills of the students (Greenhaus, Callanan and Godshalk, 2010).

Earn training on Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS):-

In order to get job in human resource management field, the technological knowledge may help the individual in this field as at present, this field is very much technological dependent.

Earn certificates and diplomas relevant with this field:-

As most of the employers in this field prefer professional certificates and diplomas in this field, to get a job in this field, student should earn various certificates and diplomas in this field. This kind of certificates and diplomas not only include the professional knowledge, but also some professional experience in human resource field.

Gain Work Experience:-

Work experience is necessary for the students to get job in this field as experience help the students to develop their skill in HR management. Students can earn some work experiences from the internship, HR certification or by working in a small company at the initial stage of his or her career (Greenhaus, Callanan and Godshalk, 2010).

Pursue advance study:-

An individual may also go for the master degree in human resource study or in human resource management to earn more knowledge in this field. A master degree holder of business resource management is considered as more skilled and more valuable labour for the company and most of the time recruited as a manager.


Skills needed to succeed in this field:-

Good Communication skill:-

To be a good professional in human resource management, one should have a good communication skill both in official and regional language as they have to deal with the labourers and the employers of the company.  Managers also act as a bridge between employers and the employees, as they maintain the relationship between them by convey their massages through communication. So, for a human resource manager, the learning and listening power should be strong (, 2015).

Good management and administrative skill:-

As the human resource managers have to manage the employees and the business profit of the firm, it should have good management and administration skills. Only a good manager can maintain a good relationship between employers and the employees which will lead to an increase in the production level of the company.

Good leadership quality:-

A professional in human resource management, should have good leadership quality to control the work of the employees and to train the new employees (Stone, 2002).

Time management and man management is skills:-

To manage the work and the employees of a company in a given time period, the human resource manager should learn how to manage its work efficiently at a particular or at a given time period.

Skill of multi-tasking:-

A human resource manager has to deal with various issues of the companies and of the employees at a same time. So the manager should have the ability to perform different tasks at a specific time (Mondy, Noe and Premeaux, 2002).


Ways of developing skills and knowledge in human resource management program:-

There are different ways, which help to develop the skills and knowledge of the country in HR management field. These can be explained as follows:-

Earning work experience:-

HR professionals can improve their skills by reducing their previous mistakes. And this is only possible if they gather some experiences by working in a company.

Earning theoretical, technical and practical knowledge:-

To increase their knowledge and improve their expertise in this field, HR professionals can gather more theoretical, technical and practical knowledge in this field (Mathis and Jackson, 2000).


Regular practice of presentation and public speaking:-

To improve their communication skill, HR professionals should regularly involve in public speaking and always should try to present their views in front of others clearly.

Taking some professional and personal development training:-

To improve their professional and personal skills, HR professionals should engage in some professional and personal development training programs which are relevant for this particular field (, 2015).

Creating good relationship among the employees:-

A HR professional can automatically develop his/her leadership skill if he/she can maintain good relationship among the other employees and the employers.

Creating a working environment:-

Finally, a good working environment is always helpful for the development of the skill of the employees.



Hence, from the above analysis it can be said that if a student want to succeed in a particular field (such as human resource), then he/she has to plan first a suitable career path to build a secure and strong career in future.  Families, friends and teachers should provide proper guidance to him/her on choosing the specific learning and training programs. However, after getting the job, it is the humble duty of the employers to guide and provide proper training to the employees of the company to get more skilled labour and to earn more profit.



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