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Write about the Victoria Mental Health Reforms.




Mental health issues continue to affect the progress of many nations across the globe. According to statistical research, many people in the current era are mentally sick due to the lifestyles they cherry pick. Dynamics such as the over usage of drugs and alcohol has played a crucial role in elevating the issue to a certain peak. Due to this, the government of Australia in conjunction with state governments have embraced divergent counter attack measures to ensure that the wellbeing of the masses is uplifted irrespective of the challenges that they face in their daily endeavors. Victoria which is located in the southeast section of Australia is recorded as the most populated state. It is essential to note that the state government of Victoria deserves the praise directed upon it due to the health reforms that have been witnessed in the last few years. However, in as much as the government strives to ensure that the level or rather quality of services is streamlined in all the health platforms, the mental health reforms in Victoria have been outstanding (McGorry, et al. 2016). Palpably, many people in the entire nation are bound to benefit from similar reforms that are implemented to boost the health sector not only in Victoria but in the entire region. This essay assesses the reforms through a bid of divulging the primary differences and similarities that cling in the much scrutinized mental health reforms in Victoria. 


Victoria’s Mental Health Sector Overview

Australia can brag to have some of the most equipped and developed medical service institutions as compared to many other nations across the globe. The masses in Australia are mobilized to get medical coverage through policies that are effective and beneficial to the majority living within the nation (Badland et al., 2014). The heavy population in Victoria has been a driving force which has propelled the government to make alterations that merge with the expectations of the people dwelling in this state. Based from their experts’ finding, many mental health victims have been suffering due to social discrimination and the existence of insufficient rules that protect them against the common milestones that people with disability face in the contemporary epoch (Patel et al., 2014). Nonetheless, the new reforms come as good news because the previous efforts had not be full-filling most of the notifiable problems.

The core purpose of these reforms is to ensure that most people in Victoria are healthy and free from factors that drag their efficacy in building the state (Willis & Keleher, 2016). As mentioned early, these reforms range from dogmas that stabilizes the use of harmful drug substances to those that empower the people to support the mentally ill victims in Victoria. Just to mention, the significance of mobilizing the people to support the sick patients reveals the direction that the state government has been willing to embrace through the entire program. This is mainly due to the fact that the new changes directly require the intervention and support of those who are mentally stable in the society. For instance, the government pin pointed that it is through the assistance of other people that the medical experts can get the correct information concerning the historical backgrounds of most of the mentally ill patients (Lewis & Garton, 2017). Consequently, encouraging people from divergent locations to contribute in the formation and implementation of legit reforms has boosted the plan magnificently.


The Strategic Priorities of the Reforms and the Differences

The first priority of the reforms is to alter the legislation program of the mental health management. At this point, the government yearns to ensure that the legislation of all the major health care transactions are effective enough for the people of Victoria. Therefore, more experts have been deployed in the field to carry out more research works molded to fetch more affirmative results to the plan. Additionally, the government has increased the medical budget to facilitate all the proposed management changes. It is worth mentioning that financial milestones have tainted a number of health reforms in many developing nations. However, the support that the state government of Victoria has been getting from the federal government and other non-governmental organizations has been vital in hoisting their operations. This has been different in the past couples of years whereby; the citizens had been complaining of negligence from the agents of the government (Lal & Adair, 2014). Furthermore, funds that were initially mismanaged are today traced and all the involved stakeholders and managers in diverse setups are expected to deliver positive results at all times.   

Additionally, the reforms are shaped to improve the mental health services offered to the populaces. This has been partially achieved in most mental health hospital in Victoria. It can be asserted that the strict employment procedure which has been implemented has played a vital part under this point. This concept is concreted because the nurses and physician who are currently preferred are those who possess the recommended credentials and those who have undergone through all the required training programs (Hercelinskyj, 2014). This exposes a major difference between the present reforms and the past situation. In past, most efforts were directed towards reforming other medication sectors. Many students were lured to specialize on other healthcare programs that were prioritized in the nation. On the other hand, the new reforms in the mental health platform have been fundamental in shading light on the importance of supporting experts under this wide field of study.

The reforms also support community based programs that elevate mass awareness within the state. This concept can be supported through the measures that have been influential in enticing the people to support the medical operations of the government. For example, the people are allowed to participate openly in the reformation of different reformation programs. Through the cohesion amongst the people of Victoria, the government and medical experts are able to enlighten the people on how they can maintain positive lifestyles, and also, on how they can protect their mental health (Happell et al., 2015). Before this, there was a vivid gap between both the people and the government and the healthy masses and the mentally affected victims. Currently, the medical experts value the interests and pleas of the citizens in line with other issues that create the much desired unity amongst people living in similar geographical locations (Barry, 2014).

Another reform revolves around the stabilization of strategies that build better working environments and those that link up diverse services to uplift the mental health sector. According to McSherry & Wilson (2015), the past negative experiences of medical experts can be proclaimed to have affected the working panache of many physicians. Thus, the alterations which have be made have been extremely helpful. The employee compensation measures are today improved. An in-depth evaluation reveals that protecting the rights of workers in Victoria has been vital throughout their missions.



The recorded incline in mental health research works depicts a major similarity between the past situation and the present. The federal government continues to support the work of medical researchers regardless of the political and economic problems that they face (Giacco et al., 2017). The state government of Victoria has also revealed some sparks of commitment towards improving the mental health situation in the nation.    

The involvement of key stakeholders in the entire process is a similarity that cannot be sidelined. For instance, both the state government and the national government have strived to protect their relationship with other non-governmental agencies (Gooding, 2016). This approach is imperative because the rights of both the healthy people and the sick victims are protected by many of these organizations.



In summary, the efforts of the state government of Victoria expose the importance of electing good leaders who can push for positive reformations in a country. The mentally ill victims across the globe continue to undergo different forms of challenges in their lives. Therefore, the government setups of many nations ought to consider aping similar policies that protect the rights of the people in line with their medical interests and milestones. Evidently, the development of a notion directly relies on the contribution of the people, albeit, the positive approaches are being neglected (Tengland, 2013). With this in mind, any scholar can assert that Victoria is in the right direction based from the issues that divulge the bright future of the state. There is no doubt the mentally ill patients will benefit from these reforms if the cohesion between the masses and the government is maintained over the coming years.



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