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Water Sustainability Australia United Arabs

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Discuss About The Water Sustainability Australia United Arabs?




Sustainable development is a goal that challenges the way of thinking traditionally and needs alternative solutions and approaches that balances the economic, environmental and social interest. Therefore, this report concentrated on the making a contrasting and compression for the scarcity of clean water and energy between United Arab Emirates and Australia  concerning availability of domestic resources, and scientific research in both countries,  action taken by private sectors and NGOs sample projects and also accessibility of the incentives for both countries.

Energy in Australia.

Australia produces energy for both export and consumption. Historically, Australia was producing more natural gas and coal but because of increasing global warming effects and climate change that was induced by the human on the global environment, there has been a shift to the sustainable use of the energy. Sustainability of energy in Australia deals with the efforts made to expand and quantify the renewable energies which comprise thermal energy, transport fuel and electricity (Carol Howe, 2012, p. 158).


Government regulations towards the sustainability of energy in Australia

The development of sustainable use of energy in Australia has been encouraged by the policies of the government concerning the energy, they were implemented in response to the issues of climate change, economic stimulus and energy independence; The policy includes the mandatory renewable energy target schemes at state level and commonwealth level; Carbon pricing: government implemented carbon price of $23 per tonne in 2012 paid by three hundred liable individuals representing the highest emitters of business in Australia. It was expected that by the increase of the carbon and electricity price, the investors will be encouraged to use cleaner and renewable sources of energy like wind power and solar (Felix Dodds, 2016, p. 214).

Scientific and technological innovations in the Australia

The technology of the solar photovoltaic generates electricity from sunlight and can be used in their off-grid application and on grid connection. Australia has also developed world leading solar thermal technology. They also manufactured solar water heater, by installing this, it saves more energy and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Biomass can also be used to generate electricity (Lee, 2013, p. 169).

Actions of non-governmental and private sectors

In BP solar company, it has been involved in the production, storage and developed the use of energy sustainably. They deal with the commercialization of the cycle of long life deep lead-acid battery which enhances the storage of energy for the use in the remote area. Edwards is an organization that is producing hot water system for both commercial and domestic purposes. Pacific Hydro is the Australian company that specializes in the generation of electricity and energy sustainably by using renewable sources of energy (Marian Keeler, 2012, p. 189).

Energy sustainability in the United Arabs Emirates

Energy efficiency is becoming a challenge in the United Arabs Emirates because of the economic activates the growth of population and high rates of consumption that are not sustainable in the long term. To address the following issues, the working group of energy worked on how energy can be used sustainable. It was realized that the straightforward measure of slowing consumption of energy is the strategy of sustained efficient energy. Such strategies can reduce the consumption Government regulations for the energy sustainability in the United Arabs Emirates (Negewo, 2013, p. 170)

The government has developed and implemented the strategies for the energy efficiency. Also, they have developed regulations that are detailed that dictate the efficiency of energy. The UAE also has already much building that is designs constructed and approved for sustainability of energy through a program called estidama. The UAE ensures that the regulations give the mechanisms for enforcement to intervene different sectors of energy through both incentives and penalties. The government has supported the campaign and creation of awareness through allocation of finance and budgets (Negewo, 2013, p. 187)


Water sustainability in Australia

Water is a very vital aspect on the earth. It is a resource that is sustaining environment, society and economy of Australia. Many factors such as degradation of the environment, variability and climate change, population growth, pollution and land use are examples of the factors that influence water resource in Australia. It was then decided in the Australia that water should be used sustainably through the creation of technologies and scientific research, government regulations, some project and also non-governmental and private sectors took the actions (PediaPress, 2014, p. 187).

The department of environment and water in Australia is also committed to the implementing the policies that contribute sustainability outcomes. The department creates awareness and gives support and advice for the sustainable practices in industries, community and government sectors. The community groups and individuals have also taken the challenge of adopting and promoting practices aimed at contributing sustainability of water throughout the state (PediaPress, 2014, p. 215).

Projects and technologies put in place for water sustainability in Australia

The national water conservation rating and labelling schemes for plumbing fitting and appliances help the customer to choose the best water appliances and also act as incentives and guide all of those involved in the use and develop the efficient appliances of water. There is a national program called the water-wise Australia, this program aim is to encourage the use of water wisely by the community through the strategies of promotional and educational across water industries, water utilities, and local state and organization (Nations, 2013, p. 216).

Government regulations on water sustainability in Australia

Measures of water conservation developed by the government agencies in Australia include installing the devices that save water, conduction the water use audits and also encouraging people to reduce the consumption of water, the government also encourages the recycling of water, water harvesting and storage, and also companies that use more water are under license (Thiele, 2014, p. 149). 


Water sustainability in the United Arabs Emirates

The United Arabs Emirates face challenges of the water management like scarcity of reserves of groundwater, a high cost of drinking water production, and collection and treatment of wastewater. This country has highest rates of consumption of water in the world which is used in both the public and private sectors as a raw material or for human consumption. The government is working on these issues to ensure that there is water sustainability in the country through putting in place many mechanisms to make water to be more available for human consumption and for companies (Thiele, 2014, p. 247).

Government regulation for water sustainability in United Arabs Emirate

The government is educating youths, investing in new technologies to store water in aquifers and also to produce efficient desalinated water. The government is also taking some measures to get alternative efficient ways to produce drinking water. The government has also cut the subsidies to the water and power sector to reduce their consumption (Vladimir Novotny, 2011, p. 176).

Projects and technologies that encourage water sustainability in the United Arabs Emirates

In the sector of wastewater, the project taken by the sewage water company was the collection and treatment of wastewater from the residential that are discharged; their objective is to increase wastewater catchment and treatment. Also, the authority of water and Electricity Company has also started working by installing transmission water network that will boost the flow of water and meets its future and current water demands (UNESCO, 2012, p. 184).

Turning air to water: the hot climate of UAE which is highly humid and warm through the year gives the opportunity to produce the source of water that is reliable through the mechanisms of atmospheric water generation. Other examples of the projects being undertaken by the UAE are the desalinization without fossil fuels, flying by the fossil fuel from plants that are salt tolerant and new models of business for clean energy.

Comparison between the actions taken by UAE and Australia on energy and water sustainability

The actions taken by the UAE on energy and water sustainability include the production of water from the air, the invention of technologies dealing with desalinization of wastewater, and regulations that are detailed that dictates the efficiency of energy. The actions taken by the Australia on energy and water sustainability is through the agency of commonwealth in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries of Australia which coordinates the growth of strategies of national water conservation in partnership with the key agencies, industry groups, experts and also territories (Rob Cross, 2014, p. 159).

The strategies developed by these two countries are different; however, the strategies put in place by the Australian government have proved to be more effective since they are targeted to minimizing the use of water and energy through focusing on alternative resources which can be used to minimize the use of energy and water.



This report is about the water and energy sustainability in both United Arabs Emirates and the Australia. Sustainable development is a goal that challenges the way of thinking traditionally and needs alternative solutions and approaches that balances the economic, environmental and social interest. The sustainability of water and energy issues in both the two countries have been discussed exclusively together with the strategies put in place by each of the governments to ensure the sustainability of water and energy resources.



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