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1. What are the goals/objectives of the company in this situation? What is it that the company wants to achieve? Before the company takes any action, it should be clear on what it is trying to accomplish.

2. What is the issue that needs to be decided in this case? Describe

3. What are 3 different alternative courses of action that can be taken to address this issue? Explain

4. Which one of your 3 options do you recommend? Why? How does this recommendation help the company to address the issues and to achieve their goals?

5. What are the specific action steps that can be taken to IMPLENT your decision and to turn it into reality?  What needs to be actually done?

6. How many words are in your answers total?




In the case study the objective is to hire Mimi Brewster for the job of project manager in the new division of China. The CEO of the company wants to make a good judgment regarding the recruitment of Mimi Brewster inn his company as he is confused because of the negative internet reviews about her. Hathaway Jones is having hard face in his company and is searching for some new innovative talent so as to bring back the position of the company. CEO of the company is Fred Weston who believes that the company already has a well equipped employee Hathaway Jones to resolve the issue but to him it seems his past has to be questioned for the future things. So he wants to hire Mimi Brewster to open the new division in China. So, the company wants to achieve the goal and bring young passionate employees like Mimi and improve the company standards for present and future both.



The issue is that whether or not Mimi Brewster should be considered for the position at Hathaway Jones. The issue is faced by the CEO Fred as when he was willing to appoint Mimi for the job than he got a call from Virginia Flanders who is the vice president of human resource. He stated that he has found some information from the internet about Mimi Brewster that is of great consideration for Fred. At this point of time Fred starter to have some problems so as to recruit Mimi for the new division. The issue has aroused may be due to the following reasons as follows:

  • The legality of internet for screening the candidates recruitment.
  • Mimi’s lack of experiences at professional and managerial levels.
  • Improper description of the position in China.
  • Reputation on the internet. The views about a particular person given on the internet can highly influence the recruitment procedure.
  • Improper and ineffective communication between the CEO and the HR. A lack of proper clarification about Mimi given by the HR to Fred can also be the cause of this issue.
  • Recruitment of a manager from outside. Sometimes company get in to a trouble on hiring a recruiter from outside the company while some good people are working for them.


The three different alternative solutions to this problem are as follows:

  • Conducting a second interview process between the CEO Fred and Mimi Brewster that would help to clarify the doubts of Fred relating to the internet misinterpretation reviews about her. In this Fred can judge her once again.
  • Fred can offer Mimi some similar position or any other position inside the Hathaway Jones in the U.S market. As Mimi comes from the background of Chinese history Fred can make Mimi a liaison among the China and US market.
  • Fred can appoint Mimi on the demand that Mimi should improve her relations with the China market as it has created a negative impact on Mimi’s work and personality.


I would recommend the second option of recruiting Mimi on a similar or another position inside the Hathaway Jones in the US market or making Mimi a Liaison between the two markets of USA and CHINA. It would be recommended by me as firstly Mimi is aggressive, creative, passionate, risk taker and a talented employee. A employee like her would definitely improve the present and future of the company. This is already been proved by her previous company’s recommendation letter. Secondly this can act as a way of assuring Mimi’s work and proving wrong the internet reviews about Mimi. If they are proved wrong than Fred can promote and give away the project manager position which he was to give Mimi with out having any doubts. The company will surely improve his performance and standards if a hardworking and passionate employee like Mimi work for them. They can improve the business in China and US as Mimi knows Chinese culture and fashion trends which can give company a lot of help and could improve business.



For this the following steps are to be taken:

  • Conducting an interview again between the CEO Fred and Mimi Brewster.
  • Asking clarification about Mimi’ relationship with the Chinese culture and clearing out the reason that why Chinese wrote out in a negative manner about Mimi.
  • Demanding Mimi to improve and sort out the clashes that has occurred between her and the Chinese market.
  • Asking Mimi to provide means and proofs about the negative reviews that had been written on her on the internet.



6) I wrote total 893 words for these answers. 

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