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Create a Word document called 'Critical Thinking' and write approximately 400 words (no less than 350 and no more than 450 words) describing why you need to be a critical thinker. Explain why it is important for ICT professionals to be critical thinkers. Note that you should include your definition of the term critical thinking. You need to provide at least four (4) relevant unique points in your discussion. Upload the document to Moodle.




Critical thinking can be referred as the type of a reasoned and clear thinking. Critical thinking is the process of skilfully and actively conducting the conceptualisation, application, analysis, synthesis and the evaluation of the available information and then establishing the findings. The critical thinking can also be referred as the reflective and reasonable thinking that mainly focuses on the decision making process regarding what to believe (, 2015). The critical thinking can also help in self-regulatory and purposeful judgement and it can explain contextual, criteriological, methodological, conceptual and evidential considerations and that can help in the judgement process.

Thus it can be said that critical thinking is very important for an individual. Critical thinking is an intellectual discipline that can help in effective decision making by an individual. An individual can choose the most appropriate alternative with the help of critical thinking. The individual can analyse the costs and benefits of different alternatives and then can make the decisions (, 2015). Critical thinking is also effective in terms of the application of various the knowledge and the concepts in the real life scenario. It increases the efficiency of one’s thinking skills and it also clarifies in case of organising and designing. Thus critical thinking is one of the effective tools in case of problem solving.


Here it can be said that it is very important for the ICT professionals to be a critical thinker. Here various benefits and the importance of critical thinking are identified. Now some of the points can be discussed here that can illustrate on the importance of ICT professionals of being critical thinkers.

    • ICT industry is related with the information and communication technology. In recent times there has been extensive improvement in the technology and thus the ICT professionals must be critical thinkers who can apply the technologies in practical scenario (, 2015).
    • It is very important that the ICT professionals are critical thinkers as they may have to resolve various issues in certain situations. Such issues are faced in ICT industry and thus the professionals should be able to cope with such issues by applying their knowledge.
    • The ICT professional should be a better decision maker. He should utilise his skills in critical thinking for identifying the barriers and analysing the opportunities and then the decisions need to be made.


  • The ICT professional must be able to apply theories and methods to real life problems. Thus he must be a critical thinker for understanding the problem and applying the theoretical constructs in the situation.

References, (2015). What is Critical Thinking., (2015). Defining Critical Thinking., (2015). Smart Schools Program | Smart Tools | Teacher Resources > Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in ICT.




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