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Workplace Culture And Other Factors

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Question: Describe about the Workplace Culture and Other Factors?   Answer: Introduction This report has been prepared to analyse different factors that could affect the performance of the employees of the company. Issues related to employee liberty, bullying, and unequal factors can impact the performance of the employees directly and indirectly. The management of the companies draft effective policies to control the same; however it is necessary to ensure that the strategies have been formed in an effective manner. employee dissatisfaction is regarded as the internal problem related to the staffs. It can affect the goals and objective achievement process imposed by the company. such factors have to be controlled by introducing effective policies for controlling the issues. Employees don’t perform well when bullied or are forced to work in a restricted work culture. This report analyse the impact of the negative work culture and facilities on the employees. Through such process it is possible for the management to draft plans to improve the performance (Albertson, 2007). Case 1 Actual issue - define the framework James is one of the employees of the company. The employee feels that the management is bullying few of the staffs of the company. Instead of adopting the hierarchy for solving the issue, the staffs choose to confront the management. Thus, management were sent emails to understand the reason for bullying one of the staffs of the company. Head of the department were not happy, as the issue was thought to be internal to the management. After few days, James noticed that the management bullied another employee of the organization. The issue was with the internal work culture of the organization. Some of the staffs of the company were not happy to work with the organization. One of the reasons was associated with the bullying nature of the management (Decker, 2004). As per the labour rule, the employees of the company have to be treated fairly and with equal respect (American Psychological Association, 2001). This is one of the reasons; the rules and policies are amended by the authorities. The process includes implementing rules and the changes that would secure the staffs at the workplace. such factors would improve the confidence of the members. communication is one of the important factors that need to be followed between the management and the staffs to handle a particular problem. Bullying is one of the serious issues that can affect the ability of the company to achieve the desired task. Any issues complained by the employees have to be taken up seriously by the management.  In this process, the company need to determine the steps or procedure that would have to be followed for solving the issue existing between the members and the management related to equality. Acceptable behaviour at the workplace has to be highlighted and the same needs to be communicated with the members. the managers of the company have to ensure to provide fair and equal opportunities for the members to work within the management (Anand & Rosen, 2008).   Solution Bullying at the workplace can happen at every stage, or level. It is essential to control the occurrence as this will enable the management to create a fair working condition through which the employees would be motivated to work towards the goal achievement. Such behaviour can demotivate the members to perform their best at the workplace. Bullying also includes insulting or threatening the staffs at the workplace. As per the labour law, employees of the company have to be provided with fair opportunity to work at the organization (Antoniou, 2005). Labour law has also been drafted to support and help the employees who are bullied at the workplace. The law protects everyone working with the company and it includes outworkers, contractors and subcontractors, employees, managers, and others (Antoniou, 2008). In the case, James feels that the managers of the company are bullying few staffs, and intends to know the reason. The internal policy for handling such a situation has to be analysed, as this will help in improving the work atmosphere. If the staff or group of members feel that the management or other group of employees have bullied or harassed the members, then the issue has to be reported to the immediate managers. The hierarchy followed by the managers and the staffs for reporting the improper practices at the workplace has to be reviewed. It is necessary to handle the issue in the best possible after analysing the severity of the issue. James had to check for the bullying policies that were drafted by the company. This would help in introducing the best possible options that would enable the management to improve the quality of work that is intended to be provided to the staffs. Bullying issue can be quite serious, and thus the management has to draft an effective compliant resolution method (Arpan, 2005). Through this process, the factors affecting the workplace bullying can be monitored and resolved by the managers. Information regarding the severity of the issue and the steps that can be taken to solve the problem has to be worked upon. The management has to inform the corrective steps to the staffs, and this can be done through the interaction process. The complaint procedure can be formal or informal. It is important for the company to understand the nature of bullying and the impact of the same on the work performance and cultural factors of the company (Biressi and Nunn, 2005). As soon as the management realises a case regarding the workplace bullying, it is essential to investigate the issue. The steps and procedure adopted to solve the issue and handle the problem has to be communicated with the members. This would help in building positive relationship with the staffs of the company (Armstrong, 2002). Dispute resolution Rules have to be drafted by the company to solve the problem faced by the staffs at the workplace. It includes health and safety measures, and welfare problems that have been introduced under the labour law. The law related to bullying has to be reported as per the rules framed by the authorities of the company. Human resource department of the company plays an important role in improving the work condition and providing better atmosphere to the staffs to work within the organization. the steps mentioned by the management have to be followed for improving the performance and controlling the act of bullying. Process introduced for solving the problem associated with the bullying factors has to be solved soon. The confrontation process has to be simple, and it needs to solve the problem (Badre, 2002). In this case, James noticed that one of the staffs was bullied. The management had to confront the issue with James and the employee who has been harassed. It is quite important to understand if the harassment issue is genuine. For this, it is necessary to collect the required information and analyse the same. Based on the collected facts, it is essential to analyse the challenges that are involved in the process of executing of the task. With the help of an effective rule and policies in place, the management can introduce effective steps through which the problem can be solved (Barry, 2000).   Techniques to handle the bullying issues Steps involved in the process are – Analyse the situation (Bennett, 2003).Document the issue and sharing the complaint with the concerned authorities Interact with the management Discuss the problem Conclusion Issues related to harassment and bullying at the workplace is always serious. The impact of such activities has to be analysed, as it can affect the work ability of the staffs of the company. in this case, the companies has to draft effective strategies sand policies through which the problem can be solved without losing much time on the same. For this, the corrective steps have to be planned and implemented by the management. The intended steps have to be communicated with the staffs of the company. This would help in solving the issue without any confusion. The issue at no time can be supressed for a fact that it affects the goodwill of the company (Beauchamp and Norman, 2001).   Case 2 Background This report has been prepared to highlight the relevance of the ethical practices and organizational code of conduct for the company. The ethical code of conduct for the management of the company is quite important as it defines the methods that had to be followed by the staffs and the managers of the company to improve the work ability. This report talks about the Hewlett-Packard CEO who quit the company on the grounds of violation of the company’s standard code of conduct. Workplace integrity is one of the serious concerns for the management and the staffs of the company. It is essential to follow the ethical rules drafted by the company. This would help in developing positive relationship between the staffs and the management of the company. Workplace ethics are quite different for various organizations (Biller et al., 2004). Actual issue Rules and policies are drafted by the company to improve the work-culture within the company. Ethical code of conduct defines the different methods that need to be followed by the managers of the company to introduce the changes and improve the work capacity of the company. Rules are integral part of the organization, and it needs to be followed by the managers and the employees. The CEO of HP had failed to disclose the details of the personal relationship with the contractor of the company. This had created a conflict of interest, which is believed to have affected the performance of the company.  It was stated that the CEO had misused the assets of the company for personal purpose. Such an act was considered to be against the ethical practices and the code of conduct that was developed or drafted by the management of the company.  The members of the organization are introduced to the rules drafted by the management and it is necessary to follow the stated policies. Through this process the members of the company attempts to develop positive relationship with the clients, staffs and others associated with the organization. Conflicts and difference in opinion regardless of the nature and severity has to be solved by the management. This would minimise the impact of the disagreement between the members on the work or targets that has been set forth by the management (Boatright, 2003). Ethical issue is a part of the integrity rules that has been drafted by the management of the company. The rules have to be outlined and communicated effectively with the members or the staffs of the company. Through this process, the management can outline that can affect the performance of the staffs within the company. Ethical factors have to be differentiated as per the clients and the staffs of the company. For staffs, the management needs to introduce fair opportunities for every member through which the working ability can be improved. In this process, the issues expected to be faced by the staffs and the opportunities associated with the same has to be discussed with the employees. This would enable the staffs to do the right things through which the performance and productivity for the company can be improved. In the similar manner, important information has to be shared with the clients and stakeholders of the company. In this process, the challenges or issues faced by the external factors has to be analysed. This would help in resolving the issue and finding the best possible solution through which the issue can be sorted (Boldrin and Levine, 2008) Solution Ethical policies and rules form the core important factor that defines the method or the process that needs to be followed by the managers. The management of the company are expected to follow the stated rules as per the code of conduct process. Through such factors an attempt is made to improve transparency level and improve the work ability of the company.  In this method, it is necessary for analysing the lapse between the drafted policy and the steps taken to implement the same. Policies are drafted to inform the staffs about following the right steps for accomplishing the task. In this process, it is essential for the HR department of the company to constantly interact with the staffs and managers (Borossa and Rooney, 2003) The CEO of the company is expected to follow the stated rules and disclose the necessary information which could impact the performance of the company. The rules has to be meticulously followed, as per the disclosure clause or rules drafted by the management.   This is done to inform about the required changes and the procedure that is expected to be followed for introducing an effective strategy for improving the sales.  Drafted policies are worthless, unless the same is followed by the members. In order to ensure that the staffs follow the sta
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