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1. In a paragraph, describe how new technology made World War I significantly different from earlier wars. Provide examples of new technology and describe their importance to the war.

2. Look at the painting Guitar and Bottle by Juan Gris, created in 1921. Describe its artistic style and how this style reflects a social reaction to modernity during the period in which it was made

3. Describe the social and political factors in Germany during the Nazi regime that led to the persecution and extermination of minority groups, especially Jews.

4. After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union fought for influence in Europe. What strategies did each government pursue to maintain its level of influence? How did this affect the nations in both Eastern and Western Europe?

5. In a short paragraph, describe John Maynard Keynes's major economic philosophies and how his beliefs differed from economic theories that were popular during the early years of the Great Depression.



1. First World War was unlike any previous war for its reliance on the advanced industrial technology as well as the elaborate economic and political organization of belligerent nations. It can be stated that the First World War saw the first wide spread used of the machine guns, submarine operations, air power, armored vehicles and poison gas. Apart from that, it can be stated that this war was characterized by an almost unprecedented mobilization of the civilian resources in order to escalate the pace of combat. Dalla Costa, Sarah have stated that what made First World War different from the previous wars were the use of tanks, planes along with the long range artillery. Moreover, new lines of machine guns were ripped through infantry advances. Nuclear weapons, space weapons, stealth aircraft, tomahawk missiles, submarines and drones are some of the new technologies that have modified the process of warfare (Soroka, Marina).
2. Guitar and Bottle is one of the famous artworks of Juan Gris, painted in the year 1921. The style of this painting was synthetic cubism and the genre is still life. Through crayon, gouache and canvas this remarkable still life picture was created. It is required to mention here that in the year 1906, Juan Gris traveled to Paris and meet Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. They inspired him so much that he started working on synthetic cubism. It can be stated that synthetic cubism was innovative in nature, as it focuses on using of collage and papier colles (Eimert, Dorothea). Both these elements help in bridging the gap between existence and fine art through interleaving pieces of the real world on the picture. However, history says that these painting later largely influenced some movement like Dada (1916-1924), Surrealism (1924 onwards) and Pop Art (1960-1975).
3. Smith et al. in their research work has stated that in the repercussion of First World War, Germany was in chaos situation until 1920s. This situation was perfect for setting the rise of revolutionary ideologies as well as agitator political leaders. It is believed that Nazis planned the extermination of the Jews since their takeover of authority in 1933. In this context, one of the major term is scapegoat, as Hitler and Nazis all thought that Jews were accountable for huge events like trailing in First World War as well as the financial catastrophe. Apart from that, Hitler believed that all problems of Germany’s were because of the Jews. From the pages of history, it can be seen that anti-Semitism was one of the common anti-Jewish sentiments and this as well was highly influential that influenced Nazis to kill Jews. Just after the Election on 5th March, 1933, Hitler and Nazis started taking over Germany and started unlash their anger against the Jews (Orlow).


4. History states that after the World War II, both the United States and the Soviet Union battled their best for maintaining its level of influence. It can be seen that there were a tremendous effort to contain USSR from imposing its economic as well as political ideology on the nations that were weakened by their severe involvement in World War II. NATO was initiated by the western allies in order to face a possible attempt by USSR to roll their forces into Western Europe as the Western Europe started rebuilding from World War II (Tackett, Timothy).  It can be seen that although the Soviet Union was victorious in Second World War, its economic condition had been devastated in the entire struggle. During the post World War era, Stalin tightened its democratic controls in order to maintain its level of influence. However, the US as well started showing more power to maintain their same position in the global scenario (Taggart, Donald).
5. It is regardless to mention that John Maynard was so influential in the middle third century that a complete school of modern thinking that stands his name. The central theme of the thought was that the government is capable enough to stabilize the economic condition. It can be stated that during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the accessible theory was incapable to demonstrate the reasons of the harsh worldwide monetary fall down. In his hypothesis, Keynes argued that insufficient in general demand could significantly lead to the long-drawn-out periods of high rate of joblessness (Mini, Piero). He stated that aggregated demand is highly predisposed by many monetary conclusions like public and private. Second principle was prices and particularly earnings, respond little by little to the changes in demand and supply. The third opinion was changes in aggregated demand; whether predictable or unexpected have their maximum short-run effect on the genuine output as well as employment, not on the costs (Hazlitt, Henry).



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