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Accounting for Managers

Become familiar with the basic concepts of management accounting in a very easy, simple and interesting way

4 (50 Ratings) 1,778 Students enrolled English
Created by Viktoria Nedelcheva
Last updated Wed, 12-Oct-2022

What will i learn?

  • Manufacturing and non-manufacturing costs
  • Product and period costs
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Fixed, variable and mixed costs
  • Absorption costing
  • Job order costing
  • Over-absorption and under-absorption of overheads
  • No prerequisites
Curriculum for this course
22 Lessons 00:19:15 Hours
  • Introduction
    Preview 00:01:02
  • Meaning of Management Accounting
  • Manufacturing and Non - Manufacturing Cost
  • Costs and cost drivers
  • Manufacturing and nonmanufacturing costs- 2
  • Product Costs and Period Costs
  • Direct costs and indirect costs
  • Fixed costs, variable costs and mixed costs
  • Fixed costs and variable costs - example
  • FIFO - First in First out Method
  • Weighted Average methods
  • Absorption Costing
  • Marginal Costing
  • Job Order Costing
  • Job-order costing - example
  • Process costing
  • Process costing - example
  • Process costing and FIFO
  • Process costing and Weighted average cost method
  • Process Costing - Normal Loss
  • Process Costing - Abnormal Loss
  • Process Costing and Concepts of Equivalent Units

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Course overview

If you are a business owner or manager,  you are in the right place.  This course will give you the basis you need to make the right business decisions. 

Through a bunch of practical examples,  you will learn how to apply all basic methods relating to costing,  pricing,  and profit.

It's not possible to get bored during the course,  because it is short,  informative,  and drives you to think and track information all the time. 

First,  you will learn to classify the costs of a business.

Second,  you will learn the methods that a business can apply by inventory valuation.

Next,  you will see which methods you can use to calculate the product cost,  depending on the way that overheads are included in the cost.

Then,  you will get familiar with two other costing methods you can choose from,  depending on the type of production that a business offers.

Once you get the foundation mentioned above,  you will be well prepared to make the right business decisions.

This course will show you that management accounting is not as confusing and boring as you think. And something more, reading tons of antique books is unnecessary to become confident in this area.

The course consists of short, clear, and easy-to-understand theory, and explained examples. With this course, the learning process is just a piece of cake.

Just take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Accountants
  • Managers
  • Business owners
  • Everyone who wants to expand their business competence and confidence
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About instructor

Viktoria Nedelcheva

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  • RK
    Rosemary K
    Provided some good information but think I was looking for something about the various cost types and their use, as well as how to determine what ones are needed.
  • AC
    Amy C
    Great content, unfortunately the verbal was a bit difficult to understand and the transcription was quite wrong. I learnt a lot though!
  • MB
    Michelle B
    I like the easy manner of explanations, the diagrams used and to the point data sharing. The language is a bit of a barrier, but nothing that can't be sorted by reading the transcripts.
  • DS
    Deepa S
    There are no solutions to the exercise questions. The course is very basic. Some more detailed information could've been added. There was a calculation error in one of the examples.
  • S
    Soon Y
    Straight forward. Thank you
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