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MBA: Retail management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

Build a successful career with the best retail and E-commerce business course

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Created by Navdeep Yadav
Last updated Thu, 14-Jul-2022

What will i learn?

  • Retail management
  • E-commerce and D2C brand
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Store layout and design
  • Retail finance and accounting
  • Category and Inventory Management
  • Private labels and white labels
  • Retail Marketing Mix
  • Merchandising management and planning
  • Inventory management and planning
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Customer Life time Value
  • Introduction to Asset Management and Margin Management
  • E-commerce and D2C brands
  • Types of retail store based on trading area
  • Basic understanding of business
  • Should be familiar with Microsoft Excel
Curriculum for this course
42 Lessons 05:23:55 Hours
  • Chapter 1
    Preview 00:05:35
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Consumer Vs Customers- Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10

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Course overview

 The Internet has changed the concept of world business. The idea of online shopping all over the world has been suggested to have started since the year 2002 when websites were started off; Since then, numerous brands have begun to showcase a strong presence in the online market. Ecommerce is just the process of purchasing and selling produce by electronic means such as mobile applications and the Internet.

E-commerce has a major impact on the markets and online retail industry in a variety of ways. The whole shopping experience has drastically changed the entire scenario. 

If you have been to a store, do you want to buy more than you require? 

Online shopping sites provide an outstanding shopping experience using great business strategies. If you want to be a successful e-commerce business owner or know trendy business strategies, this course will help you understand the strategy.   

That's because they provide a fantastic shopping experience using some business techniques. In addition,'s retail management and E-commerce course will help you understand the strategy you can follow if you are planning to start your own retail business or e-commerce brand in the future.

Why you should Learn Retail management and E-commerce with

There are various advantages of learning retail management and E-commerce with

The course includes: 

In-depth concepts of retail marketing and global business 

New online strategies for business and retail 

Branding your products 

B2B and B2C and their functionalities 

Global marketing analysis 

Customer satisfaction 

 What is the Importance of Retail management and E-commerce in your Career

Learning E-commerce will help you in numerous ways, including: 

Reduces you cost 

Allows you to go global 

Few overheads and fewer risk factor 

It helps you to widen your brands and expand your business 

Better marketing opportunities

The online store is open 24*7

More accessible and convenient as a career goal 

 How do we find problems in Retail management and E-commerce?

Here are the listed lessons to be learned to solve all the problems in retail management and E-commerce: 

· Retail management definition 

· Merchandising management and planning

· E-commerce and D2C brand

· Inventory management and planning

· Customer Relationship Management

· Market Basket Analysis

· Store layout and design

· Customer Lifetime Value

· Retail finance and accounting

· Introduction to Asset Management and Margin Management

· Category and Inventory Management

· E-commerce and D2C brands

· Private labels and white labels

· retail stores based on the trading area

· Retail Marketing Mix

 Key features of Retail management and E-commerce include

Introduction to Retail Management and its fundamentals

• definition of Retail Management

• Types of the retail marketing mix

• What is Porter Five Force Model

• Significance of SWOT Analysis

• What is Consumer vs Customers

• How to know retail Consumer

• What is Variety vs Assortment

Kinds of Retail store and Trading area

• Types of retail stores based on the structure

• What are the types of retail stores based on the trading area

• Reilly's Law of Retail Gravitation | Retail Management |

• Huff Gravity Model | Retail Management |

• Trading area Advance exercise

Omnichannel and e-commerce

1. Webrooming vs Showrooming

2. Multichannel and Omnichannel strategy

Warby Parker Omnichannel Case study

• Warby Parker Case Study Intro

• Warby parker Retail Finance Metrics

• Basics of Income Statement

• Warby Parker Contribution Margin

Customer Data in retail management

• Customer Relationship Management

• Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) analysis

• Market Basket Analysis (Market Basket Analysis)

• Association and Support (Market Basket Analysis)

• Confidence (Market Basket Analysis)

• Lift (Market Basket Analysis)

• Name manager and Indirect function

• Market Basket Analysis

Store layout and design

• Customer Lifetime Value

• Customer Lifetime Value Assignment

• Types of Store Layout

• The goal of Store Design

• Store layout Exercise - Lift

Retail finance and accounting

• Introduction to Retail Finance

• Income Statement and Cash flow statement

• Introduction to Asset Management and Margin Management

• The Strategic Profit Model in Retail Management

• Walmart and Tiffany Financial Statement

• Retail Finance Assignment

• Financial metrics Conclusion

Category and Inventory Management

• Introduction to Category Management


• ABC Analysis for Inventory Management

E-commerce and D2C brands

• Introduction to e-commerce and D2C

• Private labels and white labels

• D2C business model

• Marketing, Sales and expansion of the D2C brand

 Who this Course is for:
  • Candidates desired to start their retail store or online business
  • BBA/finance or business graduate wanted to learn about operation and supply chain
  • Businesspersons looking to expand their retail business online
  • Students who want to start their own e-commerce brands
 What you will learn from this Course? 

 Here is the list of topics you will learn from the retail management and Ecommerce online course at  

  • Retail finance and accounting
  • Category and Inventory Management 
  • E-commerce and D2C brands
  • Types of Retail store and Trading areas
  • Omnichannel and e-commerce 
  • Warby Parker Omnichannel Case study
  • Customer Data in retail management
  • Store layout and designs
  • Forecasting and Demand planning
  • Retail Marketing Mix
  • Porter Five Force Model
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Consumer vs Customers
  • Understanding the Retail Consumer
  • Variety vs Assortment 
  • Course Content PPT notes

What are the outcomes of these Courses/ Skills you will gain

The course gives a foundation and helpful insights for new retail managers successfully. Many main objectives and topics have been covered, and students can be more confident in starting a new job soon.

Students will get free samples, sources and various PPT contents, and applicants can download those sources anytime.

They can access the learning videos and download online lectures.  

 Career in Retail management and E-commerce

After completing your online retail management and E-commerce course at, you will get various lucrative options like: 

Store Manager 

Sales Manager


Warehouse Manager  

Brand Manager      

Marketing Executive 

Retail Sales Associate 

Product Developer   

Small Business Owner

 Know your instructor

Jason Wills is a retail design professional. He has been associated with designing retail stores and other commercial structures. In addition, Jason has been working as a business instructor and manager in the UK. With considerable experience in retail business and Ecommerce strategies, Jason is the most reviewed instructor at 


 How do I start the Retail management and E-commerce Course?

To start retail management and E-commerce course at is easy, smooth and affordable. Just search and watch out for the online services.

Now, log in to and register your name with your Email-ID.

After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation from the service management team. 

You will get all the updates via mail and SMS. 

What is the first step to working in Retail management and E-commerce as a regular user?

The first stage in learning how to start an E-commerce business is conducting rigorous research about the online market. Just as you were starting a cafe and looking into various locations, food menus and themes, you will want to research the E-commerce area you are interested in and make some decisions with a price to your specific business.


 How do you solve Retail management and E-commerce problem?

Indeed, you will get various unwanted challenges in your professional retail business area. retail management and online E-commerce course will help you to win every problem and resolve it instantly. Taking proper solutions and delivering on time is one of the outstanding issues in online retail and e-commerce business. 

 Why should we use Retail management and E-commerce?

There are various positive sides to using retail management and E-commerce sites like:

Easy access to the global market 

Reduced expensive retail premises

Potential for rapid growth 

Widen market or export 

Instant delivery

 Which of the following are features of Retail management and E-commerce?

Here are the best features of retail management and E-commerce site: 

User-friendly navigation 

Site search quickly

Footer navigation 

Great product videos 

Product reviews from consumers 

Easy return policy

FAQ for products and services

FAQ for the store

Order tracking 

Email and contacts 

Push notifications 

Live chat options 

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