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Essential Communication Skills for Personal & Professional life

Learn from the trained communicators

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Created by Rajesh C R (Soft Skill Facilitator)
Last updated Thu, 13-Oct-2022

What will i learn?

  • In this course, you will be able to communicate effectively ( steps shared)
  • You will be able to communicate assertively. (activity based)
  • You will be able to communicate efficiently. (unique lecture)
  • You will be able to write an e- mail effectively (case study shared)
  • An Open Mind
Curriculum for this course
39 Lessons 01:09:51 Hours
  • Intro
  • Traffic Light
  • 123 Principle
  • Traffic Light activity
  • Traffic Light activity - assignment
  • Traffic Light activity - assignment/ solutions
  • Broken record
  • I - statement
  • Assertive communication
  • Intro
    Preview 00:01:06
  • Name the Object - Activity
  • Efficient communication
  • Intro - case study
    Preview 00:02:34
  • Dr. Wilber's five elements of effective writing.
  • Dr. Wilber's five elements of effective writing.
  • Dr. Wilber's five elements of effective writing.
  • Dr. Wilber's five elements of effective writing.
  • Dr. Wilber's five elements of effective writing.
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Content
  • Letter writing test- Email
  • 3 Simple Steps
  • Written Communication
  • Trailer
    Preview 00:01:30
  • History & Definition
  • The three types of communication.
    Preview 00:02:39
  • 5 simple steps of communication
  • Introduction
  • Intro
  • Joy
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Preparation
  • Clarity
  • Kiss Vs Kill activity
  • Kiss Vs Kill assignment
  • Kiss Vs Kill assignment - solution
  • Effective Communication Skill

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Course overview

You must be aware that today one skill that has become most important is communication. Communication skills are considered to be one such factor that can measure a professional's success rate. 

At, we bring you the most impactful communication course ever. With detailed guidance from the skillful experts, be sure that you will learn all the dos and don'ts of effective communication. 

We mean effective communication that you can use in every phase of your life, specifically your personal and professional life. The course teaches you all about the right way of inter-personal communication, team communication, mass communication etc. it ensures that after the course, your communication skill should not be the hurdle on your way to success. 

Starting from communication fundamentals to the difference between assertive and effective communication, this course covers a lot. Believe it; no other online communication course can offer you this much. So, if you have the opportunity of learning so much about effective and impactful communication that too not leave the comfort of your house, then why not?

The only advice is to try it and see; you won't be disappointed. 

2. Why Should You Learn Communication Fundamentals from

To learn the fundamentals of communication, it is important that you have a good communicator as your guide. Your instructor's guidance depends on how much you learn and how confident you become about applying your learning. To be honest good communication is not something that books can teach you. You will learn it from real-life examples and experiences. Also, these can be conveyed properly only if the instructor is skillful enough.

Hence you can already decipher that a good instructor is essential in learning good communication. That is one of the major reasons why you should join our classes. We provide you with an A+ class instructor with adequate knowledge and the right amount of experience to be your light bearer. 

Hence, choose us, get the right guidance, and learn communication in the best way possible.

3. What is the Importance of Communication Fundamentals in Your Career?

Communication is very important for your career. If you are already a working professional, you would already know-how in each and every step you need to show your communication skills. However, if you are not working yet, know that from the interview to your appraisal, you have to show your enhanced communication skill everywhere. 

Whether a client meeting or a seminar, you can prove your excellence through your intricate communication capabilities. That is why today's youth never forget to mention their excellence in communication in their CV. So, register for the communication course at and take a step to stay ahead in the rat race. 

4. How to Fight Problems in Communication with Our Course?

Not everybody is a born communicator. Most of them have to work hard to develop their communication skills. But without proper communication knowledge, you might encounter various problems, especially in your career. Few of them are – 

  • Not being able to convey your opinion regarding something
  • Not being able to be productive in teamwork
  • Not being able to communicate your problems when and where required
  • Not being able to give your 100% during interviews, meetings and seminars.

To solve all these problems, you need to know how to communicate in the right way in a different situation. Our communication course helps you easily deal with all these problems. 

5. Key features of Our Communication Fundamentals Course

The key features of this course are – 

  • This course bestows you with simple techniques, innovative ideas and real-life examples.
  • You get a chance to learn from a highly passionate, knowledgeable and rightly experienced instructor.
  • There is no scope for unnecessary exaggeration in this Course. It is to the point, short and crisp. 

6. Who this Course is for?

As per the instructor, there is no such pre-requirement for this Course. You need not have any particular eligibility criteria to get admitted for the Course. The instructor says that to learn effective communication, you need to have an open mind. Without the same, a candidate won't be accepting enough, and without the capability of acceptance, one cannot learn the tricks of better communication. 

7. What Will You Learn from This Course?

From this Course, you will be able to learn various forms of communication – 

  • You will be able to communicate effectively 
  • You will be able to communicate assertively. 
  • You will be able to communicate efficiently. 
  • You will be able to write an e-mail effectively. 

Not only just lectures, but you also get to learn here from case studies, activities and unique lectures as well. This means that here you get an altogether different learning experience which obviously helps you learn better.

8. What Skills Will You Gain?

  • A clear understanding of the fundamentals of communication.
  • Communication skills are required during interviews, presentations and other formal gatherings. 
  • The difference in effective communication in personal and professional life. 
  • You will learn how to keep your communication short and simple yet impactful.
  • You will learn how to improvise communication-based on the other person(s) body language. 
  • Not only verbal, but you will also learn to communicate effectively through writing as well.

9. Career Opportunities after Completion of the Communication Fundamentals Course

Today every sector needs employees who are good at communication. So if you know about effective communication, you are already a step ahead in pursuing your dream career. But other than these, you can pursue the career of a communicator, a communication specialist who trains other employees with tricks and tips for effective communication. 

10. Know your instructor

Rajesh C R

Rajesh is a full-time engineer by profession. But besides that, he is a certified and well-experienced trainer and also a keynote speaker. In addition, Rajesh has quite a name as a communicator. Learning from him can be a golden opportunity for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit, register yourself with all necessary details and avail of the Course as per you're your convenience. 

The first step to becoming a communicator is listening, and the first step to being a part of the communication fundamentals course is signing up with the brand. 

To solve your communication fundamental problems, you need to enrol for a course that teaches you ways to deal with them. As of now, the fundamental communication course at is the best choice you have. 

One should use communication fundamentals to understand all professional and personal communication requirements and then use them wisely.


One should use communication fundamentals to understand all professional and personal communication requirements and then use them wisely.

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