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Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations)

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Created by Fredrick Obiorah Ezeh(PMP Certified)
Last updated Fri, 15-Jul-2022

What will i learn?

  • You will be able to start Ms PowerPoint application and understand its environment
  • You will be able to create and work with Presentations and Slides
  • You will be able to work with, edit and format text in your Presentation
  • You will be able to work with layouts in your Presentation
  • You will be able to create and work with Tables
  • You will be able to create and work with Graphics and Designs
  • You will be able to create Slide Designs, Shows, Transition and Animations
  • Basic knowledge of using a windows operating system interface like Windows 10 or any other windows
  • Ensure you have Ms PowerPoint installed on your laptop or computer via Microsoft Office package (e.g. Ms Office 365 or any other)
  • A laptop or desktop computer
Curriculum for this course
37 Lessons 03:26:37 Hours
  • Creating New Presentation and Entering Text
  • Saving Presentations and Using Save-As
  • Closing, Opening, Printing and Exiting Presentations
  • Practice Quiz for Module 2
  • Selecting Text, Copying, Moving, Pasting, Undo and Redo
  • Spell Check, Grammar, Thesaurus, Find and Replace Functions
  • Practice Quiz for Module 3
  • Font Level Formatting
  • Alignment, Indent and Line Spacing Functions
  • Creating Columns, Using Format Painter and Change Case Functions
  • Super-Script, Sub-Script, Strikethrough, Bullets and Numbering
  • Headers, Footers, Slide Number, Date and Time
  • Practice Quiz for Module 4
  • Creating Table, Spreadsheet Table, Table Style and Shading
  • Insert & Delete Row & Column, Align Text Table, Delete Table
  • Symbols, Charts, Smart-Art
  • Drawing Tools, Shapes, Pictures, Resizing Objects
  • Objects Fill & Color, Line Outline & Color-Line Styles & Width
  • Group & Ungroup Objects & Text, Rotate & Order Objects
  • Shapes, Effects, Boxes and WordArt
  • Duplicate, Remove and Reposition Slides
  • Importing Slides into Presentation
  • Slide Design, Themes and Variants
  • Adding Transitions to Slides
  • Adding Timing to Transitions Slides
  • Adding Animations and Timing
  • Running Slide Show
  • Practice Quiz for Module 5
  • Final Practice Quiz - All Modules
  • General Introduction and Course Description
  • What is PowerPoint and Starting PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Environment Explained - Part 1
  • PowerPoint Environment Explained - Part 2
  • PowerPoint Environment Explained - Part 3
  • PowerPoint Environment Explained - Part 4
  • PowerPoint Environment Explained - Part 5
  • Practice Quiz for Module 1

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Course overview

Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations) is an important element for businesses. Aspiring professionals are expected to know everything about Microsoft PowerPoint. So, if you are preparing to step into the professional world, enrol for the Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations) course at 

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint will help you make a mark in the workplace and succeed in your profession quickly. is popular for providing the best assistance with academic lessons and has the best minds to help you learn Microsoft PowerPoint properly. 

So, what will you learn? Here’s an insight:

  • Introduction to PowerPoint basic tools
  • Basic PowerPoint features, slide design, business presentation preparation
  • Advanced PowerPoint features
  • Company case study: to help you learn all about PowerPoint presentation
  • Supporting study materials

The course will help you take up critical jobs and be ahead of others. will help you learn Microsoft PowerPoint correctly. 

Hence, sign up with us for the right knowledge and race past others to grab the right opportunities. 

Why should you learn Microsoft PowerPoint from is a pioneer in the online education industry and has an experience of more than a decade. The online Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations) course is for both students and professionals. Choosing us to learn Microsoft PowerPoint will be wise because:

  • We have highly-qualified experts

The first and the most important reason to choose us is the experts. We rope in the best minds in the industry to help students and professionals learn all about Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also ask for one-on-one sessions to clear all your doubts. 

  • Best prices

A major reason to choose our online course is the prices. You will not get such prices anywhere else other than We have always prioritised students’ concerns and prepared the courses accordingly. Hence, don't worry about prices when you sign up with us. 

  • Revision sessions

It is impossible to learn everything at one go. We ensure to help students with the course correctly. You can ask us for revision sessions if you need them. Our experts can help you learn the lessons correctly and be prepared for the world. 

  • 24*7 availability

You will not have to wait to get your doubts clarified when you sign up with We are available 24*7 and can clarify all your doubts at odd hours. Furthermore, if you are unable to understand a lesson, ask our expert and learn it at any time without hesitation. has all the elements to help you learn Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations) correctly. Hence, enrol yourself for the course and learn it for a better future. 

What is the importance of Microsoft PowerPoint in your career?

Denying the significance of Microsoft PowerPoint will be foolish. The tool has a lot of importance in businesses. Management students are expected to know all about Microsoft PowerPoint and be able to present. 

Students with proper PowerPoint skills are expected to be ahead of others. Microsoft PowerPoint is used by everyone around the world and is a major tool for getting more business. Companies use the tool to explain their business to clients and convince them to invest. 

The employees handling such presentations must be well-equipped with all the aspects of Microsoft PowerPoint. If you have the right skills, you can be assured of getting more acquainted with the company’s operations and having more friends at work. 

Don’t wait to opt for the best course on Microsoft PowerPoint. Sign up with us to learn and be ahead of others. 

How to find problems in Microsoft PowerPoint?

You need to look into a lot of things while working on a PowerPoint presentation. Keeping it short and crisp is important. If you are unsure about the quality of your presentation, check for these problems and rectify them:

  • Too much written content
  • Complex charts
  • Poor transitions
  • Bad formatting of images
  • Poorly contrasted slides
  • Hiding important information
  • Poor-quality presentation

If you find these problems, consider rectifying them immediately to create an effective PowerPoint presentation. 

Key features of Microsoft PowerPoint

Know the key features of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint design ideas
  • Animations
  • Slide transitions
  • Images
  • Merge shapes
  • Videos
  • Icons
  • PowerPoint notes for a presentation 

Who is this course for?

The course is for:

  • People who are struggling with PowerPoint presentations
  • People who want to grow professionall

What will you learn from this course?

Here’s what you will learn from this course:

  • All about PowerPoint basic tools
  • Advanced PowerPoint features
  • Best ways of presentation
  • Practical ways of using PowerPoint elements 

What are the outcomes/skills you will gain from this course?

The course will prepare you for:

  • Using PowerPoint elements correctly
  • Creating effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Identifying and rectifying common PowerPoint problems

Career after Microsoft PowerPoint

Here are some career options after you learn Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Sales representative
  • Account executive
  • Account manager
  • Marketing associate
  • Senior associate 

Know your instructor

Amit Chopra is well-known for providing online Microsoft PowerPoint classes to students. He comes with more than 10 years of experience and holds an MBA degree from a reputed institute. His experience allows him to understand and solve Microsoft PowerPoint-related problems easily. Students have appreciated his teaching methods and have rated him 4.7/5. 


1. How do I start the Microsoft PowerPoint course?

Ans: You can visit to get started with the Microsoft PowerPoint course. Select Microsoft PowerPoint course from the list of online courses and follow the steps to start learning. 

2. What is the first step to work in Microsoft PowerPoint as a normal user?

Ans: Follow these steps when you start using Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time:

  • Start a blank presentation
  • Type text in your title slide
  • Insert more slides
  • Add content to each slide
  • Change the design
  • Add animations and transitions, if necessary
  • Save your presentation

You can create a good presentation once you follow these steps. 

3. How do you solve Microsoft PowerPoint problems?

Ans: You can solve Microsoft PowerPoint problems by correctly identifying and understanding each of them. When you learn about the tool, you must understand that the content has to be short and crisp. Hence, adding too much text to the slides is not necessary. If you detect the problem, work on it immediately, and rectify it to make it better. 

4. Why should we use Microsoft PowerPoint?

Ans: Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most effective tools for presentation, and major companies use the tool to make business presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint helps in expressing an idea or point in the best ways. You will be able to explain a concept and keep your audience glued to the facts through a presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint adds on to the interest of an audience and helps you explain the points correctly. 

5. What are the features of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Ans: Here are some of the features of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint design ideas
  • Animations
  • Slide transitions
  • Images
  • Merge shapes
  • Videos
  • Icons
  • PowerPoint notes for a presentation

You can check these features once you start using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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