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Using Your Body Parts To Communicate

Master manipulating your body parts to communicate in more positive and effect ways from expert executive leadership trainer Carol Marzouk.

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Created by Ken Burke
Last updated Mon, 04-Jul-2022

What will i learn?

  • Which communication approach do I take based on what I want the outcome of the conversation to be?
  • What do I do if someone makes my blood boil, and I am about to lose control, during a conversation?
  • Do I have to be touchy feely and use emotion in order to build relationships through conversation?
  • Any professionals
Curriculum for this course
7 Lessons 00:14:12 Hours
  • Ever Lose Your Temper?
    Preview 00:02:01
  • Logic or Emotion?
  • Instincts and Boundaries
  • Your Corazon
  • Don't Just Stay There!
  • What Do I Do Next?
  • Metadata - Using Body Parts to Communicate

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Course overview

We have all lost our temper or been with someone who has or has been stuck in a conversation that we don't know how to get out of gracefully.  Do you ever wonder how to approach a situation or a person in order to get the outcome you desire? What if it's a sticky situation?  When should you approach them with logic, and how?  What about if you want to influence them with a complete purity of heart without manipulation?  Have you ever had boundaries crossed and you don't know how to get back to the place where you the other person doesn't cross them?
This course will take you through how to do all of that and more.

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  • NE
    Nour E.
    It was such exciting beginning , it encouraged me to learn as much as I can from this course .
  • BR
    Bushra R.
    I learned a lot of things that I didn't know before and that people don't pay attention to in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My everyday consciousness has changed very positively.
  • YA
    Yew Ann Y.
    Almost complete the course. Overall, learnt some new names for some body language and ways to behave. Mostly are common sense.
  • NE
    Nash E. T.
    Very informative. I would definitely use a lot of important points when training my company's employees.
  • PB
    Pedro B.
    I found this course really helpful and the content can be applied on daily activities in multiple environments
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