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Learn Hadoop and Azure HDInsight basics this evening in 2 hr

Learn Basics of Hadoop and Azure within a Day

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What will i learn?

  • Hadoop Basics
  • Azure HDInsight basics
  • Basics of Database
Curriculum for this course
30 Lessons 02:26:54 Hours
  • Course Introduction
    Preview 00:00:54
  • Create Azure Free Subscription
  • Azure Portal Review
  • Azure Services Overview
  • Resource Management group and Subscription
  • Resource Groups
  • Tagging
  • Delete resources and set budget
  • Hadoop Overview
  • Why We Need Distribute Computing
  • Two ways to build system
  • Introducing Hadoop
  • Hadoop vs RDBMS
  • Hadoop Summary
  • Why Hadoop is Hard?
  • How HDInsight make Hadoop Easy
  • Important aspects of HDInsight
  • HDInsight cluster types
  • HDInsight Architecture
  • Demo overview
  • Create Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (source) and SQL Server (destination)
  • What is Managed Identity
  • Add Managed Identity to Gen2 and Database accounts
  • Create HDInsight Interactive Query Cluster
  • Ambari overview and UI
  • Ingest dataset in to DataLake storage
  • Data Extraction with Hive
  • Data transformation with Hive
  • Data Export using Sqoop
  • Summary

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Course overview

Azure HDInsight is a cloud-based distribution system that uses Hadoop. Azure HDInsight is a fast and easy process that is much more cost-effective than other systems. Take this course to know

· How to process massive amounts of data in a customisable environment

· How to use popular open-source frameworks like Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka, LLAP, Storm, and others

· The fundamental understanding of the Hadoop Ecosystem and 3 main building blocks.

· Fundamentals of Big Data in Azure Cloud using HDInsight

· The challenges of using Hadoop and how HDInsight can solve these problems.

· The different Cluster types and HDInsight Architecture.

· How to fetch data from Data Lake, process it through Hive, and store it with SQL Server.


Why should you Learn Hadoop and Azure with


· Get Updated Knowledge

Hadoop and Azure are two newer concepts in the world of data science. Students often lack adequate knowledge and updated information about these. Hence they look to work on their knowledge base using

· Experienced Helpers has a team of data science and computer programming experts with real-life work experience. They are PhD-qualified experts, and you can expect to get only the best assistance to learn about Hadoop and Azure.

· Easy to Contact

Contacting a programing expert from is easy as a breeze! Just type your requirements to our customer centre executives over email or webchat. Alternatively, call them on our hotline number and get prompt guidance.

· Affordable Solutions

Get the best Hadoop and Azure solutions at the most affordable rates. We keep our rates low so that no student needs to compromise their monthly budget to get academic help.

What is the Importance of Hadoop and Azure in your Career

There are several benefits of Hadoop and Azure in your everyday life. Irrespective of whether you are an employee or a businessman, here are some benefits you can get from learning these two programs.

· Hadoop and Azure perform operations quickly, making you more productive.

· Helps to boost your business by implementing faster development and delivery cycles.

· Helps your business grow by giving it a global reach.

· Increases the scalability of the business by using IoT systems.

· Helps an employee or a business to complete the projects faster with a complete integrated delivery pipeline.

· Helps companies to safeguard from data loss and server failures with global fail-over standby models and quick reboot capacity.

· The single sign-in feature ensures easy access for all the users.

· Data tracking and Cross Checking features ensure complete protection from unauthorised usage.

· GDPR and HIPAA-approved policies ensure your business always complies with the standard rules.

· Its ease of access from anywhere helps you to work more efficiently.

· You need minimal operational costs as Microsoft tools support it.

· Its accurate analysing algorithm helps you to get flawless data and thus implement better plans for the future.


How to Create a Bug-report in Hadoop and Azure Programming?

Follow these steps to create a bug report in Hadoop and Azure programming –

· Give your case a name, for example, Active Bugs.

· Select Private View to save it under “My Views” or “Shared Views”.

· Tap “Continue” to proceed to the next tab.

· Select the project and team you want to make the report on from the “Work Items” tab.

· Click on the “Add” tab if you want to add multiple rows

· Click “Add” from “Backlogs and Work Items” and select the bug from the list of work item types.

· Choose the “State” field to “Active” after clicking the “Field Criteria”

· Click on the "Field" option and choose from the two options; include baseline fields for reporting as well as project custom fields and add, update or remove fields in the view.

· Next is the “History” tab. Choose “Rolling Period in Days” and type 60 in the dialogue box.

· The last tab is “Verification”. Click on the "verify view" option, and the system will start running a test query to verify your view against the dataset.

Once the data is validated, click “Save”, and it will generate your report.

Key features of Hadoop and Azure Programming include

The primary key features of Hadoop and Azure programming are –

· Open Source Programming

· Highly Scalable Cluster

· Fault Tolerance is Available

· Easily Available

· Cost-Effective

· Extremely Flexible

· Easy to Use

· Hadoop uses Data Locality

1. Who this course is for

You can opt for this course if –

· You want to learn Hadoop basics

· You want to learn how to implement Hadoop components in Azure Cloud through HDInsight

The target audience for this course is –

· Beginners in Microsoft Azure Platform

· Microsoft Azure Data Scientist

· Microsoft Azure Data Engineers

· Database Administrators

· Database and BI developers

· On-Premises Database related profiles who want to learn how to implement Hadoop components in Azure Cloud.

· Data Analyst or similar profiles

· Anyone looking forward to start his career as an Azure Data Engineer.


What you will learn from this course

After learning this course, you will get detailed knowledge about –

· Basics of Hadoop

· Azure HDInsight Basics


What are the outcomes of these Courses/ Skills you will gain

Complete this course to develop these skills –

· Problem-solving skills that a programmer may need

· Designing and architecting skills

· Documenting

· Workflow designing, scheduling, and usage

· Data loading and familiarity in working with varied forms of data


Career after Hadoop and Azure

After completing your courses on Hadoop and Azure, you can make a good, high-paying career in reliable jobs

· Web developer

· Security engineer

· Cloud administrator

· Artificial intelligence engineer

· Data engineer solutions architect

· DevOps engineer.

Since cloud computing is the future, learning Hadoop and Azure can be a great career choice.

Know your Instructor

Stephen Smith worked as a program developer and data scientist for more than ten years in a multinational company. He now owns his own consultancy firm and helps students to make the right career choices after proper counselling.


1) How do I start Hadoop and Azure Programming?

You need to have a basic knowledge of T-SQL and Database concepts before starting Hadoop and Azure Programming.

2) What is the first step to working in Home Automation using Hadoop and Azure Programming as a normal user?

You need to have science in your classes 11 and 12 and an elementary knowledge of T-SQL and Database concepts before you learn about automation using Hadoop and Azure Programming.

3) How do you solve Hadoop and Azure bugs?

· Gather data about the issue

· Validate the HDInsight cluster environment

· View your cluster’s health

· Review the environment stack and versions

· Examine cluster log files

· Check configuration settings

· Reproduce the failure on a different cluster

4) Are Hadoop and Azure a tool?

Yes, both can be considered tools. However, while Hadoop is used for maintaining a database, Azure is used for cloud hosting.

5) Why should we use Hadoop and Azure Programming?

We should use Hadoop and Azure to analyse, process and store large volumes of data by providing a one-stop solution.

6) Which of the following are features of Hadoop and Azure Programming?

· Configures credentials

· Compaction support and configuration

· Custom user-agent

· Atomic folder rename

· Accessing web URLs

· API support and configuration

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  • SB
    Sagnik B.
    Little bit of Spark hands on video would have been helpful.
  • ZE
    Good introduction to Hadoop and HDInsight with pratical Demo ! Thank you for your efforts!
  • SM
    Sunil M.
    CRISP and precise details. Without wasting any efforts on unwanted details, the trainer goes straight forward into deeper levels of learnings. Thanks for this valuable course, Eshant.
  • BB
    Barbara B.
    This is a great course. The instructor does a fantastic job explaining the concepts.
  • AH
    Aivars H.
    Too fast. Missing code file. Unable to read it from screen as well
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