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Profitable Business Blueprint For Small Businesses.

The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Small Business From the Ground Up On a Limited Budget.

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Created by Nour Boustani
Last updated Thu, 29-Sep-2022

What will i learn?

  • Build an online or offline profitable small business from the ground up on a limited budget.
  • Find profitable customers and develop a unique selling proposition that satisfies their wants and needs.
  • Create a solution that solves a pain point in the marketplace and premium customers want to buy.
  • Design marketable products and customers experience that separate you from the competition and bring you more profit.
  • Work with different suppliers such as print-on-demand, drop-shipping, wholesalers, and white labels to create cost-efficient products.
  • Calculate and analyze the costs of making your products and running your business profitably.
  • Optimize your business operational process for profitability.
  • Distribute and sell your product to your customer offline and online profitably.
  • Leverage social media advertising and influencers marketing to acquire new customers profitably.
  • Before you purchase this course, please read the course description and watch the free preview videos. Ensure that this content is what you are looking for; if not, you still have 30 days to refund your money!
  • This course will talk about business models for small businesses with a physical product.
  • This course will be talking about different aspects of creating successful business such as business fundamentals, consumers' behaviors, costs accounting, marketing and sales, so please keep an open mind, if there is something that you can not understand, you are more than welcome to leave me a message.
  • The course is packed with visuals and examples, a lot to cover in 190 mins, so you need to be 100% in focus, no multitasking! Make sure to grab a notebook and a cup of a drink that you desire.
Curriculum for this course
21 Lessons 00:14:32 Hours
  • Course Introduction
    Preview 00:14:32
  • Lesson1 - Slides
  • Lesson1 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Lesson2 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Creating Your Product
  • Lesson3 - Slides
  • Lesson3 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Optimizing your Business Operations
  • Lesson4 - Slides
  • Lesson4 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Marketing and Distributing Your Products
  • Lesson5 - Slides
  • Lesson5 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Bonus: Step-By-Step Marketing Process
  • Lesson6 - Slides
  • Chapter6 Takeaway
  • Maximizing Your Profit
  • Lesson7 - Slides
  • Lesson7 Takeaway, Resources and Assignment
  • Course Promo

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Course overview

Let's use common sense, shall we? Serving a consumer while turning a profit is the main goal of a for-profit company.

Because they have no control over their costs and lack a profitable business plan that organises their operations systematically and coherently, most newly established enterprises are not profitable.

As a result, the small business will drown in expenses while lacking a steady stream of dependable income. 

Whether you want to launch a new business from scratch or optimise and maximise the profitability of your current one, you will learn how to resolve this annoying and business-killing problem in this course. will help you learn everything related to a profitable business blueprint, especially for small businesses. 

So, if you need help regarding this course, you can opt help of 


Why should you learn a profitable business course with


This course is perfect for you if you are interested in learning profitable business blueprint strategy and if you are an entrepreneur of a small business. Even many students are interested in beneficial business concepts, especially those who are learning MBA or business course. A profitable business blueprint is a core part of the business plan. 


So, if you like the concept of a profitable business plan and want to be a part of this section, you can always take this course for your prospect. 

If you are fascinated with a profitable business approach and want to utilise your intelligence, this course is absolutely for you. You should learn this course if you think you have the potential to start a business as an entrepreneur or lead your organisation. There is a need for master business planners for every organisation. 

So, if you think you are worthy of this career, you can always opt for a profitable business blueprint at 

What is the importance of a profitable business blueprint course in your career?

There is different importance exist if you choose this subject as your career. First, it is important to know the basic profitable business techniques in our everyday life. But if you think you are a suitable candidate, you can always consider this your brightest career. 

Below you can find the features that encourage you to know the importance of this career in your life. 

You will get to know:


Business is primarily about carefully positioning your brand to appeal to a particular demographic of profitable customers. To do this, you must first comprehend the wants, frustrations, and driving forces behind your audience's purchasing decisions. Then, you can position your offer and brand messaging to appeal to that demographic.


Instead of thinking like a business owner, you need to think like a customer in order to create an appealing and lucrative unique selling offer.

This course will discuss what consumers enjoy and dislike about buying from small business brands. The course also shows you many strategies for differentiating your company from the competition, becoming more competitive, and luring in more upscale clients.


Most firms compete by making minor, unnoticeable improvements to a product, making it a little faster here, a little better there. Even worse, some people go to hell and compete on price; experts call it a desperate tactic.

In this course, the course creator will demonstrate how to use a low-cost combination of many cultures, industries, genres, and themes to locate your original, creative, marketable, and shareable ideas and products. They combine them to create new offerings encouraging customers to visit, purchase, and share.


Your business partners are your suppliers. You should be able to establish an idea about your solutions and product once you have defined your target market and conducted market research; at this point, you should start looking for the best providers.

We will discuss several providers for various suppliers in this course, including print-on-demand, dropshipping, wholesalers, and private labels.

We will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each and explain how to use various suppliers to meet your client's needs, produce affordable items, and increase your profits.

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed for interested candidates and those who are beginners. It is specifically designed for those who want to begin their professional journey as business planners. You can start learning this course as a beginner, but experts also opt for this as they can increase their knowledge on this subject. 


  • Entrepreneurs who are launching a new small business require assistance in planning for their successful launches.


  • Small business owners aim to make their operations as profitable as possible.


  • Small company advisors must comprehensively understand how to develop a systematic, lucrative business model plan.


  • Beginning of a side project by a full- or part-time employee.


  • Not for someone trying to make a lot of money quickly.


What will you learn from this course?

There are specific objectives that exist when learning this course. However, you can gain plenty of opportunities and advantages while opting for this course from In a profitable business blueprint course at our platform, the program explicitly covers tools and techniques that can be deployed using excel and AI. 


  • You can learn the ultimate benefit of the subject along with the features and techniques. It will always give you a better understanding. 


  • Start from scratch on a tight budget, building a profitable small online and offline business.


  • Develop a product that premium buyers will buy because it addresses a market pain issue.


  • To produce products at a reasonable price, collaborate with several vendors, including print-on-demand, drop-shipping, wholesalers, and white labels.


  • Improve the profitability of your company's operational procedures.


  • Utilise influencer marketing and social media promotion to gain new clients profitably.


  • Increase your earnings by establishing several revenue streams.


  • Discover profitable customers, then create a distinctive selling proposal that meets their requirements.


  • Create marketable goods and a positive client experience to set you apart from the competition and increase your revenue.


  • Analyse and compute the costs of producing your goods and operating your company profitably.


  • Profitably distribute your product and sell it to your customers offline and online.


  • Create marketing strategies and funnels that result in predictable and consistent sales results.


Know your instructor


Nour Boustani has been in business analytics and a profitable business blueprint expert for many years. Having in-depth knowledge of this platform helped him establish a practical course like business strategies. She knows the basic features of this subject, and she made this course well-equipped with all the valuable information. 



Moreover, you will find all the necessary writing equipment and strategies through this course. She has designed this course so sincerely; you will feel that this is the ultimate thing you were looking for. 


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Nour Boustani

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  • BF
    Blessing F
    really good information to a new business start up
  • FM
    Francisco M
    I got the right point of view between course lines, so my plan now is to focus and narrow down our marketing message toward specific customers’ needs and work requirements!
  • EF
    Elenna F
    Simple and straight to the point. I like the depth of information and details with the visuals and case studies. It covers both if you are new to business and looking for a guide to start a project or if you want to fix your small business.
  • LA
    Lucy A
    Really simple explanations of how to fix how to fix my small business. I have struggled for some time with trying to kick-start my project and make it profitable, but this course makes it easy to build a small online business on a budget.
  • EH
    Erhaldo H
    Very nice and fun, with visual tools. Thanks
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of profitable small businesses that exist. Among these, coaching classes, wedding planners, cooking classes, driving school, food catering businesses, and fitness centres are always in demand. 

You can take inventory of your current business process 

You can start developing a scope of work 

You can create your vision

Outline the project estimates 

The total duration of this course is approximately 5hour 8 minutes. 

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Then you can go for these options:


  1. Social Media Consulting 
  2. Senior Care services 
  3. Smart Product Development 
  4. Organic Beauty Products 
  5. Healthy Fast Food
  6. Healthcare Consulting 

Ans: There are no such requirements needed to learn this course. All you need is a graduate certificate to start this. And, of course, you must have the urge and passion for learning this challenging course. 

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