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Adobe Illustrator CC - Beginner Essentials Course

Become Well-Versed With How To Create Graphic Designs and Logos From Scratch using Adobe Illustrator At Low Prices!

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Created by Juan Galvan
Last updated Tue, 06-Sep-2022

What will i learn?

  • Use Adobe Illustrator to design your own graphics from scratch
  • Design your own graphics, without any experience
  • Navigate Adobe Illustrator CC like a pro
  • Learn all of the key skills of Illustrator: shapes, text, masking, effects, and exporting
  • How to create amazing effects
  • How to use various brushes and drawing tools
  • basic computers skills
Curriculum for this course
41 Lessons 02:48:53 Hours
  • Adobe Illustrator Intro Lesson
    Preview 00:02:35
  • Adobe Illustrator Overview
  • Navigating Illustrator - processed
  • Artboards in Illustrator
  • Properties Panel
  • Navigation Graphics Enhancement
  • Working with Illustrator Documents
  • Interface Customization
  • Vectors vs Pixels
  • Settings
  • Shapes
  • The NIKE Logo in less than 5 minutes
  • Exercise Mitsubishi Logo
  • Combining Shapes
  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Exercise Skype Logo
  • Selection Controls
  • Organising Objects
  • Arrange, Align _ Distribute
  • Dividing Objects
  • Exercise Google Logo
  • Stroke Settings
  • Swatches
  • Gradient
  • Appearance Panel
  • Effects
  • Paintbrush Tool
  • Draw Inside
  • Drawing A Soccer Ball
  • Basketball
  • Pen Tool
  • Curvature Tool
  • Distort Tools
  • Drawing Symmetrical Shapes
  • Concentric Patterns
  • Calligraphic Brushes
  • Scatter Brush
  • Art Brushes
  • Bristle Brush
  • Pattern Brush
  • Adobe Illustrator CC - Beginner Essentials Course

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Course overview

Offered by Adobe, Adobe Illustrator is a spectacular drawing software program. Irrespective of their artistic or computer ability, any individual can use Illustrator to create text, draw shapes and lines, or import graphics and pictures with ease. One can also use Illustrator to design a layout for a book, craft a web page, and the like. The most outstanding thing about it is that you can do all these artistic things with the aid of Illustrator once you get the hang of the program and the various functions and features it offers. If you are a budding artist or an aspiring graphic designer, this remarkable Adobe Illustrator CC course of will enable you to harness powerful design tools to create breathtaking works of art.

This practical course, 'Adobe Illustrator CC-Beginner Essentials' of, will help you learn how to design fantastic logos from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. This course incorporates numerous logo design projects you can follow step by step! It doesn't matter how complicated a logo design or what the scenario is; this course offers you the foundational training to design beautiful logos and other designs. It will also help you start pursuing a career in a field that is rising in demand as the global reliance on technology increases with each passing day.

By the end of this course, no matter how much experience you have or what field you're in, you will be an advanced user capable of using Illustrator like a professional. So, delay no more and hop into our course modules now! Kickstart a prosperous career by enrolling in our competitive Adobe Illustrator CC course to become a creative artist in no time.


Why Should You Learn Adobe Illustrator CC-Beginner Essentials Course With

Well, you must be wondering, while there are numerous online Adobe Illustrator CC courses online, what difference would the course of make?

To provide an answer to this question, we have enlisted certain crucial benefits you get to avail yourself when you subscribe to our course-

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Easy access to the course via television and mobile
  • Provision to learn on your schedule
  • Facility to learn from the comfort of home
  • Learn from certified professionals and real-world tutors
  • Courses available for pocket-friendly prices


Do not think before enrolling in our course as it’s the best you can get. You are just a few steps away from reshaping your career and having a prosperous creative future ahead.


What Is The Importance Of the Adobe Illustrator CC Course In Your Career?

We now live in an increasingly complicated age where the digital world knows no boundaries. This holds to be true, especially for digital marketers. With each passing day, they need to be more than just marketers; they require being designers. There has become a rising demand for projects that require excellent strategy and artistic eyes.

Here’s how learning Adobe Illustrator CC can provide you with a huge number of benefits in your career-

  • It will enable you to do photo restoration, product retouch, adding or removing the watermark, photo masking, clipping path, logo designing, photo editing, enhancing, colour correction, designing banners, T-shirt designing, UI design, designing iPhone apps, designing business cards, designing ebook cover page, etc.
  • It increases productivity
  • It can enable you to make your or any other company's literature look more professional and branded.
  • It will enable you to start a YouTube channel
  • It will help you sell designs on your website
  • It will allow you to apply for online jobs and projects
  • It will also help you design images for social media marketing
  • It will enable you to create fresh ideas for your blog to make it appealing


As you see, mastering Adobe Illustrator CC can pretty well gauge the intensity, reach, and potential of your business or website. So what are you still thinking there? Buckle up soon and enrol on our course today for a fruitful future ahead.


Who Is This Course For?

Our course ‘Adobe Illustrator CC- Beginner Essentials’ course is hugely beneficial for-

  • Students who desire to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator
  • Amateurs, graphic designers, newbies, motion graphic artists and any creative who aims to design their own graphics from scratch
  • Anyone who aims to start using Illustrator in their career and get paid for their artistic skills


What Will You Learn From This Course?

By enrolling in our impressive ‘Adobe Illustrator-Beginner Essentials’ course, you get to learn-

  • Ways to  use Adobe Illustrator to design your own graphics from scratch
  • Know how to design your graphics without having any prior knowledge or experience
  • How to navigate Adobe Illustrator CC like a professional
  • Master  of the key skills of Illustrator like shapes, text, masking, effects and exporting
  • How to create a fantastic logo design
  • Take hand drawings and recreate them with the use of an illustrator
  • Create amazing effects
  • How to use different brushes and brushing tools
  • And more!


On successful completion of the course, you will easily be able to become well-versed with the nitty-gritty and master the complicacies of Adobe Illustrator CC like a pro.


Know Your Instructor

Anna Stevenson

Anna Stevenson has 10+ years of experience with Adobe Illustrator CC. He knows how to do logo illustration, clean typography, fresh conceptual designs at the back of his head. He is also well proficient in CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop.

He is a remarkable Graphic Designer and looking forward to helping others understand Adobe Illustrator. He believes in sharing his knowledge and helping others create unique designs. Furthermore, he also looks forward to expanding your skillsets effectively.


  1. What should I learn first in Illustrator?

In the past, programs with limited functions made it incredibly easier to pinpoint which tools you must be learning as a beginner. These days, however, given how many tools, tips and tricks there are to learn, you can feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Here are certain things you should first learn in Adobe Illustrator-

  • Pen tool
  • Master clipping masks
  • Master the Pathfinder Panel
  • Know the appearance panel
  • Learn how to make brushes
  • Master selection tool, mask tool, line tool, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, star tool, etc.


  1. How do I learn Illustrator as a beginner?

Our course, 'Adobe Illustrator CC- Beginner Essentials' of, will enable you to learn the software easily and quickly. Start by mastering the essentials, and then learn to create effects, patterns, and more.


  1. What is the time period of this course?

The time period of the 'Adobe Illustrator CC- Beginner Essentials' course on is 6 hours and 9 minutes which includes 46 lectures.


  1. What are the essentials of Adobe Illustrator?

When you successfully learn the course Adobe Illustrator, you can use the program to create illustrations that incorporate graphics and text. Here are the essentials you must learn to run Adobe Illustrator like a pro-

  • Components and capabilities of Illustrator CC
  • Creating basic shapes
  • Creating custom paths
  • Graphics that include custom text
  • Customisation of objects
  • Customisation of basic shapes
  • Preparation of documents for deployment


  1. What are the basic requirements to learn this course?

There are no such requirements to learn this course of However, here are the basic needs to make the most out of the course-

  • Any version of Adobe Illustrator, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version
  • No prior experience or knowledge with Illustrator is necessary.
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