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Intellectual Property Policy- is an academic platform that allows any individual from any corner of the world to create and share learning content. We have a diverse array of remarkable courses on our online educational website. Our website model also implies that we do not edit or review any of our content for legal issues, and we can't determine the legality of any content. But, it is also important to note that respects the intellectual property right of every individual. We also expect our prolific instructors to do the same. When any tutor posts any tutorial or instructional videos on our website, they must be able to guarantee that they possess the necessary approval or complete rights to use the content.

We neither indulge in nor encourage any kind of infringements through our website.

Copyright Takedown Notices

The intellectual property policy of aims to remove the necessary content from our education platform when we receive a copyright takedown notice from an individual claiming to be the original owner of the content. We also tend to take down all content from any tutor who is a repeated offender. also possesses complete rights to close any tutor's account at any time without any prior notice if they are found violating the copyright policy.

Essentials For Filing A Copyright Takedown Policy

If you are the owner or the agent of the owner of the rights to any content and you believe the content is violated and if you desire to report that to us, you must use the copyright complaint form on our website.

Here are certain crucial points you need to keep in mind before filing for a copyright takedown policy-

  • does not consider any copyright claim that is not submitted by the content owner or the agent of the owner. This is mainly because it is not possible for us to know whether the tutor who you are reporting has acquired proper permission from the owner to use the content. You also need to upload an electric signature to prove that you’re the owner or possess the necessary rights to represent the owner. If you are an individual who feels any content is violated, offers you the complete liberty to reach out to the rightful owner and provide them with our copyright complaint form.
  • Remember, intentionally submitting a deceiving or false copyright takedown notice is entirely illegal. The individual in question will be held accountable and will have to pay for the consequences. possesses the complete rights to seek damages from any individual who falsely submits a patent for copyright violation.
  • Copyright law also incorporates a 'fair use' exception for specific uses of copyrighted content that are published in the public interest. Thus, before you claim for infringement, ensure that the use of the copyrighted material doesn't come under fair use of copyright law. Fair use of law coves a huge array of aspects like commentary, news reporting, commentary, and research.
  • Copyright law also doesnt incorporate short phrases like book titles, slogans, and names of organisations. It doesn't apply to intangible concepts like ideas, recipes, processes or facts. Thus, before you file a copyright claim, ensure the copied content is actually protected by the copyright.
  • Your claim of infringement has to sufficiently have all the essential proofs for us to be able to address it. This implies-
    • We must have all your contact information with us, with the inclusion of your complete legal name, an email address, physical address and telephone number.
    • It is essential to incorporate the name of the company and your relationships with the company if you're filing for a notice on behalf of the company.
    • It is crucial to successfully identify the copyrighted material. If there are multiple copyrighted contents you are filing a copyright takedown notice for, it is crucial to provide an adequate list of the genuine content (like the URL where the original content is situated)


When and if gets the copyright takedown notice, we will ensure to send a copy of that notice immediately to the tutor who published the copyrighted content on our educational platform along with a message that states- a. the specific academic content was reported for copyright violation b. the content will be removed instantly from our website

We also provide a counter-notification form that the tutor can fill in and send back to us to file for a counter-notification.

The proper way to file for a counter-notification is to fill out the form we've sent to you and send it back to the agent of or the team handling copyright violated content who notified you. For it to be effective, the counter-notification you file must be in writing and should include the following information-

  • 1. Your correct personal details like name, address, email address or contact number
  • 2. A physical or electronic signature
  • 3. Complete identification of the content that was removed from our website and the URL of the website it appeared before it was taken down

  • 4. Under penalty of perjury, a statement claiming that you believe the material was taken down or disabled due to a mistake or improper identification of the material.
  • 5. A clear and lucid statement that you consent to - a. sharing your personal details with the pretender b. notified service of process for any legal action by the pretender or the agent c. agreeing to the jurisdiction of the federal district court for the judicial district you dwell in like the United States or Australia

Notices Concerning To Trademark Takedown may use your data to do various things like offer our content, interact with you, troubleshoot various issues, safeguard against abuse and fraud, enhance and update our website, assess the ways people use our website, serve customised advertising, and as necessitated by the law or essential for safety and integrity. We also hold on to your data for as long as it is required to accomplish the objectives for which it was assimilated.

The policy of is to take down any educational content from our website when it's reported and observed to be breaching a third-party trademark. You can easily file for a trademark takedown notice to if you're a trademark owner or the designated agent of a trademark owner. It is essential to note that reserves the complete right to take down a tutor's account at any time without any prior notice, incorporating the circumstance when they post content breaching the trademark right of another owner.

Essentials For Filing A Trademark Takedown Notice

To file for a trademark takedown notice, it is best to use the trademark complaint form of Please know that a copy of the notice you file will be sent to the tutor you are reporting.

Here are certain crucial points you need to keep in mind before filing for a trademark takedown notice-

  • Your trademark claim has to sufficiently have all the essential proofs for us to be able to address it. This implies the personal details you provide to us must include the following-
    • Your correct contact information ( full name, mailing address, email, and contact number)
    • Certain words, symbols, and the likes for which you are claiming trademark rights
    • An accurate basis for your trademark rights claim along with a registration number, if applicable
    • Category of products or services for which you are filing a takedown notice
    • The accurate jurisdiction or country in which you are filing for a trademark notice
    • A complete description of how you think the educational content breaches the trademark
    • A detailed explanation of your connection with the rights holder, if you are not the one who holds the rights
    • A statement claiming 'I believe the use of the trademark as discussed above in a way complained of is not licensed by the trademark owner, it's the agent or the law.'
    • A statement claiming 'The essential information in the notice provided is right. Under the penalty of perjury, I assert that I am the true owner or licensed to act on behalf of the true owner of the trademark which is violated.'
    • A statement also asserting 'I approve that can forward my notice, with the inclusion of personal details to alleged tutor'
    • Your correct electronic signature or physical signature
  • Intentionally submitting a deceiving or false copyright takedown notice is entirely illegal. The individual in question will be held accountable and will have to pay for the consequences. possesses the complete rights to seek damages from any individual who falsely submits a patent for trademark infringement.
  • Assess if the use of the trademark in the content is in 'fair use'. Know the trademark laws safeguard the usage of a brand or name for selling services and products, with the objective of avoiding consumer confusion. The legal systems of most countries incorporate an exception for 'fair use' that enables other individuals to make use of a trademark for referencing the trademarked service or goods factually or criticising or making any comments on the mark. It is also essential to keep in mind the possibility that others will be baffled into thinking the brand or company created or is sponsoring the content. Thus, before you file for a trademark takedown notice, ensure the use of the trademark in the alleged educational content does not by any means qualify for fair use.

Breaching of The Content of on Third-Party Websites or Platforms

We, at, are well-versed with the fact that when you publish and make any content available on our website, you aim to ensure that you never find the same content published on any other platform without your approval. We have also partnered with a remarkable anti-piracy vendor to help fight copyright violation breaching and piracy impacting the content of our tutors. They will help us remove any instances of copyright violation from most major search engines to put a stop to the traffic moving forward.

In the circumstance you find any of your content published on any other website without your approval, feel free to fill out’s third-party piracy reporting form so that we can take necessary immediate action.

Contact Information of Designated Agent of

The designated agent of for notices of reported violation can be contacted in the below-enlisted ways-

  • By filling out the copyright complaint form of (only for filing copyright takedown notices)
  • By filling out the trademark complaint form of (only for filing trademark takedown notices) .
  • Via Email address of[email protected]
  • Via Mail Address Of
    • 266/189 Queen St, Melbourne VIC3000, Australia
    • Brisbane Club Tower, LVL 1/241 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia
    • Suite 39/50 St. Georges Terrace, Perth WA-6000, Australia
    • 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR, United Kingdom
    • 447 Broadway #166, New York, NY 10013, United States
    • 250 Yonge St. suite 2201, Toronto, ON MSB 2L7, Canada
    • 68 Circular Road #02-01, Singapore 049422
    • Office No 3310, 33rd Floor, Citadel Tower, Business Bay- Dubai, UAE PO Box: 127048
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