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AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Video Course + Ques

Kick-Start Your AI Career with MAH’s AI-900 Azure Fundamentals Course

4.7 (819 Ratings) 3,250 Students enrolled English

What will i learn?

  • Foundational knowledge of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and related Microsoft Azure services.
  • Common ML and AI workloads and how to implement them on Azure.
  • AI workloads and considerations: AI-900 Exam
  • Principles of machine learning on Azure: AI-900 Exam
  • Computer vision workloads on Azure: AI-900 Exam
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure: AI-900 Exam
  • Conversational AI workloads on Azure: AI-900 Exam
  • No prerequisite for this course
  • Candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds can attend this course
Curriculum for this course
49 Lessons 07:32:29 Hours
  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 17
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 18
  • Chapter 12
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 13

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Course overview

Microsoft's AI-900 Exam on Azure AI Fundamentals tests your machine learning knowledge, AI concepts, and associated Microsoft Azure services. This exam's participants must be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft's Exam AI-900 course materials. This course from will prepare learners for the rigours of the exam through a comprehensive & well-structured curriculum.

Completing this course will not just help learners score excellent grades in the MS AI-900 exam but develop strong fundamentals in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are its most prominent features:

  • Hands-On & Instructor-Led – Dig deep into the Microsoft AI-9000 course and the exam’s fundamentals


  • Designed For Absolute Beginners


  • Exhaustive Guidance For the Microsoft AI-900: Azure AI Fundamentals Examination


  • 2+ Practice Tests, PPTs, Demos, Etc.


  • More than 8 hours of on-demand videos



Why Enrol In’s Azure AI Fundamentals Course?

AI and machine learning are taking the world by storm. With widespread integrations across almost every business sector, they are highly lucrative career options for tech students & professionals.

AI on Cloud is the next big thing. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are three of the most popular cloud computing & AI-as-a-Service platform today. Mastering any one of these platforms will elevate your skills and unlock a whole lot of opportunities.

Completing’s AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals examination course will help you score superb grades and grab a certificate from Microsoft, one of the world’s largest tech companies. In addition, the course will impart skills and knowledge to prepare you for subsequent Azure-based certifications such as Azure Data Scientist or an Azure AI Engineer Associate.


How Will The AI-900 Azure, AI Fundamentals Course, Help Your Career?

Mastery over AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals will boost your skills, expand your knowledge, and enable you to:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of Azure Cloud


  • Demonstrate ideas & knowledge about AI workloads & considerations
  • Be thorough with the basics of machine learning on Azure Cloud


  • Understand the features of computer vision workloads on Azure


  • Become fluent with natural language processing workloads on Azure


  • Develop clear-cut ideas about conversational workloads on the Cloud


  • Design no-code predictive models in Azure


  • Learn about all the varying machine learning algorithms



AI Workloads & Considerations You’ll Learn

This course will give you prominent ideas of different AI workloads & their considerations.


Here are some ideas about the AI workloads/workflows you will learn more about.


  1. Anomaly detection workloads in containers.


  1. Microsoft’s Seeing AI, Azure Cognitive Services (computer vision),


  1. The Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS, a conversational AI that uses Natural Language Processing and the like)


  1. Classification of images using Azure, design custom vision, & face and object detection systems


  1. Learning in-depth about the Azure Face Service operations


  1. Text recognition workflows  using the Azure Computer Vision services


  1. Computer Vision, Custom Image Classification, Face Detection & Recognition, & Optical Character Recognition From Forms & Invoices


  1. In-Depth Text Analytics (Sentiment Analysis, Entity Detection, Extract Key Words & Phrases)


  1. Text Translation, Speech Analysis, Synthesis & Translation


  1. Using LUIS to train language models for different workloads.


  1. Learning how to create, deploy, and manage conversational AI bots using the Azure Bot Service


  1. Understanding the importance of fairness, privacy, reliability, security, transparency, and accountability in AI model development & operations
Features of Computer Vision Workloads on Azure

Computer vision is a sub-domain in AI wherein models are designed to detect, classify, and perceive entities in the visual domain. Microsoft Azure offers cloud computer vision services that discover & analyse content from images & videos.

  • Computer Vision Workloads on Azure help transform & streamline business processes. Companies will be able to implement powerful robotic process automation APIs. These models can identify more than 10000 objects & analyse concepts from multiple images & document types, and even engage in digital asset management strategies.


  • Typical Computer Vision workloads include automated text extraction using optical character recognition, object identification, spatial analyses, and understanding of different kinds of images. The computer vision services are a part of Azure Cognitive Services and boast flexible deployment in the Cloud or on edge through containers.


  • Design and deploy computer vision on-premises or in the Cloud. Embed Microsoft Computer Vision easily across diverse scenarios & workloads.



Who Is This Course For? What Will You Learn From This Course?

You will need to ace’s AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals course if you want top Microsoft’s AI-900 Azure Fundamentals examination.


This course can also be a great starting point for anyone looking to:

  • Learn the basics of Azure Cloud and Azure AI


  • Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


  • Become thoroughly acquainted with AI workloads on computer vision, text analytics & Natural Language Processing, conversational AI, speech analysis, and object & face detection workloads on Azure Cloud AI


  • Find out about generic AI workflows, right from conceptualisation & design to development, deployment, and operations.


MAH’s course will help learners develop a strong foundation in AI, ML, and critical business applications through:

  • Two practice tests
  • 4 BONUS Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Materials
  • Lucid & Informative Presentations
  • 8+ hours of On-Demand Videos
  • Demos and much more




Know Your Instructor

Eshant Garg is an Azure-certified DevOps engineer with more than 12 years of industry experience. A software and ML engineer at a global corporation in the UK, he is the brains behind this course and numerous other online courses on cloud-native services, AI & ML, APIs, containers, microservices, serverless architectures, and more.




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  • VP
    Vedanand P.
    Thank you, Eshant for your course containing required content with demos and sample questions which helped me to understand AI concepts, features, and usage and of course to clear the exam :) I recommend this course. Keep doing your best in offering more worthy courses. Thank you.
  • RK
    Rohit K.
    Passed the exam today. Thanks to the amazing course content. The notes really saved my time and helped me to revise. Practice tests were awesome. Thank you Eshant.
  • MK
    Mrinmoy K.
    I highly recommend this course for AI 900. I completed with a score of 857. Thanks, Eshant, and the good part is that I even got some common questions from this course on exam day.
  • NP
    Nilay P.
    I liked the explanation given in the course. Mainly, the practice questions really helped me to understand the concepts really well. I scored 957 / 1000. I would like to give 4.9/5 instead of 5 as there are errors in 2-3% of questions' answers for which I could get correct answers after referring to the Q&A section. However, at first, it was confusing. Hence, please correct the same in the material as well.
  • RB
    Ravin B.
    Good material. Covers everything required for the exam
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Frequently Asked Questions

700 is the passing score of the AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals examination.

MAH’s Azure AI fundamentals course is designed for absolute beginners. Learners need not be from a technical background but should be interested in cloud-native services, AI, and ML technologies.

There are more than 8 hours of content that includes on-demand videos, PPTs, demos, quizzes and two practice tests.

You get to learn more about Azure Cloud AI, different AI workloads, business applications, design, deployment, and more.

This course is designed for beginners from both technical & non-technical backgrounds. Some basic ideas about cloud computing and client-server applications can be beneficial.
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